Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX review

I was looking for a solid boot with a stable base and good ankle support (for my glass left ankle) that would be suitable for long-distance hiking over various terrain while carrying weight. Did I want it to look good? Of course, but this was a secondary requirement.

Why did I choose this boot?

I read through various websites publishing surveys on the “top 10 hiking boots” or claims of that nature. While I take information from those sites with a pinch of salt, these boots kept cropping up on many sites, so I decided to look through some consumer reviews.

The key points that kept coming up were "comfortable, stable, supportive" etc. This was music to my ears, so I decided to give them a go.

Aesthetics of the Quest 4D 3 GTX

When I first opened the box, I thought it was a nice looking boot without blowing my mind. I went for all black versions as I like to keep my boots clean and thought that the darker color would show dirt a bit less than the alternatives.

Slightly narrow

I felt they were slightly narrower around the mid-section than the previous boots I’ve owned. So those of you with really wide feet might not find them that comfortable. However, I’m sure the boot will relax after a bit of use and the toe section is nice, plenty of room to allow for ample toe wiggle.

They fit true to shoe size in my opinion. I am a size 9 and tried both the 8.5 and size 9’s on, the size 9 had a little extra toe room whilst still being snug in all the right places.

Very comfortable

Whilst I won’t be so bold as to say they are the comfiest things I’ve ever tried on as some reviewers would, they are very comfortable, and I believe a bit of breaking in will only increase the comfort level.

Note: At this point slightly off topic, I want to remind you that the socks you choose, play a big part in comfort so don’t skimp in that area.

Support & stability of Quest 4D 3 GTX

This is where the boot comes into its own for me. The support around the ankle is perfect. It supports well while not cutting off the circulation.

The slightly recessed lace eyelets enable you to draw the back of the boot in as you tighten the laces creating a nice firm wrap-around feel.

The profile is quite chunky at the heel and toe areas. It's great as it allows the user to be confident treading on uneven ground. For someone like me, that is a big bonus.

Finally, the boot keeps the foot in one place, preventing unwanted sliding when walking down the hill; this should protect those little piggies from bruising up.

The grip is fantastic

I walked the same route I have walked for years with my old boots and the difference is chalk and cheese. These things don’t budge and what’s even better is when you get home, the dirt falls out of the tread, due to the wide grip pattern.

Weight of the Quest 4D 3 GTX

At around 650 grams per boot (size 9 UK) I would suggest they are a mid-weight boot. I personally am happy to trade a few grams in weight for the extra ankle support, they still feel light enough (yet to try them over a long distance).


Obviously, this comes with time so unable to provide an honest assessment, however, with Salomon’s 2-year warranty - you’re covered.


These things retail for £180 which is a lot of money (even if they are a great boot). However, if you shop around, you will get them for a better price, I paid substantially less than the RRP just by shopping around online.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 22.6oz / Women 20.3oz
Use: Backpacking
Cut: High cut
Collection: Salomon Quest
Features: Lace-to-toe / Orthotic friendly / Removable insole
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Width: Normal

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Ben Davies
Ben Davies

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