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Pleasantly surprising (slightly overweight racer)

/100 by Aron Slabon, posted on .
This is a review from one expert, and reflects personal opinions. Learn what 8 other runners think of this shoe and see colorways at the Under Armour HOVR Velociti 2 main page.

My first Under Armour shoe and I must admit I am pleasantly surprised. The HOVR Velociti 2 is claimed to be the fast option from Under Armour, and when you slip the shoe on, you most certainly understand why.



Specs for my version

Stack height: 23mm heel/15 mm forefoot (8mm drop)
Weight: 305g/10.7 oz (M US 10.5/EU 44 2/3)



First impressions and fit

First impressions were good. The shoes have a nice look—simple and easily approachable. I can imagine wearing them casually from time to time. Fit-wise, I went true to size and out of the box they are more on the narrow side.

The collar fits nice and secures the heel. The midfoot area feels snug and the toe box is quite lean. Nonetheless, the material in the forefoot is stretchy enough to accommodate various feet type.

I would consider them somewhat between comfortable and performance-oriented snug. Your feet are locked down for sure without slipping and sliding around. What I gladly noted was the fact that the stack height is printed on the sock liner. 

The upper 

The upper is on the simpler side, which I really appreciated. There are no unnecessary overlays.

The streamlined mesh upper is breathable, comfortable, stretchy, and forgiving. It breaks in nicely to allow a little more room for those who need it (according to UA it fits the anatomical needs of men and women likewise).




It is still on the narrow-snug side and reminds me of a lot of a racing-race day shoe or a fast-paced trainer.

The lacing system is very simple as well, and the length of the laces is right where it needs to be. The tongue is not gusseted but did not cause any issues and was locked down well on foot. 

The midsole 

The midsole is built from UA HOVRTM FOAM with a MESH ENERGY WEB. This combination is supposed to eliminate impact and return energy during toe-off. The midsole is on the firmer side and offers nice ground contact.

It is not ideal for slow long(er) runs, but it shines while picking up the pace. 

The outsole

Almost the entire outsole is covered in rubber, which looks and feels very long-lasting. A difference is noticeable though between the mid/forefoot area and the heel. It looks like there is a thin layer of rubber on top of the other.




The forefoot/midfoot rubber shows considerably more wear and tear. I just suspect it to be a little lighter and springier. But overall, I expect the outsole to last quite some time since wear and tear are at a minimum after 50 miles. 

Ride, durability, performance

The ride is surprisingly stable and offers enough protection for longer runs. The shoes feel most at home when picking up the pace. The fit of the shoe really encourages faster paces, since it feels so much like a racing, lightweight trainer—although on the scale it quite is not.




I had no issues whatsoever with the shoe, except for it being on the narrower side. Surprisingly, this caused no hotspots or anything else. Meaning, comfort in the shoe is still good, but I would probably not take them for the longest or recovery days.

On the other hand, I can see them as a lightweight-daily trainer for sure. They offer plenty of durability for daily use and enough cushioning for most paces.

I appreciated the performance overall and was pleasantly surprised by the shoes well-built quality, durability, and secure, yet comfortable fit. 


Actually, very little to mention here. The toe box is a little narrow for me, but the upper is forgiving enough, so it is not really bothering on shorter or faster runs. Major dislike is the weight.

Although they feel a lot lighter on foot than what the scale says, this is a little drawback for me. UA could probably remove some more rubber and make the shoe lighter without messing with its performance. 

Final thoughts 

If you are looking for a durable daily trainer, encouraging faster paces, I can recommend the UA HOVR Velociti 2 for sure. The downside for me here is the advertising—as lightweight-trainer/race option. I think there are lighter models out there.

Another major plus is the value of the shoe. They are surprisingly cheap, and yet you still get a kind of do-it-all-pace-oriented trainer. I could see the shoe in a gym workout—treadmill combination as well.

An additional gimmick is the Bluetooth connection of the shoes. And, what surprised me here was that I was able to connect the shoes with my Polar watch. Therefore, I did not even need to install another app on my mobile phone.

In conclusion, I have to say. I was pleasantly surprised quite often by this slightly overweight trainer of Under Armour.

Disclaimer: This shoe was sent to me by Under Armour/RunRepeat to review, whatsoever all opinions are my own.  

Aron Slabon | Level 2 expert Verified
Hello, I'm Aron, a recreational runner. I've been running competitively on and off since 2012—becoming a bit more serious since 2018. As a former track and field athlete, I am predominantly self-trained—enjoying and experiencing new methods and varying my training plans, exploring what fits best for me. I run in varying surfaces, distances, and speeds with a range from minimal barefoot shoes to highly cushioned or stability shoes, just to keep my feet from being bored in the same shoe.

Under Armour HOVR Velociti 2 review

/100 by Martin Schmidt, posted on .
This is a review from one expert, and reflects personal opinions. Learn what 8 other runners think of this shoe and see colorways at the Under Armour HOVR Velociti 2 main page.

They look neat, really vibrant colour in the blue and orange combo. They have a decent amount of outsole and smart threading.

Due to the amount of outsole, this could be a daily trainer with maybe 6-800K in them.




The upper fabric is a stretchable mesh with a linear pattern. The only overlay to the fabric is the UA logo, which pleases me.

I prefer shoes without too many overlays because they remind me of old-fashioned tennis shoes. To me, it looks sleeker with a more subtle design.

Size & feel

True to size (probably). Following their size chart, I ordered EU size 41. However, I should perhaps have ordered 42, which tends to be my normal size.

The shoes upper is very comfortable. It is perfectly balanced between being firm and stretchable. Meaning, it molds to your feet, giving you a nice secure sensation, without being too confining.




The toe box is less roomy than the Asics Gel Kayano 26 but more spacious than most Hoka One One Clifton 6. The tongue is not gusseted, which would have been a plus. However, it does not seem to move too much around as it is.

The lacing is firm and seems very durable. It seems to be the kind of lacing that doesn’t come loose, with a lot of “self-friction.” However, the shoelaces are relatively short. In fact, so short that I couldn’t tie my shoes with a runners knot.


Shoe and foot pod combined into one! This shoe has a chip building that tracks a lot of useful running data. There's time, distance, cadence, pace, stride length, ground contact time, and then one more quite interesting stat – your footstrike angle.

Do you know if you are a heel striker, midfoot or forefoot runner? This shoe will tell you.

Do you plan on becoming a midfoot striker? This shoe can help you monitor your progress.

First run

The first time trying them, I feel that they might be just slightly undersized. But time will tell if they expand a bit once broken in.

They feel a bit tight on the outside of your pinky toe, but other than that, they feel relatively roomy. Half a size up, and I think they would be perfect with a bit of wiggle room.




The heel counter feels soft, but I do feel a bit of heel slippage. This could maybe have been avoided if the laces were long enough to be able to tie a runner’s knot.

I’m used to running in shoes with 4 or 5mm offset, and I do feel the extra 3mm in this shoe. The sole seems firm and responsive, but not so much that it's uncomfortable.

They feel pretty fast and racy despite the relatively large weight of 255g at a size 9. Considering these shoes are being marketed as racing shoes, I think they should have been a bit lighter.

After 80K

Great fit and feel! The ordered size turned out perfect after a few runs, as the shoe expands a bit. I do not feel any pressure points at all, even after 18K, and I would consider this shoe to be very comfortable.

The shoe fits my foot form better than the equivalently weighing Hoka One One Clifton 6, in which I’ve experienced a bit of chafing on the insides of my feet.

I experienced no trouble with chafing or pressure points in the UA Velocity 2. I believe it would even be comfortable to run half-marathon distances.

For marathon+ distances, they are perhaps a bit on the firm side. The soles are intermediately soft, quite a bit firmer than the Clifton 6’s, but on the other hand, they do have a bit of a spring to them, and they are responsive.

The shoe threading does not pick up too many pebbles and other debris, and I can barely see any wear or deformations after my first 80K. I really enjoy running in them!




The shoe is not considered a stability shoe. However, they feel quite stable to me, and I tend to overpronate slightly.

Compared to a shoe like the Nike Pegasus 36, they are a lot more stable! I believe this is due to the width of the base and the not-too-soft sole, which gives some resistance to flexing and twisting.

Design & appearance

This shoe comes in a lot of neat color choices! I acquired a blue/orange colour combination, but the grey/yellow or black version looks awesome.

What I like about the design is subtle upper with tone-on-tone colours, subtle logo, and sparing use of reflex colours.

The heel counter and collar are intermediately padded. The upper material is breathable and flexible, giving you wiggle room while still securing your foot.

Improvement points

I really like the shoe: the fit, the feel, the appearance.

I would have loved it if the shoe were just a bit lighter. In my opinion, they could have spared some weight on the upper material, which is more dense than I believe it needs to be, and on the heel counter and collar which area bit to the padded side.

At 200-220g, this shoe would simply be perfect! At 255g, I would consider the shoes a very decent pair of daily trainers.


  • Sleek design with nice colour options
  • Well-constructed
  • Well-fitting and comfortable
  • Build-in tracking with interesting data
  • Really cheap
  • At 255g a bit on the heavy side when considered a racing shoe
  • Too short lace
  • At 10mm drop, the incline is a bit steep for midfoot striking
Martin Schmidt | Level 2 expert Verified
In my spare time, I try to get more fit, so I’ve been going to the gym regularly doing various forms of training. I’ve been wanting to get better at running, but I’ve always struggled with increasing my distance and speed since I’m prone to getting fatigued in my knees. However, persistence and a couple of stability shoes led me to complete a half-marathon and a bit more. This year, I’m hoping to run a 30K race without injury or pain.

Training with my Under Armour HOVR Velociti 2

/100 by Robert Hawley, posted on .
This is a review from one expert, and reflects personal opinions. Learn what 8 other runners think of this shoe and see colorways at the Under Armour HOVR Velociti 2 main page.

Upon receiving the Under Armour HOVR Velociti 2, first impressions were very good. Opening the box revealed the striking colours. The bright blue and orange are a great combination, guaranteed to stand out.




On the underside lid of the box, it was apparent that these were also more than just a "normal" pair of trainers. They have a built-in GPS tracker which works with "MapMyRun" app via a smartphone.

Even before I tried them on, I downloaded the app and went through the easy setup and synced them with the trainers. 


The trainers look well-made and feel of high quality. They are surprisingly light given they have additional tech in to allow for the Bluetooth connection with your smartphone.




The upper material is made from a breathable mesh. I found during runs that my feet didn't get too hot and therefore swell as I have found with other trainers. There is plenty of cushioning around the heel of the foot, offering comfortable support.

The laces were large enough to allow for a double knot but not too long that you are left with a lot of spare lace hanging down the side. The base of the shoe is very well-constricted, plenty of support whilst running.

The whole construction of the shoe gives the impression of obtaining a lot of mileage out of the trainers. On the base, the orange material is advertised as "lightweight rubber", and by the heel, it states "high abrasion rubber".




Let's see how they fare. 

First training runs

Once I had set up and synced the trainers with the app, I set off on my run. The trainer is very comfortable. I have found with other trainers that after a while, my little toes start to feel squashed and go slightly numb.




I concluded that this must be either my feet swelling or the trainers being too narrow—no such problems with the Velociti. The trainers didn't need "wearing in" as they were perfect from the first run. 

MapMyRun app

I usually run with my Garmin watch, and when syncing this up to my phone post-run, I upload to Strava. Since these trainers work with my phone via Bluetooth, I decided to give this a go.

The app is very intuitive, giving feedback live on cadence and eases you into the run and advises a cool down as well as high and low-intensity intervals. This is motivational and helps to break up your runs.




I always ensure I sync the trainers up to the app before the run and also look at the post-run data and feedback on how to improve my training, something that is standard and not a paid extra as with some other apps.

Final thoughts

I have used a variety of different brands of trainer throughout my training and various events in which I have participated. I have had some good and bad experiences, deciding to stick with what I know.

I typically stick with the different iterations of the Brooks running brand. I had used UA before and had no issues but not put the number of miles on those as I have my Brooks.

I was very keen to try the Velociti 2, not only do I think they are very easy on the eye. But, I was, as a tech fanatic, eager to see how the built-in tracker worked in practice.

During the lockdown, I have not been out as often as I usually would and have a total of 145km completed on them. The trainer has stood up very well to a variety of terrains and weathers.

The "lightweight" and "high abrasion" rubber appears to be holding up well—minimal markings to show wear.  

The upper mesh shows no wear and could be mistaken for a new pair of trainers. The collar of the trainer also has very little wear. I have found previously that this had always been the first part to show wear.



Overall score

Ultimately, the trainers have exceeded my expectations as a pair of trainers and tech. I would highly recommend and will definitely consider the UA brand alongside Brooks when purchasing future trainers.

I find the coaching that comes with the app both during and post-run is extremely helpful in both training and injury prevention. I have not used all of its features at present but look forward to learning more about what the app can do to assist in increasing my distances and improving my times.

Robert Hawley | Level 2 expert Verified
Hello, I am Robert—not your typical runner. I am 6'5 and weigh over 100kg. I always try to fit running into my weekly schedule. I have recently completed my 3rd half marathon, and I am now training for my first marathon, the London marathon in 2020.

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