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12 reasons to buy

  • Converse One Star Premium Suede Low Top reviewers mentioned that this sneaker is one of the least expensive styles in the market.
  • Its premium suede attribute isn’t the buttery type seen on the cover of low-top Converse One Star Premium Suede Ox but furry and soft.
  • A photogenic sneaker that is even more lovely on feet.
  • The suede material on the Converse One Star Premium Suede Low Top isn’t as rigid as its polished leather counterparts.
  • Those who have purchased this shoe noted that it barely needs a break-in time.
  • The body of One Star sneaker is made of top-notch hairy suede which adds beauty to any casual wear, as described by many.
  • Its design may look tough, but in reality, it’s flexible, almost similar to the skate shoe Cons One Star Hairy Suede, according to a reviewer.
  • Several reviewers loved how clean and well-assembled this sneaker is.
  • Its fairly-padded footbed imparts comfort to the feet.
  • The thin layer of OrthoLite insole works as comfortable support for the feet, as emphasized by numerous consumers.
  • The feet get snugged under a high-quality leather lining.
  • Its time-honored rubber outsole with diamond tread design provides traction.

1 reason not to buy

  • A couple of spenders, including those with narrow feet, found this sneaker to be a tad tight.

Bottom line

Converse reimagined its iconic One Star utilizing a velvety cover with the drop of the Converse One Star Suede Low Top. This silhouette that once captured the souls of b-boys and skaters is winning the hearts of those who love vintage styles. Although the initial fit of this this supple-finished kick felt tight and narrow, the adequate break-in time paid off. No wonder many count this shoe as one of the most versatile, stylish, and affordable low-tops in their sneaker collection.

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Good to know

Converse continues to expand its line under the One Star segment, seeing various upgrades on its upper composition enriched with more lively colorways. However, one thing remains constant, it runs a half size larger than one’s standard fit, as published on the brand’s site and attested by its wear testers.

Apparently, the same is true with the Converse One Star Premium Suede Low top, which according to wear testers feels roomy in the toe box. This sneaker is obtainable in unisex sizing, meaning there are specific size selections for both genders. Apart from that its sizing bracket is extensive, swelling from 5 to 15 US for the women’s and 3 to 13 US for the women’s.

Converse redressed its 1970s icon, the One Star, with another type of long-lasting leather upper, aptly named the Converse One Star Premium Suede Low Top. For this new offering, the brand attempted to provide a fresher vibe by outfitting this silhouette with a cover made of supple hairy suede that comes in a variety of monochromatic to eye-candy colors. It offers a whimsical alternative while staying true to its roots.

The most iconic section of this sneaker is the cutaway One Star branding on the medial and lateral sides which reveals a canvass material. It also slashed the blue and red piping that goes around the midsole and replaced it with a black strip in the middle, which offers a chunky sole illusion. This upgraded style oomphs up any thinkable casuals as it retains its vintage flavor.

Converse is one of the brands that remained steadfast to its foundations. Such tried and tested formula has been winning the hearts (and souls) of consumers from different cultures and generations. Even luminaries around the globe have turned to this brand as their go-to sneaker.

For the Converse One Star Premium Suede Low Top, the brand incorporated the same elements that kept its mark in society, like retaining unrivaled durability and well-favored comfort. This fresh brood preserves the charisma of the original style Converse One Star while impressing the public with its premium grade hairy leather upper.

Converse One Star Premium Suede Low Top pays tribute to its heritage line deeply rooted in the 1970s. This sneaker is the Converse One Star, a retooled version of the Converse Leather All Star.

Converse was a top dog in the ball scene with a steady selection of basketball sneakers maintaining strong appeal among pro athletes towards the 1960s. One of the silhouettes under the brand’s roster was the 1969 Leather All Star. As the subsequent era kicked in, low-top hoop shoe rivals began sneaking into the court, attempting to steal the ball from this strong contender.

Converse retooled its Leather All Star by dropping the stripes and including a star emblem to the sides of the shoe. This was the conception of the One Star which came to light in 1974. After its slam-dunk arrival, earning strong score points in the market for a year, this star was removed from the shelves.

Two decades later the Converse One Star resurfaced and found its new territory among the young culture comprising of skateboarding wannabees and die-hard supporters of the grunge movement. During the 1990s, it was a typical sight to see the Converse classics, including the Converse One Star, on almost every city street as people took this sneaker more than merely functional footwear but an expression of their style statement.

With much admiration over this coveted classic, Converse was compelled to create more designs for the Converse One Star. Eventually its upper is turned into a medium for creativity by a broad spectrum of consumers, putting on shelves some unique models such as the DC Comics, The Simpsons, The Clash, Super Mario Brothers, to name a few.

In 2017, the Converse One Star shines once again, tapping a new breed of sneaker enthusiasts with a gamut of classic and premium suede designs. One of the updated suede releases unveiled by the brand is the Converse One Star Premium Low Top.

  • In the same year this product was launched, the brand introduced a number of collaborative works. One of which is the Undefeated x Converse One Star Suede Pack launched in May 2017.
  • Converse teams up with Japanese streetwear brand and came up with a simple cut, the Neighborhood x Converse One Star 74. This sneaker was released on April 6, 2017.
  • The team-up between Converse and Hong Kong streetwear label, masterminded by HK-Canadian actor Edison Chen, led to the release of the CLOT x Converse One Star Ox. This shoe, dropped on the 14th of September 2017, promotes the essence of tai-chi which is balance and harmony.
  • Converse hooks up with two brands for the launch of the Converse One Star x Patta x Deviation on December 20, 2017.
  • The brand adds new colors to its Converse One Star Low model by introducing the Cotton Candy Pack in Light Orchid, Dried Bamboo, and Blue Chill colorways. These bright shades were launched on March 1, 2018.


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