Size and fit

The Puma x Coogi Clyde has an almost perfect fitting that runs true to size. Shoe size ranges from 7 to 14 for men. Women’s sizes can be achieved by reducing men’s size by 1.5. The sneaker has a medium width that is secured by a plain black flat lace with gold-plated tips.

Puma x Coogi Clyde Style

Style-wise, the Puma x Coogi Clyde is the perfect embodiment of casual luxury. The collector’s item sneaker gives wearers that bespoke feeling and exclusivity as each pair has no same shoe. The knitted sweater upper in trendy and kaleidoscopic patterns of vibrant colors would make anyone’s feet standout in the crowd.

While some would easily flaunt these shoes as a form of fashion statement, others would probably keep them untouched and pristine in their collection that only a few would dare use this for daily casual outings. This one of a kind pair is best paired with a Puma x Coogi sweater or shirt not to overpower the sense of fashion and elegance and nostalgia invoked by the unique design and the iconic Puma Clyde silhouette.

Notable Features

The all-knit embroidered sweater upper material on top of a white midsole. This distinctive design and array of colors displayed in the Puma x Coogi Clyde is its most notable feature. The silhouette and lightweight comfort promised by the original Puma Clyde popularized by NBA star Waltz Frazier was also maintained in this limited edition collaboration.

Puma x Coogi Clyde History

The Puma Clyde has a long history of the company. Before this unique low top model was eventually called the Puma Suede, the shoe was a basketball court favorite.

The shoe was popularized by Walt “Clyde” Frazier of the New York Knicks.  While the shoe silhouette already had its outing at the Mexico Summer Olympics in 1968, it was Frazier who took this suede and rubber combo into the pedestal as an iconic kick.

Frazier approached Puma to come up with a design for a basketball shoe and the company in turn heeded to basketball player’s wishes to have them with a broader width. The Puma Clyde became popular that there was a time when most basketball players in the NBA had donned the pair in the court during the 1970s.

From the basketball courts, the unique silhouette eventually dipped in fame as a sports shoe but slowly crept into the hip-hop subculture in the 1980s. Ever since the=is transition, the Puma Clyde was ultimately called the Puma Suede and had several iterations and revivals of the years because of its sneaker popularity.

The collaboration between the German brand Puma and Coogi Australia was announced in the first quarter of 2017. The two classics, the Clyde silhouette famous for its light weight and casual flair, and the beautiful Coogi sweaters that are well-known for their vibrant colors and intricate knits, is a sure-fire hit for collaboration.

Coogi sweaters, which have been popular in the hip-hop scene, had the likes of Notorious B.I.G. mentioning them in a song. This same material was now used to cover the entire upper of the Puma Clyde for a unique knitwear material. The collaboration between the German and Australian brands is exceptional as it guarantees that no shoes are the same as each woven pattern is different from the other. A few months since the release of the All-Coogi sweater upper version, Puma released another version with only the Formstrip bearing the signature knitted pattern.

Additional Info

  • A variation of the Puma x Coogi Clyde came out a few months after the all-sweater upper with the knitted material only occupying the Formstrip while the rest of the upper is in black suede.
  • Coogi gold printed branding on the lace tips, eyelets, insole compliment the Puma branding on the tongue.
  • Each pair comes in a limited edition Puma Lab packaging with signature Coogi pattern printing and a blurb that highlights that the no shoe are created the same.


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