Who should buy the Asics Gel 1130

Blessed with a no-frills design and early-2000s aesthetics, the Asics Gel 1130 channels the Kayano 14 through its sporty-yet-straightforward performance. This kick and you are a perfect match if:

  • Your regular outdoorsy attire consists of a pair of joggers or semi-loose chinos.
  • Cloud-like comfort that persists for hours is high on your sneakers must-have list.
  • Inexpensive shoes that give enough room for your tootsies excite you.

Asics Gel 1130 buy

Who should not buy it

The Gel 1130 is unapologetically a dad shoe. If you want to wear something equally sporty minus the blatant father-centric aesthetics, check out the sleeker Asics Tiger Runner. And, if you want your socks clean at all times, look at this leather Asics Japan S sneaker. 

Asics Gel 1130 no

The Gel 1130's familiar level of comfort

Reviewers in droves find the confines of the Asics Gel 1130 mighty pampering. A vlogger among them even calls it "really, really comfortable" and "on par with the Asics Gel 1090" in the comfort department.

Asics Gel 1130 comfy

A doozy support system

Sneakerheads are convinced that this running-inspired Asics kick is mighty supportive. They are particularly impressed with its arch zone, whose TRUSSTIC technology delivers enhanced security during twisting maneuvers.

Asics Gel 1130 support

Not-for-everyone daddy aesthetics

A vlogger-slash-influencer is not quite sold on the Gel 1130's '90s dad shoe looks.

Asics Gel 1130 dad

Asics Gel 1130 equals craftsmanship perfection

No excess glue, no unfinished stitching—this describes the featured sneaker quite accurately.

Asics Gel 1130 finished

A place of rest for your toes

The Asics Gel 1130  is satisfyingly spacious around the forefoot, compelling a professional blogger to give the shoe in question a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

Asics Gel 1130 roomy

Fresh tootsies in warm conditions

Testers find this Asics kick exemplary in the breathability department. The professional among them pumped smoke into its mesh confines and came away undeniably impressed.

Asics Gel 1130 breathe

Your wallet vs. Asics Gel 1130

If you set aside about $100 for new kicks on a regular basis, you won't be disappointed with this Asics gem. Case in point: its initial-release MSRP sits at a comfortable 85-dollar per pair. For more affordable sneakers, click here.

Asics Gel 1130 cheap

Avoid the dusty road

Its mesh construction, while it supplies the foot with extraordinary ventilation, may invite more debris than you can imagine.

Facts / Specs

Style: Dad, Retro, Sporty
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Asics Gel
Closure: Laces
Material: Synthetic, Leather, Mesh, EVA, Rubber Sole / Fabric
Season: Spring, Summer

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