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    Nike Air Max 95 - Multicolore Vast Grey Oil Grey Summit White 000 (307960022)
    Nike Air Max 95 - Red (CQ9969600)
    Nike Air Max 95 - BLACK (609048092)
    Nike Air Max 95 - White (CW2359100)
    Nike Air Max 95 - White (609048109)
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buy canvas sneakers for men and women

Canvas sneakers

Canvas slip-on, platform, and lace-up shoes are among the staple styles that continue to flood the sneaker market. RunRepeat understands that diving into a pool of canvas sneakers to get your next pair can be drowning. But, it has found ways to make sneaker hunting a lot bearable.

This site has an in-depth filtering system that intends to direct you to what you exactly need. So skimming through an extensive lineup of canvas kicks from top-tiered brands like Nike and Adidas to the underrated ones such as Sperry and Toms can be a breeze.  

200+ canvas shoes for men and women 

RunRepeat’s directory of low-, mid-, and high-top fabric-covered shoes goes beyond classic Keds sneakers’ selection. There seems to be one that fits anybody's style. Whether you like the skate-ready Vans canvas shoes, tennis-oriented Adidas canvas trainers, or basketball-inspired Converse canvas kicks, this site gets you covered. 

If you want bold toned kicks, you don’t need to get tied up with the white or beige canvas shoes 一 though this channel features around 100 styles for men and women. Using the color filter, you can pick your preferred shade from a broad spectrum of available choices such as black, red, purple, yellow, and many more. 

Cheapest canvas sneakers under $70

RunRepeat regularly scours the net to direct you to the lowest-priced canvas shoes from 200+ retailers. Get updated with the cheapest finds and know which canvas shoes are accessible below the bargain-basement price of $70. You may try ticking the email alert button to get notified once the cost of your chosen shoe drops below MSRP.