Brooks Anthem 3 review

The Brooks Anthem 3 is comfortable and works well for daily runs of 2-4 miles. It is not a running shoe for those who are looking for a plush daily trainer or someone training for longer races such as a marathon.

Who should buy the Anthem 3 

The Brooks Anthem 3  is great for a budget-minded jogger who likes a lightweight running shoe.  

Who should NOT buy the Anthem 3

Look away if you:

  • need a plush daily trainer (the Brooks Ghost 14 is worth checking out)
  • want a running shoe for long-distance runs (in this case, consider the Aurora-BL)
  • are looking for a stability shoe (get a pair from the Adrenaline line)

The Anthem 3 is lightweight 

The Anthem 3 was much lighter than it looks. At 8.8oz/249g, it is lighter than other Brooks daily trainers such as the Ghost 13, which comes in around 10.1oz/286g. 


Perfect fit with a secure midfoot lockdown

The Anthem 3 has that reliable dialed-in Brooks fit.  Unlike other brands, there is no drama with Brooks.  Your toes have room to wiggle, but your foot will not slide around.  The tongue and ankle collar are moderately padded, giving you a secure feel underfoot.  

Good ankle support

The Anthem 3 has a well-constructed exterior heel counter that provides good support for your foot and ankle.  There was absolutely no heel slippage.

The laces are “good to go”

The Anthem 3 has laces that are durable and the right length. The fit is so well dialed-in that I did not need to try different lacing options.


Anthem 3 has moderate cushioning

The Anthem 3 uses a full-length BioMogo DNA foam which is not stiff and has just the right amount of flexibility.  The midsole is not bouncy or plush, but it never felt uncomfortable to run in (unlike some other shoes that cost twice as much!) 

It did not need any break-in period and felt good right out of the box.  


The sockliner is thick and stiff

The shoe liner of the Anthem 3 is stiff.  It seemed to be made of rainbow-colored foam pieces and the materials seem cheaper than what is used in other Brooks running shoes.  Since it is removable, you can easily replace it with a softer sock liner from another shoe. 

No-nonsense outsole in the Anthem 3

The outsole of the Anthem 3 is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. There is a good amount of rubber, which gives the shoe decent grip and durability.


Anthem 3 works well for joggers

The Anthem 3 is a safe bet for joggers because the grooves in the outsole provide some flexibility, which translates into a smoother ride. It is a neutral shoe but not unstable.


Simple, breathable upper

The upper uses an engineered single-layer gray mesh, which is soft to the touch.  The upper hits the “sweet spot.” It doesn’t trap heat, but will still keep your feet dry in wet conditions.


The pull tab is a little small 

The Anthem 3 has a stitched-on pull tab that is small when compared to other shoes. It takes a bit of effort and focuses to get your finger into the loop.

Great price, but not stylish 

For a shoe that sells for around $85, the Anthem 3 was a pleasant surprise.  In terms of style and looks, some people may not care for the gray upper with bright red laces.  One benefit of bright red is that you will be more visible to cars when running on roads.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 249g / Women 235g
Drop: 10mm
Arch support: Neutral
Update: Brooks Anthem 4
Collection: Brooks BioMoGo
Pronation: Neutral Pronation / Supination / Underpronation

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Robert Kondrat
Robert Kondrat

Hi, I’m Robert! I’ve run marathons and several half marathons — 10K’s, 12K’s, and 5K’s — to cross country races. I coach track and cross country and have seen how poor shoes can lead to someone getting hurt. I also don’t think you need to break the bank to find a good affordable shoe.