We spent 5.7 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

8 reasons to buy

  • A majority of reviewers have commented that they love the looks and style of the Puma Heritage Basket Classic shoe.
  • Many users state that the shoe feels very comfortable on the feet, with several mentioning that they are on their feet all day but experience no pain.
  • Quite a few have expressed appreciation for its quality materials, especially its leather upper.
  • The shoe’s price is mentioned by a few consumers who are pleased with the sneaker’s combination of quality and affordability.
  • Several laud the colorways of the Puma Heritage Basket Classic sneaker, with the all-white model getting extra mentions.
  • A couple of testers have pointed out the shoe’s durability, which lasts years.
  • One reviewer has noted that the shoe gives an excellent grip.
  • The shoe is remarked upon by one user as having enough give to be comfortable but without sacrificing the support needed for hard play.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Many reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction with the shoe’s narrow fit, especially in the toe box.
  • This sneaker from the Puma Classics line has laces that are a bit hard to put in, according to one user.

Bottom line

The Puma Heritage Basket Classic combines style, comfort, and durability into one. It is a highly recommended shoe for people who want a reasonably-priced pair of Puma kicks but don’t want to compromise on quality.

It doesn’t skimp on materials and is obviously built to last. The grip is exceptional and the design is clean. The only thing to ponder on is the fit, which runs narrow.


Base model: Puma Basket Classic
Style: Retro
Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Puma Basket
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather
Price: $70
Colorways: Black, White
Special editions: 22 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Puma sneaker
Top 9% most popular sneakers
It has never been more popular than this February

The Puma Heritage Basket Classic features a lace-up design and a low-cut construction. The shoe runs narrow, and several buyers with average foot widths have noted the need to go at least a half size higher than their standard foot size. Those with wide feet may do better with a full size up adjustment.

The collar and tongue are lightly padded. The sneaker’s sole is flat and provides a stable base.

This Puma Classics model is an affordable shoe that is perfect for shooting the hoops, hanging out with friends, or doing everyday chores. All colorways of the Heritage Basket Classic look good with a track jacket and pants.  The all-white version has a clean and smart summer look that would be perfect when paired with shorts, chinos, or jeans. The black-team gold colorway shoe can even be worn to fancy events because of its low-key and elegant appearance.

Without a doubt, its classic silhouette is its most distinguishable and notable feature. It has an unassuming yet defined look that even a summary glance may tell a sneaker fan what type of model it is.

The Puma Basket Classic was introduced in 1971 using the silhouette of the Puma Basket which was released in 1968. The Puma Basket Classic was intended to be the leather counterpart of the iconic Clyde—which has a suede upper—and was initially designed for playing basketball.  However, its distinctive look catapulted it into the Trainer Hall of Fame and gave it instant recognition in its own right.

The Heritage retained the comfortability that previous iterations were known for. It has an abrasion-resistant outsole made of rubber, a leather upper, and broad shoelaces with flat lacing. Over five decades since its original release, this silhouette remains a top draw for sneaker fans all over the world.

  • The heel contains the iconic Puma cat logo while the sides feature a gold foil Puma brand logo.
  • The Puma Basket appeared in the film, “Beat Street” which catapulted the shoe into a classic icon.


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