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9 reasons to buy

  • The Converse CT AS High Street Mono Canvas Hi offers a good amount of support around the ankle and back of the heel declared by many reviewers.
  • A well-constructed shoe that held up through daily grinds, a couple of reviewers mentioned.
  • Several buyers noted there’s enough room inside this shoe for supportive insoles.
  • Comfort wise, the thick padded walls make this shoe a notch higher than typical Chuck Taylors.
  • A biker wore this sneaker every day and said it is excellent for toe clips.
  • Many reviewers mentioned this is one of their best if not their best buys yet.
  • This sneaker is constructed well with a fit that is a half-size larger.
  • Several reviewers mentioned this sneaker felt true to width.
  • Given its comfort benefits, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Mono Canvas Hi comes with a decent price.

4 reasons not to buy

  • After four months wearing this shoe the fabric where the toe bends started to fade, unlike the zero padded canvas which lasted for nearly five years, according to one user.
  • May not be the best shoe for those who need arch support at it is utterly flat, noted by some.
  • One reviewer had to wear socks higher than his ankles as the collar rubs against his skin.
  • After half a year of occasional use, the shoelace grommets started to disintegrate from the canvas making the shoe unwearable, described by one buyer.

Bottom line

As opposed to the unpadded counterparts of the Converse CT AS High Street Mono Canvas Hi, this shoe is moderately padded on the instep and around the ankle. Conversely, the interior canvas lining may cause some slight discomfort especially when worn sockless. However, this style versatile high-top is lauded for its supportive features and reinforced upper marked by double stitching on the grommet area and around the heel. It runs large that sizing down in half is recommended.


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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Mono Canvas Hi has a striking resemblance to a conventional skateboarding shoe but is actually a casual sneaker that’s generously padded around the collar and on the tongue for that comfortable, snug fit. The lace-up front offers users the freedom to cinch this shoe according to their preferred style and fit.

As with any casual sneaker in the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star catalog, this too tends to run large in length dimension. The extra space inside the shoe can accommodate the use of supportive inlays. The sizes available for this unisex sneaker are 3 to 12 US and 5 to 12 US in men’s and women’s respectively.

Change is good particularly for a sneaker that has stayed on with the game for 100 years. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Mono Canvas Hi is a typical illustration of this concept, an overhauled version of the all-time best seller Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. As its name implies, this sneaker comes in monochromatic tones from the upper down to the sole.

It boasts quite a number of cushioning elements which have never been seen in the earlier versions of the Chuck Taylor All Star. The tongue had padded lining which gives a cushy feeling on the instep. It also offers consumers the flexibility to style up their outfits by either lacing up to the last pair of eyelets or keeping the tongue partly extended. Around the walls of the ankle is a padded interior that hugs the foot snugly for a reinforced level of comfort.

Although its name indicates that this shoe is a high-top, its skate shoe-looking façade appears like a mid-rise profile. The stocky built of the CT AS High Street Mono Canvas Hi makes it suitable to pair with shorts, slim-fit or relaxed pants.

Reinforced comfort plays a significant role in the construction and function of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Mono Canvas Hi. This upgraded form is not controlled by any tech features, but it has an adequately stuffed interior that increases the shoe’s comfort. This high-top remains faithful to the original sneaker and retains the most recognizable Chuck Taylor All Star patch on the side, rubber toe cap, textured toe bumper, air holes on the side for ventilation, and metallic eyelets for optimal fit.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Mono Canvas Hi is covered with a durable canvas upper, while inside the shoe it is built with a cushioned footbed for all-day comfort. Its seemingly mid-top frame offers its users the luxury to style this up with a wide selection of outfits.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Mono Canvas Hi is such a kilometric name for a shoe with a supremely lengthy yet solid history, spanning precisely 100 years in 2017. This wholly recalibrated form sprung from the 1917 heritage basketball shoe the Converse All Star.

Evolutional changes on the Converse All Star started with the release of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star or simply the Chucks in 1932. From a ball shoe, it managed to migrate to the present time as a well-adored casual sneaker without showing any hints of retirement.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Street Mono Canvas Hi is a complete turnaround of the traditional Chucks. This altered version has a mid-rise design that almost resembles a skate shoe. Unlike the typical structure of the Chuck Taylor All Star, the revised look demonstrates how the All Star continues to stay attuned to the times. It has padded walls around the collar paired with a thick cushioned tongue for enhanced comfort.

This enhanced version is way too modernized when compared to the first All Star which was built with natural brown upper with black trim and thick rubber sole. The original All Star barely had any appeal to consumers back then. However, today, the modified All Star hail as the most adored sneaker of all time, preferred by ordinary Joes and Janes as well as numerous celebrities and artists. Staying in the game for a century makes this sneaker unbeatable. Thanks to Charles Chuck” Hollis Taylor for pegging a secure groundwork for this heritage shoe.

Before Chuck’s name was indelibly linked to the All Star, he was an active ballplayer for a team that would later become the Boston Celtics. To augment his meager salary as a basketball player, he talked his way to becoming a sales agent for Converse, a shoe brand he had a strong penchant for.

As a sales guy for the shoe company, Chuck created programs such as basketball clinics which became his avenue to promote the high-top Converse All Star around the US. His persistence paid off, and the All Star became a favorite hoop shoe among pro and amateur athletes. Chuck was instrumental in the development and marketing of the All Star, as an incentive Converse renamed it after him and incorporated his signature on the shoe’s ankle patch. Thus, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star was born in 1932. The ventilation holes were added to the structure of the ball shoe the same year.

It didn’t take long before this silhouette prospered both on and off the court. The release of multiple colorways in the 1960s further bolstered the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star’s existence in the growing sneaker market that gradually it crossed over from an athletic shoe to an icon of urban lifestyle, tapping multi-subcultures. This includes skateboarders, punk and grunge followers, and a new breed of sneaker enthusiasts. These consumers may or may not know Chuck Taylor but strongly advocates the timeless look of the All Star.

  • The classic toe cap works as added protection on the forefoot.
  • The interior is made of canvas lining.
  • Its flexible rubber outsole has a custom diamond tread pattern.
  • This vulcanized shoe is constructed with a rubber sole which is glued to the upper. To further reinforce the sole’s perimeter, it is wrapped with a layer of foxing tape.
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