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9 reasons to buy

  • Many reviewers share that this pair very comfortable that can be used for all-day walking.
  • The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Waterproof Cleat Nubuck High Top is available in multiple colorways.
  • Most reviewers praise the waterproof features of this sneaker. 
  • A lot of reviewers mention about the cool and stylish look of this kick.
  • Many commend the thicker and more defined rubber traction pattern of this sneaker.
  • The Chuck Taylor All Star Waterproof Cleat Nubuck Hi has an affordable price.
  • A handful of reviewers share that this sneaker kept their feet warm and dry during the cold days.
  • The flexibility of this kick is praised a few times in the reviews.
  • Few wearers also mention about the one-piece cleatie construction which hugs their feet comfortably.

1 reasons not to buy

  • Some reviewers share that the Taylor All Star Waterproof Cleat Nubuck High by Converse is a tad narrow compared to most of their Chucks.

Bottom line

The high-top Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Waterproof Cleat Nubuck displays the classic, casual-ready, and rugged elements apt for the cold and wet seasons. This waterproof cleat, disguised as a sneaker, deserves a lot more recognition than it gets for its brilliant comfort, durability, and excellent traction that stands out for its unfailing weatherproof elements. 

This pair is a must-have pair for buyers who want to stay dry, warm, and comfortable while remaining classically cool and voguish.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Converse sneaker
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The unisex high-top Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Waterproof Cleat Nubuck Hi Top is available in men's sizing. Women are advised to purchase two sizes down for a more comfortable fit. If a woman's regular size is 8, it is recommended to grab size 6 for better fit and comfort.

The ropelike waxed lace with metal eyelets delivers adjustable and secured strides while the Lunarlon cushioning provides lightweight foot bed that absorbs the shock efficiently. Meanwhile, the internal cleatie construction with gusseted tongue offers waterproofing features with an extra layer of comfort.

Converse created a masterpiece by re-engineering a classic silhouette with heavy-duty cleat-like features. This high-top Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Waterproof Cleat Nubuck Hi displays familiar Chucks facets giving it office-ready or street-ready style. The Nubuck upper with rope-like laces adds rugged features while staying timeless and trendy.

Just like the classic Chucks, the Waterproof Nubuck High can conveniently be paired with a pair of crisp trousers, skinnies, straight-cut or rolled-up jeans, while some pair it with joggers and even with shorts. Meanwhile, ladies pair it with leggings, dresses, or mini skirts finished off with a bomber jacket or blazers.

Converse was able to keep hold of the timeless Chucks looks while delivering weatherproof footwear. Majority of the reviewers noticed the secondary neoprene inner layer with a taller gusseted tongue that provides a better shield and trendier style. Another striking feature is the gum finished branding on the heel that adds style and unique feature. And lastly, the enhanced and more defined tread rubber traction was noticed by many buyers as it amplifies the rugged features and enhances the ground traction for the wet, snow and icy landscape.

The Converse Rubber Shoe Company was launched as producers of rubber based shoes called the galoshes in 1908. The brand revolutionized the sneakers by creating durable footwear by using vulcanized rubber in the midsole, resulting in trendier, more lightweight, and more lasting kicks.

The company launched the "All-Star" silhouette in 1917, as the world's first basketball performance footwear. This shoe became a celebrated pair of athletic footwear from the 40s until the 60s. They launched the white Chuck Taylor All Star and the low-cut Oxford Chuck and introduced the colored version of the Chucks in the 60s.

The popularity of the brand to sports celebrities has increased over the years which pushed the Converse to fabricate all-around footwear that wearers can use in the rugged, casual streets to the red-carpet events. The brand was successful in blurring the line that delineates trainer footwear and lifestyle sneakers.

Meanwhile, basketball superstar Charles 'Chuck' Taylor was commissioned by the company to promote the All-Star silhouette across the United States. In 1932, because of his unparalleled support and loyalty to the silhouette, the company placed Taylor's signature beside the All-Star logo and added the eyelets to improve the ventilation. Taylor stayed with the Converse until his death in 1969.

Converse launched the first ever Chuck Taylor Sneakerboot in October 2016. Since then, the brand has introduced various versions since they were bought up by Nike. They unveiled their hot new iteration called the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Waterproof Boot Nubuck Hi which took the previous model's profile and transformed it with a premium Nubuck upper in various colorways and inserted Counter Climate tech and inner bootie for better weatherproof details.

  • This product weighs 499 grams.
  • Converse used aggressive vulcanized tread on its rubber outsole for better traction on the wet and snowy terrain.
  • The gusseted tongue prevents the dirt, pebbles, water, and sand from penetrating the shoes. This kind of tongue is sewn to the upper behind the laces attached to both sides of the cleat ensuring useful waterproof features.
  • It has canvas inner lining and canvas tongue that keep the feet dry.
  • The Counter Climate technology in the midsole retains heat inside the sneaker which provides warmth, especially during the cold weather.
  • The brand held most of the iconic All-Star classic features like the rubber toecap, heel patch, and the sidewall logo.
  • The Nike Lunarlon insole delivers evenly distributed impact protection and 30% lighter than the standard Phylon foam, resulting to better and more comfortable strides.
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