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8 reasons to buy

  • Most of the commenters prefer the leather version of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Hi because it is much easier to maintain and clean.
  • Although a bit more expensive than the canvas version, several users feel that it is worth it as they last longer.
  • Numerous buyers prefer the stitched All-Star patch on this model as opposed to the printed logo on the classic Chucks.
  • According to many testers, these sneakers are versatile and can match different outfits and occasions- casual or formal. 
  • Several claims that these instantly became their favorite pair.
  • Fans of the Chuck Taylor All Star Core Leather Hi keep on ordering replacement pairs as a reserve.
  • A high number of reviewers rave about the leather material as it is of good quality, genuine, and breaks in well.
  • A couple of users love the protection provided by the leather upper.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Feedback among users of the Chuck Taylor All Star Core Leather Hi includes the sidewalls coming off and separating from the upper after a period of usage.
  • For people needing arch support, these sneakers are not recommended by several commenters.
  • Some of the owners are bothered that the tongue slips to the side.

Bottom line

It is always a refreshing twist to trade canvas for an all-leather upper. It not only changes the aesthetics of the shoe, but it also makes it durable and easy to maintain. Much like the design of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Leather Hi, these sneakers are guaranteed to be versatile and timeless. With the signature elements of the retro version retained, it didn't shy away from the sneaker that we know is a classic.

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Good to know

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Leather Hi is a unisex sneaker. The high-top silhouette allows users to cinch their feet tightly or loosely freely. Those who have owned or have tried Converse sneakers would most likely have an idea that its fit varies with other brands.

As one of the world's most iconic high top sneakers, Converse gives a luxurious twist to its traditional canvas upper. Retaining the century-old silhouette, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Leather Hi is incontestably one of the most versatile sneakers in history. Much like the Chuck Taylors with canvas uppers, versatility is one of its key qualities—suiting all genders, ages, and styles. Here are some style suggestions for men and women.

  Styling suggestions for men

  • These sneakers make the perfect winter staple because of the material.  Pairing it with skinny jeans, a sweater, and a letterman jacket will deliver warmth while keeping your style to the tip-top
  • Many would probably raise eyebrows but if pushing the boundaries is your preference, wearing these sneakers with a suit can help you pull-off black tie optional events.
  • The gents can also wear this to work by carefully curating the items on their outfit. Skinny trousers, a button-down, and a blazer on top can make you stylish without losing the professional look.
  • Taking these on the casual road is possible given the right item pairing. Shorts or light-washed denims are safe pieces to stake a laid back ensemble. High cut socks can also be used to give a different depth to the look.
  • Channeling the inner rockstar is possible with these. A black pair would be the safest pair to get and pairing it with leather jeans, plain white tee, and leather jacket spells James Dean in an instant.

  Styling suggestions for women

  • The 90’s trend is in and to follow that using these, try wearing a loose-fitting tee, cuffed mom jeans, and these.
  • Wearing these Chucks with a flouncy dress is another take on femininity. Wearing it with a bodycon dress is a perfect night out outfit to keep comfort while dancing the night away.
  • If you want to keep the sand off of your feet, wearing these will help without losing one’s sense of style.
  • Keeping it casual is also a great way to interpret these sneakers. Ripped shorts or jeans matched with a cropped top is one way to do it.
  • It’s not only Avril Lavigne that can exude her inner skater girl. You can too by wearing a hoodie and or skinny jeans. A black liner is also a must.

Because of its all-leather upper, the All Star Core Leather Hi is not your average Converse in terms of style and feel. Much like the benefits of a leather sneaker, the material conforms to the feet as it softens during the break-in period. Aside from its upgraded and more premium look, it is weather-resistant and more durable compared to other materials like canvas. Users can get most of the signature details of its OG like the All Star patch and the rubber toe cap, only with slight design changes that will just elevate the style game.

Converse shoes are among the most iconic and most popular sneakers to date. Coming from a rich history, 100 years of existence in the footwear industry, and being recognized as one of the oldest athletic shoes, it has become a statement and must-have piece on most people's wardrobe.

The brand had a slightly different name when it was first created by Marquis Mills in 1908. Converse Rubber Shoe Company originally produced galoshes. It was not until in the year 1917 that the company decided on producing athletic shoes. Called the All-Star, it meant to fill the ever-increasing demand and popularity of basketball shoes. The initial sales of the model were nothing spectacular at first. However, when basketball player Charles H. Taylor (also known as Chuck Taylor) entered the scene as an ambassador salesman, the brand and the shoe was able to reach a broader market thanks to his splendid marketing ideas and unique sales pitch.

In 1932, Converse launched the addition of the "Chuck Taylor" on its ankle patch logo and sneaker name, making one of the most remarkable changes on the now-classic sneaker. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star transformed the sneaker market, especially when it transitioned into casual wear. By 1957, it was able to hold 80% of the shares of the sneaker industry.

After the death of Chuck Taylor in 1968, the company faced a series of challenges including changes in management and ownership. Seemingly a lost cause, Converse filed for bankruptcy in 2001. Thankfully, Nike stepped in the picture and helped with the brand’s recovery. With new ownership, even the current generation can wear a footwear piece that comes from a rich history. A collaboration of some sort, it also permits both companies to share concepts that made them the best footwear brands.  With Converse staying in the market, it is able to continue its legacy by releasing new and updated models. An example of this is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather Hi, which houses the same emblematic silhouette of the first released model.

  • The rubber outsole sports Converse's signature diamond-shaped tread pattern.
  • The white monochrome has been updated and sports a gum or white rubber outsole matched with silver eyelets.


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