Who should buy the Adidas Ozweego Zip

The Ozweego Zip is a must-buy if you want to complete your chunky Ozweego assemblage. If not, you might want to consider this shoe if:

  • bulky yet lightweight sneakers float your boat
  • you are on a hunt for affordable kicks with neck-breaking style
  • you long for all-day comfortable footwear
  • versatile kicks are what you are looking for

Who should NOT buy it

The Adidas Ozweego Zip might feel tight on you if you got wide feet, especially on the toe box.  Alternatively, you may check other chunky Adidas models known to be wide foot-friendly. Check over the height-boosting Adidas Yung-96 or the versatile Adidas Streetball. Also, you may skim through our wide sneaker collection for a more comprehensive array of choices.

"Mad underrated when it comes to comfort!"

The Ozweego Zip boasts an upper that hugs the foot comfortably. There is no need to break it in as this kick instantly feels cozy fresh from the box and even after wearing it for hours. 

It feels like walking on a pillow 

Thanks to its dual-density Adiprene cushioning, which some compare to the bounciness of Adidas Boost, fans adore the amount of squishy feel on its midsole that gives them an enjoyable pillowy ride. This cushy technology is strategically placed underfoot to maximize impact protection and smooth ride. 

Adds extra style points to your attire

The Ozweego Zip offers a style that features vibrant '90s inspired details with hints of utilitarian design. Its upper is covered with various panels and layers, giving a nice retro feel, while its chunky midsole provides a futuristic appeal. The beefed-up Adidas Ozweego itself is already a compliment magnet, added with a "hypnotizing" zip on the side, this sneaker is indeed a dope one for sneaker fans.

Technical shoelaces for your daily moves

Adding an extra pop to the shoe, this sneaker features two sets of laces, giving the conventional Ozweego flair a next-level style. The first lace set passes through the leather pattern on the tongue to keep them in place. The second set is the utility lace attached to the zipper used for quick zip and unzipping of the shoe.

Quick to put on

Giving credit to its zip detail, users applaud how quick it is to put this pair onto their feet, especially when rushing out the door. With the help of the heel and tongue pull loops and the tongue's utility lace attached to the zipper, they can quickly grab it and pull the zipper up to secure their feet.

Meanwhile, plastic piping can be seen wrapping around the sneaker. Besides boosting the sneaker's one-off style, the piping also works as a heel pull tab for easy on and off. Some even mentioned that they are optimistic that this design will give Adidas more opportunities in the future for laceless footwear. 

It keeps our wallets happy

The Zip is sold at a price that is 3% cheaper than the average Adidas. This model is an excellent deal with its comfort, style, and versatility! In case you've been eyeing the extremely pricey Yeezy 500, the Ozweego Zip is your best alternative at half of the price. 

Clean details

Surprisingly, considering its budget-friendly price tag, no visible glue marks or unfinished stitches were reported on the Adidas Ozweego Zip. This pair also displays impressive specs, such as the piping, various overlays, intricate lacing, and sculpted midsole, which many reviewers have loved. 

An all-rounder beater

Built with fashion and comfort in mind, this sneaker is suitable for different attires. It looks versatile and can be easily paired up with different outfits for various occasions. Wear this sneaker with your smart casual look for your day job to your laidback baggy jeans for your evening out with a friend.

Grippy on various surfaces

The Ozweego Zip will reliably keep you on your feet, even on slippery surfaces. Thanks to its rubber outsole with different shapes and tread patterns, it dependably sticks to cement, asphalt, and even wet tiles.

Heavy looking BUT NOT heavyweight!

Don't be deceived by its chunky profile, as the Ozweego Zip feels so airy when worn! It feels light and guaranteed will not drag your feet down as you traverse the city pavements. 

Suitable for the summer, too!

This model is covered with a breathable mesh upper. This feature seamlessly allows air to move in and out of the sneaker, keeping your feet dry and comfy even during dog days. 

Facts / Specs

Base model: Adidas Ozweego
Style: Chunky, Sporty
Top: Low
Inspired from: Running
Collection: Adidas Ozweego, Adidas Originals, Adidas Adiprene
Closure: Laces, Zipper
Material: Leather, Mesh, Suede, EVA, Rubber Sole / Fabric

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