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This shoe is all about grip and protection!

It’s a cushioned trail running shoe, but it’s not overdone so don’t expect a “walking on clouds” feeling. It has an insane grip and a rock plate for extra protection on more demanding terrain. It is really chunky, but you don’t really feel so high off the ground. 

Who this shoe is (not) for 

This shoe is great if you always wanted: 

  • Extra protection (think lugs, semi-gaiters, overlays, rock plate), 
  • A trail shoe that can handle off trails and rocky terrain. 

Look another way if you want a: 

How Nike Wildhorse 7 was tested

This review was written after doing a: 

  • 3-mile hike (needed for a break-in), 
  • 3-mile run mostly on soft ground and some rocky sections, 
  • 14-mile run on mostly rocky terrain. 

There was no opportunity to test the shoe in proper mud. 

Nike Wildhorse 7 has a crazy good grip!

I haven’t found a situation where the grip failed. Soft ground, branches, dirt roads with tiny rocks, large rocks, this shoe does not disappoint. 

I also love how this shoe is all about the grip. Just look at it.

Lugs on Wildhorse 7

Grip first, protection next 

What you can also notice just by looking at the shoe is that it will keep your feet safe. There are lugs and dots and dimples all over it. It screams trail and it screams it can do it. It can!! 

Nike Wildhorse 7 forefoot

It’s high-stacked, it has protective overlays on the upper. On the inside, there’s a rock plate so your feet don’t feel beaten up after the run. 

Heel design on Nike Wildhorse 7

Personally, I’m more into lower stack heights and less protection. But this shoe felt like I could walk on nails or run through blackberry bushes and not even a scratch would be found on it. 

Fits true to size 

This is my 4th Nike shoe and I always get the same size. Works like a charm for Wildhorse as well. 

I also like that my wider forefoot fits in there. 

What I did not like is that after 20km my pinkie toes started hurting. Day after this run they still hurt. Maybe not suited for a wide forefoot (at least not on long distances). 

Needs some breaking in

There’s a first time for everything? Even for the heel and tongue that are too stiff. 

When I put the Wildhorse 7 on for the first time, it felt really weird. I have never had running shoes with such a big and stiff heel padding. It literally felt like pinching. 

Heel padding on Wildhorse 7

The other thing that bothered me was the tongue. While it looks great, the shiny part was a bit stiff and I felt the tongue cutting into the skin on my leg. 

Tongue design on Wildhorse 7

Because of this, my first activity was an easy hike and not a run. The heel did break in and didn’t cause pain afterward. The tongue softened after 15 minutes of hiking and now it is REALLY good. 

The heel area is either too stiff or slippery 

What first started as a really stiff heel padding that got softer after the first hike, ended up with heel slipping.

I have no idea how or why this happened. There is the extra lace hole you can use, but when I did that, the tongue was too harsh on my skin. So I needed to get mid-cut socks, instead of low-cut ones. So, there’s a workaround, it’s just not that nice. 

Superb midfoot lock

The heel does have some issues, but this midfoot is the best I have ever had the privilege to see and test in trail running shoes

  • The tongue is perfectly padded, there’s a glossy overlay that seems to offer extra protection (from the lace bite or for the durability of the upper?), 
  • Laces have a perfect length and don’t untie during running, 
  • Upper in the midfoot area is really good, nothing is lacking, nothing is out of place. 

Technical terrain running in Nike Wildhorse 7

I wish more shoes had a system like this. 

It wants you to run 

Wildhorse 7 is not a lightweight shoe. But, if you get over it, you’ll feel it pushing you to run. Especially if you’re a forefoot striker like myself. 

This is not a boring shoe. This is not a super-responsive shoe. But I really enjoyed its ride. 

Wildhorse 7 weighs you down 

Not trying to compare it to its versatile (Pegasus) or race (Terra Kiger) buddy, but to get the sense of the weight, check out the weight overview: 

Semi-gaiters are a nice touch

They work. They can’t replace the regular gaiters but they definitely keep the debris out! At least most of it. 

Semi-gaiters on Nike Wildhorse 7

I never liked how, after the race, people take their shoes off and have clean socks and feet. My feet would always be full of dust and socks unrecognizable. Then I bought my first gaiters and my world has changed. 

With Wildhorse 7, even after the dirtiest and rockiest of trails I ended up with only 2 rocks in my shoe. Really good running experience!

Wildhorse 7 is not a summer shoe

While the Wildhorse 7 does breathe, it’s only up to a certain level. I tested the shoe at the beginning of spring, with temperatures up to 61F (16C) and my feet always felt warm. Socks were far from soaking wet after the run, but let me put it like this: I will not run in them during summer.

Upper on Nike Wildhorse 7

Plus, they are black which is not going to help with the direct sunlight. 

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