Our verdict


The Revolution 4 is not big and clunky. It is still lightweight but stable with support for the foot. These shoes run a little hot. These are cosmetically good looking shoes; they are lightweight with a thick sole that is very comfortable padding in all the right places to include the tongue of the shoe.


  • Great fit
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Grippy
  • Secure fit
  • Stable


  • Runs warm

Nike Revolution 4 review

Ten miles down and many more to go - I am pushing towards that goal. Running has taken my level of fitness to a different state. I look forward to "running season", however, I do run year round. I like the challenge that it presents each and every time I lace up my shoes. “Fear No Distance”.

Since I had over 200 miles on my other Nike’s, I purchased a new pair of Nike’s. The Nike Revolution 4 has a different sole. It’s what I like to refer to as mini shock absorbers. 

Not sure if it can be seen in the picture, but I have written the date of purchase on the outer sole of my shoe. I try to remember to do this with all of the running shoes that I buy just so I can keep track of the mileage and the date of purchase which I am sure there is an easier way of doing this but this works for me. 

I "test drove" these in a maintenance run first on 5 miles and then I put them to the test of 10 miles. During the first run of miles, once I hit the 3-mile mark or so, I noticed that my feet started to get hot. 

I continued with my run and at the end of the run, I noticed a considerable difference in the temperature of my feet in these shoes. Houston, we have a problem!

To me, these shoes run hot. They took to the treadmill and I didn’t have a problem with them as far as the grip and control but these are hot! 

Comfort in the Revolution 4

The fit is great enough for my toes to move around but not too much. The padding in the tongue of the shoe is thick enough but not too thick that it binds up when the shoes are tied. 

The stability is good and it allows for a full forefoot strike while not feeling it through my knees. Not very ventilated so expect the sweating of the feet!

Performance of the Nike Revolution 4

The shoes are lightweight but are sturdy enough to pound the pavement but not feel it in the legs. The cup around the heel secures the heel and doesn’t allow it to move around.

There is enough room around the toes and there is more than enough cushioning for the entire foot. The toe to heel drop allows for control whatever the mileage. My foot feels secure enough so that there is no unnecessary movement and allows for the shoe to move with the foot.

The tread design allows for sufficient gripping, no slipping here. I haven’t run in the rain with them yet so I am not sure what the fabric performance will be like.

I do believe the more I run in them the more comfortable they become. They have a great return when running on the treadmill, you can feel the energy coming back when placing the foot down.