ASICS GT 2000 9 review

The ASICS GT 2000 shoe line continues to be a reliable and attractive all-purpose shoe for generations of runners, and the GT 2000 9 is no different. The shoe looks great and feels great right out of the box. 

If you are looking for an agile, reliable stability road shoe for daily, long-distance runs and quick-paced training, the ASICS GT 2000 9 is ready to go!

Who should buy the shoe

The GT 2000 9 is ideal for runners who desire:

  • a cushioned, stable ride a do-it-all running shoe
  • the extra comfort and security for long miles

Who should NOT buy the shoe

Consider other models if you:

The GT 2000 9 is a shoe for different types of run

The ASICS GT 2000 9 is ideal for all sorts of situations you may find yourself in. I was able to run comfortably in all different settings, from a casual run around the block, a jog through a welcoming trail, and I even took them as a hiking shoe over rocks, gravel, and through mud. 


Have a long run that needs some comfort? This shoe can handle it. Need to pick up the pace for some interval running? This shoe is great for that as well! Suffice it to say, the GT 2000 9 is ready for just about anywhere you are asking your feet to take you. 

The ASICS GT 2000 9 fits nicely

The shoe fits true to size, with room for the toes to breathe without restriction. The laces create an almost too-snug feel throughout the upper, but once I found that sweet spot for lacing, this shoe felt wonderful. 


And as someone who is always wary of ankle and Achilles tightness or strains, the heel felt comfortable and reliable for plenty of miles.

No heel slipping

I found the GT 2000 9 to lock my heel and foot in place no matter how I tied the laces. There was a bit of an adjustment needed for the tightness of the laces, but once I zeroed in on the tension, my feet were good to go.


Plenty of spring in each step

I find the GT 2000 9 to be a lot more agile and responsive than the other stability models I have reviewed (Mizuno Wave Inspire 17, Brooks Bedlam, Skechers Go Run Forza). While it may not be as light as other shoes designed specifically for speed or racing (average weight of 221g, so 60g less), my pace was easy to maintain, with plenty of spring in my step - a lot to be pleasantly surprised by for this stability shoe!

No adaptation period

My first few runs, walks, and hikes with the GT 2000 9 felt wonderful, with no pain or discomfort to report. The upper is a one-piece breathable mesh design that is a nice improvement upon previous generations of the GT 2000 9. The FlyteFoam adds cushion throughout the midsole, with special attention to high-impact areas. No need to break the shoe in; the shoe is ready to run!


Ideal weight

The ASICS GT 2000 9 weighs 9.9oz (281g), which is pretty moderate for most stability running shoes (10.5oz/297g average weight). Even with the weight that accounts for many of the stability features within a shoe of this type, I was impressed with how much bounce and response the shoe showed. 


The last thing a runner wants is for the shoe to feel like it is weighing them down, and the GT 2000 9 not only refrains from such a feeling but rather provides a bit of an extra bounce in the step!

The ASICS GT 2000 9 offers long-lasting durability

I’ve always been impressed with the quality of craftsmanship that ASICS provides in their shoes, and the GT 2000 9 seems to continue adding to this well-founded reputation. Based on the lack of wear and tear on the shoe after 40+ miles, I expect the shoe to last long.

Reliable grip

I love a shoe that does not leave me questioning whether or not my next step will lead me to a misstep, a stumble, or even worse, a potential injury. The outsole of the ASICS GT 2000 9 provides for assurance of grip and durability for any type of run. 


I was able to test these shoes out mostly on roads and hard surfaces, including rainy wet days along with hot summer days--my feet felt comfortable with each step through it all. I was even able to get these shoes on some moderate trails, and they seem to handle the dirt, gravel, and mud just fine!

Delicate heel collar and tongue material

I find the satin-like upper material for the heel collar and the tongue to be almost too delicate to the touch. While there have been no particular wear issues at this point related to the material, it feels too delicate for a running shoe.

Tends to retain moisture

The GT 2000 9 will allow your feet to breathe in comfort! The softer mesh upper provides for plenty of ventilation, especially in the heat of the day during those longer runs. 


The only downside I experienced was that once my feet got really wet when running in the rain or on wet surfaces, my feet generally stayed pretty wet. 


I’m wonderfully reminded of just how great the GT 2000s really are, even after all of these years. The GT 2000 9 is moderately priced at $120, and you can rest assured your investment is going toward a super reliable running shoe that will bring joy, from easy pace to quick-paced training and high-mileage runs.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 281g / Women 221g
Drop: 10mm
Arch support: Stability
Update: ASICS GT 2000 10
Forefoot height: Men 12mm / Women 11mm
Heel height: Men 22mm / Women 21mm

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Jeff Binder

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