Size and fit

This Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Colors Low Top is a basic shoe that lacks arch support because of its flat sole. The low profile construction gives minimal ankle support, but it somehow allows the feet to move naturally. The lace-up closure, with flat laces and metal eyelets, is adjustable for a snug and customized feet.

Another unisex shoe from Converse, this particular All Star edition runs about a half size bigger than standard sizing. The brand suggests sizing down to get a comfortable fit.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Colors Low Top Style

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes continue to proving why it deserves its place in the spotlight. This time, however, its low top version comes in a new set of fresh colors that are inspired by the fall season through the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Colors Low Top. These new colors are refreshing and offer more styling options for both men and women. It can be worn with anything from jeans to shorts, dresses, or even for a smart casual get-up.

Further, following the timeless charm of the original All Stars many loved since the beginning, this shoe features the signature canvas upper in low profile construction that is not only breathable but also lightweight.

Notable Features

The classic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star again received another update in the form of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Colors Low Top shoe. A nod to the classic elements of the well-loved kick, this shoe boasts a sturdy and breathable canvas upper that sits atop a vulcanized rubber outsole.

What makes this particular edition stand out from a sea of highly recognizable Chucks is its fresh new colorways that are made for the fall season. These fresh new colors make it an exceptional addition to any All Star shoe collections.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Colors Low Top History

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star we’ve come to know and love up to this day originated way back in 1917. Designed initially as a performance basketball shoe, it features a high top construction with a canvas upper and rubber sole with the natural brown with black trimmings as its first colorway. In 1920, the shoe was renamed All Star.

Enter basketball player Charles “Chuck” Taylor, who was then hired by Converse to help boost up the sales of the All Star. He held basketball clinics across high schools in America, promoting the All Star while teaching basketball to kids.

The All Star received noteworthy changes to its classic design with the help of Taylor's suggestions to further improve its performance and functionality. In 1932, Converse added Taylor's name, "Chuck Taylor," to the signature ankle star patch, and the All Star then became the "Chuck Taylor All Star."

The All Star’s popularity has been unstoppable since then. During the ‘30s, it was being worn by American basketball players across the country. Its white high-top with patriotic red and blue accents edition was the official shoe of the USA Basketball Team during the 1936 Olympics. Even soldiers were seen wearing these shoes for exercise and training.

  Birth of the low-top Chucks

But Converse did not stop there. In 1957, the company introduced a low-top version of the Chuck Taylor All Star called the "Oxford" and produced it in a wide variety of colors. It was a right move, as it became highly popular in an instant especially with consumers who are looking for a more casual option to the iconic high-top hoop shoes.

With the rise of other shoe brands giants like Nike, the basketball shoe market’s demand started inclining to more innovative, performance-enhancing basketball shoes that are far different from the classic Chucks. However, despite this, the Chucks' basic style reached another crowd of consumers that are in the music industry. This started the transition of the Chuck Taylor All Star to becoming a lifestyle shoe.

With its rich history, timeless flair, and affordable price point, the Chuck Taylor All Star shoes remain ubiquitous and relevant in the sneaker market and its subcultures. It has been released in countless colorways, underwent different collaborations, and received several iterations.

One of the recent releases of this shoe is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Colors Low Top. Like its high top counterpart dubbed as the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal Colors High Top, this shoe resembles the original iconic silhouette and only updated with fresh, new fall colorways.

Additional Info

  • This shoe still features a rubber toe cap and toe bumper. Also visible are striping details along the midsole.
  • The Converse All Star brandings are visible on the tongue and heel.


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