Adidas Alphabounce+ Review

If you are looking for a versatile shoe at a great price that you can use for running and cross-training, the Alphabounce+ is right up your alley. 

Who should buy the Adidas Alphabounce+

This shoe is recommended for runners who: 

  • want a running and a gym shoe in one
  • want an affordable and durable shoe

Who should not buy the Adidas Alphabounce+

Don't buy this shoe if:  

  • you're looking for a dedicated tempo/recovery shoe, this is, after all, a do-it-all shoe
  • you have a narrow toebox because it won't feel locked in enough
  • you plan to run on rainy days as the grip will fail you on wet surfaces (consider the Adidas Solar Boost 19)

The Alphabounce+ is one versatile shoe

The 100 miles I’ve put on them so far have included many different types of runs. I’ve done runs ranging from 3 to 15 miles. I’ve done easy runs and even some tempo runs. I’ve also used them for walking around the block. For all occasions, the Alphabounce+ have held on for the ride. 

The Alphabounce+ provides enough spring that you can bust this out for some speedwork, despite the weight. While it might be slightly too heavy for trackwork or sprints, it is a great shoe for longer repeats or tempo runs.


If you want to slow it down, this shoe is great for that as well. Whether for a casual walk or a long slow run, the cushion that the Alphabounce+ provides keeps your foot comfy during slower efforts.

While I do not do a ton of cross-training, Adidas has designed these with both running and cross-training in mind, so you could easily transition from running to working out without changing shoes.

The Adidas Alphabounce+ fits true to size

With my previous Adidas shoes, I have had an issue with them running a little small and narrow compared to what I was expected. This was not the case for the Alphabounce+. The shoe fits true to size, both in length and width. 

A slight amount of break-in is needed

After slipping them on for the first time, the cushioning in the heel felt rather enlarged, causing the heel drop to feel exaggerated.  After a couple of runs, however, the cushioning got broken in and everything felt good with the shoes.  As this adjustment period was pretty short, I wouldn’t necessarily ding the Alphabounce+ too much for this, but runners should be aware the show may feel weird at first.


Comfort is king in the Alphabounce+

The Alphabounce+ is one comfortable running shoe. The combination of the seamless, stretchable air mesh upper, plush tongue, and cushioned midsole hug your foot and make you feel like you are running on clouds. 

I didn’t notice any hotspots during any of my runs. There was no irritation or blisters. There is more cushion in the Alphabounce+ than other neutral daily trainers, such as the Nike Pegasus v38.


A little on the heavy side, but feels lighter than it really is

The Alphabounce+ weighs in at 354 grams (size 9), which is on the heavy side. While I didn’t really feel that the extra weight slowed me down at all, this could be a really fast shoe if they could shave off a little weight.

The weight of the shoe is one reason I lean towards some of its competitors, such as the Nike Pegasus or the Brooks Ghost, however, if you are willing to accept the tradeoff of more weight for more cushion, then this may not be an issue. 

Holding up well after 100 miles

After racking up around 100 miles on my pair, the Alphabounce+ have held up well with minimal wear and tear. The upper and the outsole have no real noticeable damage. Since the shoe is white, I have dirtied them up a bit, but nothing has impacted usage. 

From a performance standpoint, they are still performing really well. They still feel very cushioned and are giving a snappy return on speedwork.


Be careful on slick spots in wet conditions

I did all of my training runs either on city streets, sidewalks or on paved trails. Under normal conditions, the Alphabounce+ held up great in terms of grip. While I did not run in any extreme weather, I did take them out in some light rain and immediately after some storms had passed through. There were a couple of cases under wet conditions where I noted a little bit of slippage, such as turning tight corners. 

In most cases, the grip of the Alphabouce+ will be sufficient, but worth being a little cautious if you are coming across slick spots.

Breathability is a huge plus for the Adidas Alphabounce+

The mesh upper of the Alphabounce+ is both lightweight and breathable. As the temperatures began to creep up into the mid-80s (Fahrenheit) with high humidity during my test runs, this shoe was a welcome counterbalance to the heat. 

Over the course of runs lasting from 3 to 15 miles, my feet stayed nice and cool the whole time. After doing a couple of runs in light rain, the Alphabounce+ dried out very quickly due to the lightweight upper.

No lace bite

From the mid-front back, the Alphabounce+ does a great job of locking your foot in place. The AlphaBounce+ features the traditional lacing system, allowing the wearer to adjust the looseness or the tightness of the shoe. 


No heel slipping

The padded tongue also assists in keeping your foot locked in. At no point during any of my runs did I notice any heel slipping either.


Upper allows for a lot of toe movement

The one issue I noted around foot movement, comes with the upper over the toes. The air mesh upper is very stretchable which means that there is a lot of room for movement for your toes. While I only really noticed issues when I was making sharp turns, this could be a bigger issue for runners who prefer an upper with less give.


For the price point, the Alphabounce+ is an absolute steal

The Alphabounce+ runs under $100 and I have seen it as low as $45 on Amazon. Seeing this, I initially lowered my expectations, but the Alphabounce+ proved me wrong. While this shoe may not be at the top of the list for neutral daily trainers, it certainly may well top the list for overall value.

Stylin’ and profilin’

With a pretty slick look and a multitude of color profiles, the Alphabounce+ is one cool-looking shoe. While I typically only use my running shoes for running and walking, I’ve had to throw these on a few times going out and about.



Overall, I was impressed with the Adidas Alphabounce+. The shoe has a good amount of cushion but still feels decently lightweight. While there are other daily, neutral road shoes that may outpace the Alphabounce+, when you consider the price point, the value is top-notch. 

I would definitely recommend this shoe, especially if you are looking for something that works on both the road and at the gym.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 354g / Women 312g
Drop: 10mm
Arch support: Neutral
Forefoot height: 10mm
Heel height: 20mm
Collection: Adidas Alphabounce

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