We spent 8.6 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

7 reasons to buy

  • The Puma Suede may not be as generously padded as the athletic Puma Suede Classic but has ample amount of cushioning, as mentioned by a fair number of users.
  • This kick is comfy to use, according to those who like the Suede Classics.
  • A couple of wearers say the smooth lining felt great with cotton socks.
  • The sole offers a nice flex, as mentioned by some users.
  • As highlighted by some wearers, it is nicely padded around the ankle and sole.
  • Majority of the reviewers couldn’t complain about its textured rubber sole that offers excellent grip.
  • The Puma Suede Hazard is downright affordable.

2 reasons not to buy

  • It felt narrow and tight around the toe box.
  • The Puma Suede Hazard is available in limited colors only.

Bottom line


Puma has proven once again that the Suede Classic hasn’t lost its charm with the reinvented edition. Meet the Puma Suede Hazard. The new look almost appears like an entirely new model with the blast of neon accents all over. 

Like the previous iterations, this shoe features an adequate amount of padding around the collar, interior walls, and on the inner sole that users hardly complained about comfort. Adding this statement kick into your sneaker stash shouldn’t be an issue as you can cop this for an affordable cost.


The Puma Suede Hazard is a unisex shoe that can be obtained in men’s sizing. With its traditional lacing system, users can expect a supportive fit from this kick.

Puma tweaked its classic Suede, garbed it with neon colors, and loaded it with hazard graphics on the eyestays, midfoot, and heel. If you’re in a hunt for a statement sneaker to elevate your typical day-to-day style, you might want to get bold and adventurous with the eye-grabbing flair of Shocking Orange and Lemon Tonic. Get all strapped up with this shoe on your next night out party, dancing session, or travel on urban cities.

Vibrant colors and creative graphics are the selling points of the Puma Suede Hazard shoes that complemented by amply cushioned ankle collars plus smooth and soft interiors. The neon shades keep these Puma shoes in velvety suede upper visible even in dark areas while the hazard symbols stamped on the soles open up conversations, making these kicks ideal options for parties.

From the growing catalog of Puma casual sneakers comes another statement style named the Puma Suede Hazard which is built with a velvety suede upper in neon detailing. This reinvented version of Puma’s iconic Suede Classic is designed with pictograms commonly seen in workplaces where electrical, chemical, ergonomic, physical, and biological hazards can potentially occur. It is quite impossible to miss the Puma Suede Hazard due to its catchy colors done in Lemon Tonic and Shocking Orange.

Ever since the Puma Suede first surfaced over 50 years ago, it has somehow been commanding attention. The very first proof to this was held on October 16, 1968, particularly at the Mexico Summer Olympics. American athlete activist Tommie Smith broke the 200-meter world record and snagged the coveted gold medal wearing Puma spikes. The Puma Suede came into the picture when Tommie walked to the victory stand wearing black socks while carrying the suede kick on his left hand. From then on the Puma Suede became a cultural icon and an integral part in the intricate story of the Black American culture.  

The Puma Suede sneaker got the world’s attention again in 1973 when NBA legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier advocated it on the hardwood. Clyde notoriety extended beyond being the New York Knicks point guard but off the court too due to his powerful sense of fashion. Taking cues from the Puma Suede, the brand came up with

Puma Clyde, a customized suede-built basketball shoe that incorporated wider plate on the midfoot.

The street-ready appeal and durability of the Puma Suede made it an influential style in the hip-hop and breakdancing scenes since the early 1970s. As the years rolled over, the sneaker kept its street cred and eventually turning up into one of the ubiquitous sneaker silhouettes seen in cities around the world. More than fifty years since it started making footprints, the brand continues to spew new street-appropriate designs which feature the bare essentials of the Puma Suede but with touches of modernity from the Suede Classic Debossed, Suede Classic Explosive to Suede Classic Pop Culture to Suede Hazard.

  • As hinted by its shoe name, the Puma Suede Hazard is draped with a buttery suede in vibrant color.
  • Its textured rubber outsole offers traction.
  • Branding stays on the tongue, lateral side, and heel.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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