Our verdict

I noticed that the sixth version of the Nike Terra Kiger doesn’t try to change hugely from the Terra Kiger 5, except in a few ways. The fastest trail shoe from Nike, the Terra Kiger 6 feels lower to the ground, and more form-fitting than its ancestor, making it better for those race days, but less capable of taking me long distances in my runs.


  • Fits true to size
  • Grip is great in dry conditions
  • Secure lacing and lockdown
  • Responsive
  • Excellent heel-loop
  • Durable construction
  • Air Zoom unit makes a difference
  • Great ground feel
  • Amazing colorways


  • Tight in the toe box
  • Not enough cushioning for longer runs
  • Lack of grip on wet trails
  • Not much protection underfoot
  • Could be lighter

Audience verdict


Nike Terra Kiger 6 Review and Lab Test

The Nike Terra Kiger 6 has very few updates, but they may be the difference between you picking up a pair, or looking somewhere else. 


The trail shoe is more minimal, with the same 4mm drop but a lower stack height. 

Overall there’s increased ground feel and speed, but with the quite clear loss of protection, making this a great race day shoe for lower distances. I wouldn’t recommend trying anything over 15 miles in these.

Nike Terra Kiger on feet trail run

Who should buy the Nike Terra Kiger 6

The Terra Kiger 6 might be perfect for you if:

  • You’re looking for a speedy, race-day shoe
  • You run shorter trail distances
  • You love a minimal shoe with a great ground feel

Who should NOT buy them

You may want to look for alternatives if you:

  • Want a daily trail shoe. I recommend the Nike Pegasus Trail 3, which offers more protection and comfort
  • Run longer races or ultras. If you want something that will take you further comfortably, the Wildhorse 7 is a great option.

Nike Terra Kiger 6 Product shot side view trail runner

Nike shoes just fit, that’s all there is to it

I’ve never had a problem with the fit on Nike shoes, from running to gym shoes to trainers, they get the sizing just right. 

Nike Terra Kiger 6 Anterior side view

The Terra Kiger 6 are no different. Moreover, with a slight update on the upper, there’s more of a glove-like feel to the shoe. 


The Nike Terra Kiger 6 is fast to lockdown

I found the Terra Kiger 6 cupping my heel really nicely and felt super secure without too much strapping in. 

Nike Terra Kiger 6 on feet true to size fit

I also love the speed lacing system, with wide lace loops it’s easy to get a tight fit quickly, although you do have to keep the laces tight as you tie them because they can easily slip loose again. 

Nike Terra Kiger 6 Speed Lacing

The partially padded tongue is great. Thanks to being gusseted, it stays in place and helps secure the foot even more. 

Running into problems in the toe box

Nike Terra Kiger 6 Toe Box tight

With a decrease in vertical and horizontal size, comes a more claustrophobic feel to the shoe. Even though the lockdown is secure and I didn’t notice my foot slipping, I still had issues with my toes scrunching at the end of the shoe. 

It’s strange too because, at 103.8mm width on the upper (US size 10), the forefoot isn’t too narrow. There’s just an aggressive taper to the toe and not much height in the toe box. 

Nike Terra Kiger 6 Toe Box Cross Section

More than that, thanks to the moulded protection on the toe, the upper has little give. This means the Terra Kiger takes some time to break in, but even then I found it a bit uncomfortable in the toes. 

Nike TErra Kiger 6 Toe Box above

The Nike Terra Kiger 6 are grippy in good conditions

If you are wanting these as a race shoe, I might consider having a backup choice for wet conditions. On dry, loose dirt and gravel I found no issues with grip. 

Up or downhill they were excellent with those 4.8mm lugs gripping in securely. 

Nike Terra Kiger Grip Outsole

When it rained (as it’s wont to do in Scotland) these were totally different shoes. It feels like a bit of a problem with the general shape of the lugs. 

Nike Terra Kiger 6 Trail Running Lugs Shape

Being somewhat slopped at the front and back of each which seems to struggle in softer, wet ground and on obstacles like wet roots and rocks I don’t trust them at all. 

Excellent ground feel

Thanks to a low stack height of 19.6mm in the heel and 15.2mm in the forefoot, I thought the Terra Kiger 6 to be a really responsive ride. Being able to tackle some technical routes at speed is really fun and you feel it as soon as you step into them.

Nike Terra Kiger 6 Stack height forefoot

Of course, with a low stack height comes less protection, so technical routes can sometimes come with the added battering of your feet. 

Nike Terra Kiger 6 Stack Height Rear

Air Zoom magic in the heel

Even with less protection underfoot, the Terra Kiger Air Zoom unit is a really nice touch. I felt that especially on flatter, more open parts of trail the Air unit added lots of energy return, which can make a lot of difference in a race. 

Nike Terra Kiger Air Zoom Unit Heel

Paired with Nike's React foam midsole, there's also a surprising amount of comfort on easier terrain. From experience, I know that the react midsoles are also really durable too. 

The Nike Terra Kiger 6 upper looks and feels great

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 6 Outdoor green

There’s no hiding this shoe, I think the options for colorways are fantastic. With versatility and visibility in all options, these really stand out. 


The upper is a mixture of fabric and moulded synthetic materials. There’s not a huge amount of material between your foot and the world, so they can run a little cold sometimes.

Nike Terra KIger 6 Tear Down

A shoe you can put the miles into

While not the best for longer distances, the Nike Terra Kiger 6 can hold up to a beating. A moulded construction means that there’s nothing to start coming apart after longer periods of use. 

The outsole also seems hard wearing so I’m not worried about wearing through the lugs any time soon. 


The Nike Terra Kiger 6 isn’t the lightest

While the Terra Kiger feels fast thanks to its low-to-the-ground silhouette, my US size 10 pair weigh in at 11.2oz (317g), which means it's not a particularly lightweight running shoe.

Nike Terra Kiger weight lightweight heavy

It’s not a deal-breaker for me, because weight isn’t as important for speed as traction, fit, and responsiveness on a trail. For those who mind though, that might make the difference between Nike’s fastest shoe and something like the Altra King MT 2 which is a much more impressive 8.7oz (246g)

The best trail shoe feature, in my opinion

While saving every gramme might be important to lots of people, there’s one feature in a trail shoe that I’m happy to spend the energycarrying: a nice, chunky heel loop. 

Nike Terra Kiger 6 Heel Lopp

It makes the difference between a smooth end to training and a slippery, wet, uncomfortable one. Call me high maintenance, but being able to put your shoes on and take them off while keeping your hands dry is one of life’s little pleasures.

Nike Terra Kiger Rear View

Nike really delivers on this with the Terra Kiger 6 and I’m always thankful for that. 


The Nike Terra Kiger 6 is a beautiful-looking, and fun shoe for your faster, shorter trail runs. With great grip in the right conditions, superb responsiveness, and durable construction, this is a great shoe for a rotation.

If you’re looking for something with more protection, grip in wet conditions, and a bit of a roomier fit, this might not be ideal.