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9 reasons to buy

  • The Puma Bow is hailed by a lot of lady reviewers as among the most comfortable shoes that they have ever worn. 
  • Many of those who have left reviews shared their appreciation of this shoe's beauty. 
  • Some wearers share that they get a lot of compliments when they go out in their Puma Bow.
  • This model has several colorways that the style-conscious buyer can choose from.
  • An overwhelming majority of buyers give these Puma Bow sneakers high satisfaction scores.
  • Several of those who have bought a pair of the Bow have mentioned that this model fits them well.
  • There are reviewers who have reported being so motivated to recommend this model to their friends and colleagues
  • Many have mentioned that this model is really worth its price.
  • A considerable number of purchasers have expressed their appreciation of the Puma Bow shoes' lightness.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Quite a few reviewers have shared that the Bow by Puma actually makes their feet look big.
  • A number of shoe users are disappointed because the satin upper shows creases every time they take a step

Bottom line

The decision to let singing superstar Rihanna creatively direct Puma’s line for women has paid off. A lot of buyers are in love with the looks of the Puma Bow. They report getting compliments when in it, and this experience only motivates them to buy more or recommend the pair to friends.

Although a bit expensive, buyers are generally satisfied that the Bow more than lived up to their expectations where style and performance go.

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Good to know

The Puma Bow sneaker is available in men’s and women’s sizes. The Puma Fenty Bow sneakers are a laceless kick. It utilizes its signature satin bow to allow wearers to adjust the shoe’s fit. Its low-cut design, on one hand, allows unhindered movement.

Though based on the past, the Puma Bow is aesthetically ahead of its time. If it's not the only, it is undoubtedly one of the few shoes that use a satin bow instead of laces.

The satin easily adds that artful touch and sophistication that make the wearers, especially the ladies, fall in love with the Puma Bow. Its soft monochromatic hue provides a neat glow that elegantly completes but never takes away the prominence of the wearer's casual and semi-formal outfits.

Dressing these kicks could prove to be fun as it is one of a kind. For outfit suggestions, try pairing this shoe with sweatpants and a crop top layered with an oversized jacket for a laidback sporty ensemble. If you feel more elegant than usual, try matching these shoe's satin goodness with a beautiful flowy dress or with trousers and a dressy button-down top for more coverage. Lastly, for a more creative look opt for a pair of skinny, cropped jeans and an embellished long sleeve top and finished with white fishnet socks for an unexpected accent to your look.

The Puma by Fenty Bow sneaker has its satin bow and satin overlays as its most defining features. They provide a layer of sophistication that effectively complements its soft monochromatic appearance and balances out its chunky midsole design.

Apart from its unique satin texture, oversized bow accent, and stylish tonal colorways, another design element that helps up the ante of these Puma shoes' trendy factor are its chunky midsoles, which are considered stylish today.

Function-wise, these Fenty x Puma Bow sneakers inherently possess running-based features that provide excellent cushioning and comfort which could be beneficial for casual everyday users.

The Puma Bow is part of Rihanna's most recent collection that pays tribute to Marie Antoinette and the general fashion sense of 18th century France. This theme easily explains this model's use of satin overlays and a signature satin bow that rests atop the silhouette of a Puma classic called the Trinomic.

Rihanna's involvement with Puma started in 2014 when she was named the Creative Director of the company's line for women. Her entry into the scene inspired significant increases in sales and profit margins. The collaborative products feature the word "Fenty" in their official names as Fenty refers to Rihanna's business and brand.

In late 2015, Rihanna and Puma released their first ever sneaker collaboration: the Puma Suede Creeper. It had the silhouette of the original, but it sported a much thicker sole. Though it was available only in women's sizes, it was still sold out just hours after its release. A version for men was dropped shortly after; and it, too, was met with great enthusiasm.

Right there, it became apparent that Rihanna is the break that Puma was looking for. The success that releases with her name brought ignited a fire that will allow Rihanna to infuse more of who she is in the products that she works on. Rihanna always asserts that she is for attitude than anything else, and her first shoe and apparel collection in 2016 reflected this so well.

The 2016 collection was presented during the New York Fashion Week. The timing and venue were strategic decisions that screamed that what was about to come would be more than just a nod to style. The collection was to embrace aesthetics, and it was to honor artistic expression and uniqueness.

True enough, when the items started rolling out, they showed that they were more than just a segue to fashion. They represented a full transition to the world of style and glamour; it just so happened that they had an athletic background that forms the base of their aesthetic assertions.

The Puma Bow and the other items in the 2017 collection represent a deeper thrust into the fashion world. The collection debuted in Paris, which is undoubtedly one of the most important fashion capitals of the world. Plus, they sport designs that can only belong to the avant-garde.

Indeed, the trendsetter in Rihanna has found a home in Puma where she has been reaching milestone after milestone. Given the warm reception that she always gets, it looks like there's no turning back. In fact, there is a reason to expect a no-holds-barred fashion exploration.

  Colorways of the Puma Fenty Bow

Apart from this Puma shoe’s oversized bow embellishment one of its unique aesthetic elements are its shoe’s stylish tonal color schemes. The sneaker is bathed in a single colorway from toe to heel and from heel to the outsole. Here are the Puma Bow’s eye-catching colorways that could amp up any look in an instant: pink, olive, cream, pink tint, and sweet lavender.

  Puma Trinomic: a Brief Background on the Puma Bow’s Immediate         Predecessor

Initially introduced as a running shoe, the Puma Trinomic first took shape in 1989. The sneaker utilizes clear rubber hexagon cells that collapse and expand to provide flexibility, cushioning, and stability.

The Trinomic has been released in a number of variations, and one of them featured a game-changing characteristic called the Puma Disc. The Disc technology debuted in 1991 and the Trinomic shoe that incorporates this innovation was considered to be the first laceless sports shoe that utilizes internal wires to tighten the upper for a snug and comfortable fit.

In 2014, Puma brought back the Trinomic but with more street appeal. Dubbed as the Puma Trinomic XT2, the shoe features the same materials and technologies as the original one. Moreover, it became the canvas for Rihanna's fashionable take for her collaborative project with the brand.

  • The Puma Bow has the signature 'PUMA by Rihanna' tongue patch.
  • The outsole is of the same color as the rest of the shoe, it sometimes just differs in intensity or lightness.
  • Its tongue and collar are padded for added cushioning and comfort.
  • The shoe comes with a black shoe box, different from the usual red or green Puma shoe box.
  • Retailers also call this shoe Puma Fenty x Bow Trinomic, Rihanna x Puma Fenty Bow Trinomic and Fenty by Rihanna Bow sneakers.


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