13 best Under Armour trail running shoes

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Under Armour trail running shoes are known to deliver comfort and are also very resilient as they have been designed to conquer any kind of terrain. This world-renown athletic shoe brand has a knack for developing trail running shoes with their innovative features.

Under Armour trail running shoes: A Buyer’s Guide

best under armour trail running shoes
Best Under Armour trail running shoes - August 2019

Under Armour trail running shoes, similar to their road running shoe counterparts, come in numerous choices to suit every runner’s trail running preference and level of ability.

The most essential of all criteria in finding the best Under Armour trail shoe will be things like weight, grip, reliable support, durability, and decent waterproofing. Here is our buyer’s guide to finding the best pair of Under Armour trail running shoe:

Try on several pairs

This is the first and most important thing to do when buying Under Armour trail running shoes. Everyone’s feet vary from each other, and the only way to know if they really fit is to try the shoes on. If it is not possible to try on many shoes, at least read as many user reviews online as possible.

Once you have found the best fitting pair of trail shoe, consider buying a couple of pairs upfront. Big brands like Under Armour are under constant pressure to evolve, so the shoe you fell in love with this season may not be around the next.

If buying online, it is advised to check on the website’s return policy and consider ordering the two pairs that are closest to your shoe size with the plan to return one.

Set Realistic Trail Running Goals

Before purchasing a pair of trail running shoes, some questions must be answered: What kind of terrain will you be mostly running on? Do you want versatile shoes, it can cross seamlessly from road to trail? Do you want a pair that helps you conquer tough, rocky tracks? Or perhaps you will be running on a mountainous surface that has as much grass as dirt trail?

Stack Height

The stack height or amount of material used under the runner’s feet is one of the main differences, especially in Under Armour trail running shoes. Some may think that less material is good and that it results in a more natural feel leading to good biomechanics like that of minimal trail shoes. On the other hand, some people think that the thicker the material is, the more protective the trail shoes are and that it leads to fewer injuries and a more comfortable ride.

Even after the countless number of research, there is no definite answer to which style is better. It still depends on the runner as to how much cushioning they prefer.

If you do decide to do your trail runs in minimal type shoes, be sure to start moderately, with short runs, and build up very slowly to help avoid injury.


Interestingly for trail running shoes, it is mostly preferred to be not waterproofed. This is because the runner’s feet will sweat too much for a waterproof material to keep up. Although on exceptions of wet or possibly cold weather conditions and some other obvious reasons like snowy or muddy trails, waterproofing is required. Generally, though, stick with highly breathable shoes.

Lug Length

Compared with road running shoes like the popular Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35, trail runners will want running shoes with grippy outsoles to help them navigate the slippery, uneven, rocky, and muddy terrain. Look carefully at the terrains you plan to tackle. A short lug pattern is recommended if the trails are mostly covered with stones and hard dirt. While those who intend to run mostly on lots of soft, muddy surfaces should choose a deeper lug pattern for the right amount of grip support.

Rock Plate or Foam?

If you prefer rocky terrains, you may want a shoe that helps protect your foot from hard edges. Two options of engineering are thick foam or rock plates. Both types have good and bad points, but generally, foam absorbs more shock while rock plates offer a more natural feel of the ground and accurate foot placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Under Armour trail running shoes differ from road shoes?

Under Armour trail running shoes’ main difference from road shoes is the traction on the outsole. It also designed with deeper lugs to increase grip on the surface. It also generally have a lower offset, which means the heel height to the toe height is lower than that of the road running shoe’s. This makes the Under Armour trail shoe relatively flatter, giving it a more stable platform to run on.

Do Under Armour trail shoes run small?

Under Armour trail running shoes run on the small, snug side. It is suggested to order a larger size if you prefer to have a more spacious fit.

What are the features to look out for in an Under Armour trail shoe?

The top three features to look out for in an Under Armour trails shoe are traction, protection, and comfort. 

Traction for that perfect grip on different variations of terrain. Protection from rocks and sharp surfaces that may cause injury. Comfort, for that comfortable upper material which helps your feet breathe during the trail runs.

4 best Under Armour trail running shoes

  1. Under Armour Horizon BPF
  2. Under Armour Charged Toccoa 2
  3. Under Armour Toccoa
  4. Under Armour Charged Bandit Trail
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