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7 reasons to buy

  • Reviewers are enamored with the reflective covering of the Puma Basket Platform Metallic. They are getting praises for its glossy cover.
  • This shiny bomb is a killer especially paired with skinny black jeans or leggings, according to a satisfied buyer.
  • There is the right amount of support to the arch, a few users elaborate.
  • It has a sturdy patent leather upper but not uncomfortably stiff, especially after passing the break-in period, many buyers mention.
  • Some reviewers trade their pumps and wedges with this sneaker as it can be easily dressed up.
  • There is no fuss cleaning this shoe, many testers note.
  • This shoe is an affordable alternative to the Rihanna Puma Creeper Gold, a number of Puma loyalists mention.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some reviewers say it feels warmer than average sneakers. It is not advisable to wear this on a scorching day, according to them.
  • It can be a little tight depending on the thickness of the socks, a few mentions.

Bottom line

Once in awhile, styling up needs boldness, and that’s what creative guru Rihanna targeted when she gave a new meaning to the term “flats.” More fearless styles succeeded this such as the Puma Basket Platform Metallic, which is covered with a shiny and reflective coat on a stocky, gummy sole. Although a little stiff out of the box, the sneaker brings a ton of flair and functionality.


Style: Platform, Retro
Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Puma Basket Platform
Closure: Laces
Material: EVA, Leather, Rubber Sole
Price: $100
Colorways: Black, Gold, Red, Silver, White
Small True to size Large
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Puma sneaker

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Puma Basket Platform Metallic low-top pump is built with a patent leather cover coated with a reflective metallic layering. The thin sheet of glossy covering can make any shoe with this kind of material quite stiff when used a few times right out of the box.

One way to help stretch the shoe is by wearing thick socks several hours a day. This will prevent the feet from getting blisters. Repeating this for a couple more days will allow the leather to stretch, as all leathers do. The sheer amount of patience will pay off in the long run.

Like with most Puma sneakers, the Puma Basket Platform Metallic features a lace closure for a snug and customizable fit. The collar and tongue are both padded for extra comfort.

If you love the idea of styling up your favorite clothes with a glossy sneaker and you’re not bothered by the added attention, then the low-top Puma Basket Platform Metallic may be that perfect match for you. You can swap this with your killer stilettos and upscale your look while being a bit sporty.

The adequate cushioning inside keeps you covered from foot discomforts and will hardly get in the way of your happy bubble. The collar is reasonably padded while the footbed is cushy and soft. The arch support is barely there, but the cushioning does wonder. Its wide width comfortably accommodates varied sizes of feet, whether broad or narrow, while thick socks can compensate for the excessive space on the toe box and sides of the shoe.

At the bottom, the chunk of rubber is sturdy enough to keep you stable but not too hard that it will kill your feet. That extra inch of height makes you stand out which gives you a reason to park your stylish pumps or wedge cleats while providing this sporty pick some love.

The low-top Puma Basket Platform Metallic isn’t all looks without substance. The nitty-gritty elements that come with this shoe make it a fabulous sneaker in style and comfort. The tough patent leather prevents the cold wind from entering the shoe which allows its users to get all glammed under the chilly weather.

Its interior gives pleasure to the feet, most especially when the temperature begins to drop. At the collar the feet is welcomed by soft padding while inside the shoe it can rest on a cushiony footbed, comfortable enough that one can forget about foot aches. The Puma Formstripe that snakes on the sidewalls and the labeling stamped on the tongue and heel turn this sneaker into an utterly fab package.

Puma’s 1960s basketball relic Puma Basket gets a top-to-bottom makeover, and the new form that arrived in a low-top frame was named Puma Basket Platform Metallic. Its decades-old leather coating is replaced with a reflective wrapping fused on a thick-bodied rubber outsole, almost mimicking the image of its metallic cousins under the Fenty Creeper family.

These elevated flats are actually Puma’s affordable alternative to the ultra-glossy and chic Fenty Creeper models popularized by music and fashion icon Rihanna. The Fenty Creeper collection was bared after Rihanna inked a deal with Puma in 2014 to be its creative director. Each sneaker in the initial lineup of the ready-to-wear Fenty collection is built with elevated soles similar to post-war combat creepers, which was dominantly seen during the age of punk and grunge.

Following the first installment, the Fenty Creeper was refashioned into various upper materials, from leather, glossy patent leather to even more reflective varieties. The goddess of them all is the metallic pack that appeared in 2016, initiated by the drop of a 24-karat looking gold edition that punctuates one’s look.

Not too long later, Puma came up with more pocket-friendly makeshifts while incorporating the stately elevated sole, starting off with the Puma Vikky Platform, released in 2016. This stylish offering was redressed several times using velvety suede, patent leather, jersey fabric, as well as an impishly fascinating metallic covering.

Going back to where all these sneakers sprung from, let’s have a quick dose of the Puma Basket sneaker. Considered as a warm-up shoe for basketball, the Puma Basket turned up on the court in 1968. Its low-top profile had a sophisticated yet straightforward design built with a pure leather cover, contrasted by the Puma Formstripe on the sidewalls.

The Puma Basket became a much-favored style at that time seen mostly during the practice games of basketball. When the hip-hop communities started to grow in throngs, so was the number of those clamoring for this court legend. Gradually the Puma Basket became a ubiquitous style during the peak of hip-hop and b-boys years. Since then, Puma Basket has become a staple in Puma’s casual sneaker catalog, getting a revamped look every so often.

  • The Puma Basket Platform Metallic first appeared on September 15, 2016.
  • Kylie Jenner is one of the stars who has been seen wearing the Puma Basket Platform Metallic.
  • Puma also released a Puma Basket Classic Metallic in 2016 which has geometric designs throughout the upper, minus the thick rubber sole.
  • Puma also came up with the Puma Basket Classic Citi Metallic covered with light-toned luster.
  • Another feminine version of the hoop legend was the Puma Basket Heart Metallic Safari with hits of shimmer on the tongue and heel. It also replaced the traditional shoelaces with thick ribbons.


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