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Vasque Footwear is one of the trusted footwear brands. In its many years in the industry, Vasque hiking boots and hiking shoes are among the top-preferred by enthusiasts from all over the world.

Vasque is a footwear company founded by William D. Sweasy in 1964. At that time, he was introduced to the ongoing mountaineering craze in Europe where many hikers explored the mountains wearing handmade mountain boots. Upon his return, he realized that North America lacks brands that specialized in outdoor recreation. Out of this need, he founded Vasque Footwear which is named after Fort Vasquez in Colorado.  

Vasque Footwear is a respected name in the shoe industry. With over 50 years in the business, the brand has developed several models of hiking boots, backpacking boots, and trail running shoes. Vasque takes pride in producing trail footwear anchored on technical innovation and breakthrough using their own trail experience.

Through the inspiration brought by the handmade boots, he opened America’s great ranges to become playgrounds for outdoor enthusiasts. Today, Vasque is synonymous with innovative and high-quality footwear. Vasque hiking boots, backpacking boots, and trail running shoes are built with honesty, and excellent quality.  

Benefits of wearing Vasque hiking boots

best Vasque hiking boots

Best Vasque hiking boots - August 2018

Comfort and fit

Vasque hiking boots are robust and tough and yet, comfort is not sacrificed. Models like the St. Elias GTX boots are made with all-leather uppers lined with Gore-Tex. This combination protects the feet from elements while keeping it breathable. It is earning praises because of the little break-in time needed despite the robust materials used.  


Just a look at Vasque hiking boots already reveal the greatness inside of them. As part of its handmade boots tradition, each pair is carefully crafted to provide wearers with utmost support and years of service. Using excellent leather, molded rubber toe cap, and other features do not just help protect the wearer but also reinforce the durability of the boots.

Even if the trail conditions are harsh, a pair of Vasques still holds up. As long as they are worn for their intended terrain, cleaned, and kept properly, Vasque hiking boots could last for years. 


One of the requirements of a reliable hiking boot is foot support. For some Vasque hiking boots model, a TPU shank is used. This component helps stabilize the boots while still remaining nimble. The midfoot stabilizer is especially helpful if you are carrying a heavy backpack and tackling slopes and slippery terrain. 

The secret is in the use of materials that keep helping the feet in place while providing shock and cushioning. Thermoplastic urethane shanks that offer solid support on rugged trails are used for many hiking boots.


When dealing with moderate to technical terrain, a pair of footwear that offers great traction is a must. Vasque doesn’t scrimp on the outsoles of their boots. Vasque’s St. Elias GTX uses a Vibram Frontier sole which performs well on slopes, and muddy tracks.  


Making sure hikers are safe from water, bushes, animals, screes, rocks, debris, and other things that could injure them on the trail. As Vasque hiking boots are closed, they protect the feet better against the elements. The materials used are also sturdy which improves the boots’ protective properties.  

What to look for in a pair of Vasque hiking boots

Materials used

Vasque knows how important it is to use the best materials for their products. A very important material used in Vasque hiking boots is leather. An all-leather upper makes boots sturdy and protective. They are best worn on trails with bushes, snakes, insects, or when it is cold.

EVA midsole is very popularly used in outdoor footwear. The midsole is made from ethylene vinyl acetate which helps in dispersing weight and provide stability to the wearer. This is also light, flexible, and cushions the foot with each step.  

Technologies used

Vasque is known for incorporating innovative technologies in its products. Through its 50 years in the industry, there have been many technologies incorporated in iconic and functional Vasque hiking boots. As the times progress, many more technologies are introduced by the outdoor shoemaker.

Gore-Tex membrane is a weatherproofing technology seen in a lot of Vasque hiking boots. This thin layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene has been used in different outdoor products to protect them against water damage. As a waterproofing layer, Gore-Tex keeps water out and keeping the body warm. 

An A.S.E midsole is also used in models like the Vasque St. Elias. This technology improves the traction and feel of the footwear. Boots with this technology enjoy the same lightness as those with EVA midsole but are more durable and resistant to abrasion.  

Also found in some Vasque hiking boots are EVA cushioning pods. These are features that help absorb shock and protect the wearer from injuries. Hikers especially need features like this so the feet can conform to the irregularities of the trail.  

Vibram outsoles can be considered a staple in most outdoor footwear. Vasque’s St. Elias for instance, uses the Vibram Frontier with XSTrek Compound which balances slip-resistance and high abrasion resistance for durability. This combination provides the ultimate support to prevent the boots from slipping when tackling tricky surfaces while making it usable for a longer period. 


Vasque hiking boots are known for their excellent quality. Since these are sturdy and are incorporated with different technologies, they bear a slightly higher price tag than models from other brands. The hiking boots line of Vasque is usually priced from $180 to $200.


Vasque is a popular brand in the outdoor recreation industry. The footwear company’s products are sold in different parts of the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Australia, Middle East, and Russia.  

If going to Vasque branches in your region is difficult, you can also check out its website and place your order there. Aside from that, there are authorized retail outlets that also cater to Vasque fans out there.

Vasque hiking boots FAQs

What is the proper way of fitting a pair of Vasque hiking boots?

Finding a pair of Vasque hiking boots can be a little challenging but definitely doable. With all the available shopping options now, hikers who want their own pair Vasques could definitely find a pair that will fit them like a glove.

The traditional way of finding perfectly-fitting footwear is by going to a store (or many stores) at the end of the day and fit pairs one by one. Many stores have well-trained assistance who can help during the fitting process. When visiting a physical store, make sure to bring the pair of socks you will be hiking with so you will find a really well-fitting pair.

When fitting, make sure that there is enough space between the shoe and the toes. If the boots are closed, there must be no too tight or loose spaces. Try to fit your index finger between your ankles and the boot to see if it has enough room.

What makes lasts used for Vasque women's hiking boots different from men's last?

Vasque understands that there are anatomical differences between men and women's feet. To enhance the comfort that women feel in wearing Vasque hiking boots, adjustments in the lasts are made. A few changes include: a narrower heel pocket, adjusted heel-to-ball ratio, and an added instep support. As a result, women's boots give the same level of protection as men's boots would but with made-for-women comfort.

Should I break in a pair of Vasque hiking boots?

Breaking in is the process of conditioning new footwear to fit the feet and avoid blisters and sore feet especially before a major hike. Although many Vasque models are receiving impressive feedback regarding their right-out-of-the-box comfort, some wearers may also have a different point of view. As a general rule, when getting new Vasque hiking boots, wear them around for a few hours each day before a major trip.

Are there Vasque hiking boots in narrow or wide widths?

People with narrow feet who wear standard sizes end up with blisters. On the other hand, those who have wide feet who wear standard sizes end up with bunions and other deformities. The good news for hikers—the ones with high-volume and low-volume foot—is that Vasque carries a line of hiking boots in both wide and narrow widths.  

What is the best way to clean and maintain my Vasque hiking boots?

The best way to keep your Vasque hiking boots for a long time is to care for it properly. Ideally, everyone should clean their boots after the trip. It is important to note that leather hiking boots may need special care. Usually, a cleaning and care label will be attached. For boots with uppers that can be washed, use only mild soap and a boot brush to remove the dirt. After washing, the pair should be allowed to air dry.

What is the proper way to store my Vasque hiking boots?

Proper storage plays a crucial role in keeping a pair of Vasque hiking boots in a good state. The best way to store the hikers is to keep them clean and free of mud and other debris as these can affect the quality of the upper material. These should also be kept in a cool and dry place after. Exposing it to heat may affect the quality of the materials

How long will a pair of Vasque hiking boots last?

The lifespan of a pair of Vasque hiking boots depends largely on how well maintained it is. Ideally, if these are used according to its intended use and cared and kept as directed, the boots may last a couple of years. There are some instances though when natural wear and tear would shorten its lifespan such as if it is frequently used or if it is not properly stored after each use.

What will I do to restore my leather Vasque hiking boots damaged by water?

Leather damaged by water can be quite a problem as this can lead to cracking, stretching, and basically, rendering the boots unfit for use. If your Vasque hiking boots have been damaged by water, you can choose to send it to a reputable shoe repair shop before permanent damage occurs.

Why are my Vasque hiking boots not insulated?

Vasque hiking boots are pretty much designed for multi-day hikes through different seasons. As many models come with Gore-Tex layer, they are not just weatherproof but also help keep the feet warm (depending on the type of membrane).

How do I make sure that the Gore-Tex lining stays in good condition?

To make sure that the Gore-Tex lining of your Vasque hiking boots remains in good shape, follow the cleaning directions as indicated in the label. Avoid using a hard brush when removing dirt. Air dry the boots after washing then stuff it with newspaper to dry. Drying it under a heat source will damage the Gore-Tex membrane.

Are there Vasque hiking boots that are crampon compatible?

Crampons are traction devices that are attached to footwear to improve the mobility of hikers on slippery surfaces. Crampons are attached to footwear through welts. There are not many models of Vasque hiking boots that are crampon compatible although some retailers may recommend them.  If you see a need to wear crampons, it would be best to use a pair of mountaineering boots instead.

What should I do with my Vasque hiking boots that need to be repaired?

There may be a pair of Vasques that you just cannot let go of and that is understandable. The good news for you is that Vasque can actually cater to your refurbishing needs. The company has an authorized repair shop that can fix worn out Vasques. 

Do Vasque hiking boots come with a warranty?

All of Vasque products come with a warranty against defects in terms of workmanship and materials. The warranty coverage is one year from purchase. If there is a defect in any of the products, these could be replaced with another pair. However, if the issue is a result of natural wear and tear, an owner can opt to have it repaired by an authorized dealer but the company will not cover the cost.

14 best Vasque hiking boots

  1. Vasque Talus UltraDry
  2. Vasque Breeze III GTX
  3. Vasque Breeze III
  4. Vasque Talus Trek UltraDry
  5. Vasque Snowblime UltraDry
  6. Vasque Inhaler II GTX
  7. Vasque Sundowner GTX
  8. Vasque Coldspark UltraDry
  9. Vasque St. Elias GTX
  10. Vasque Skywalk GTX
  11. Vasque Snowburban II UltraDry
  12. Vasque Breeze LT GTX
  13. Vasque Saga GTX
  14. Vasque Canyonlands Ultradry
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