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Best wide walking shoes - May 2019

Have you ever tried on a pair of walking trainers and immediately felt that your toes were cramped and pinched together? If you have tried multiple full and half sizes with no luck, there is a chance that your foot dimensions require a pair of wide walking shoes. But how do you know for sure? The key here is knowing your foot measurements.

How to tell if you need wide walking shoes

Ideally, you would have your feet measured by a professional, using a Brannock’s device or a similar tool. But if this option is not available to you, the old pen-and-paper trick will do. Place two pieces of paper on the floor, one for each foot, and step on them. Then, using a pen or a marker, trace the outline of both feet. You can ask a friend to help you do this to get a more precise outline or if you have trouble with mobility.

Tips on measuring your feet

  • Measure your foot later in the day so that it had enough time to expand fully.
  • If you plan on wearing socks with your wide walking shoes, put them before getting the outline of your feet.
  • Make sure the pen is upright and the tip doesn’t go under the foot while going around the foot.

After acquiring the shape, use a ruler or a measuring tape to get the length and the width. Measure the distance from the longest point of the toe and the farthest point of the heel to determine the length. For the width, measure across the widest part of the foot, which is usually the ball area. Be sure to take notes for both feet. Consider the foot with the larger value, then compare it to a size and width chart. Size charts from different brands may vary, so if you have a brand in mind, be sure to compare your numbers with their table. If you are in between sizes, consider the larger measurement.

size and width chart

Note! These charts are not 100% accurate as brands from different countries may use their own size and width charts that have different values from the above tables. The best way to know what shoe size and width to get is by comparing your foot measurements to the brand’s charts. Make sure the retailer has a return or refund policy so you can exchange your pair of wide walking shoes if they do not feel right.

Now that you’ve determined that you are in need of a pair of wide walking shoes, the next step is finding the right one for you. Here at RunRepeat, we have collated shoes from different brands, making it easier for shoppers to see the various styles and features of multiple models. You can also compare models to see which features would suit you the best.

There’s also what we call the Corescore, which is a weighted average of user feedback and expert reviews with spam, the number of reviews, the version of the trainer reviewed, and the credibility of the expert reviewer are all accounted for.

Frequently asked questions about wide walking shoes

How do I know if a shoe is wide?

Look for a special letter indication next to the shoe size. The size is always shown in numbers, while the width is represented by letters EE (2E), EEEE (4E) and more for men and by letters D, EE (2E), etc. for women.

wide width

Are wide walking shoes common?

Wide and Extra Wide walking shoes are not as common as shoes in a Medium width but are more available than Narrow walking shoes. Most shoe manufacturers produce trainers with a Medium width profile because it caters to the majority of consumers. The reason behind this is to reduce production cost since companies can use the same shoe lasting to create various models.

Which brands offer wide walking shoes?

A number of brands offer a wide range of widths, from Extra Narrow to Extra Wide, but only for a few models, not all. New Balance walking footwear has been among the first shoes to come in multiple width options. Other brands include Skechers, Brooks, Propet, Reebok, Avia, and Saucony.

How much do wide walking shoes cost?

The price of wide walking shoes differs from brand to brand but they generally cost somewhere between $60 to $120. If that price range is a little out of your budget, don’t worry, here at RunRepeat, not only will you be able to see curated user and expert reviews but also the best offers on the internet. You can get a pair for as low as $30.

Can I use my wide walking shoes for hiking?

It is not advisable to use regular wide walking shoes for hiking because of the outsole construction. Though most of them are lined with rubber and have a tread pattern that increases traction, hiking requires shoes with bigger lugs and deeper grooves as they will help grip loose ground, slippery rocks, and wet soil. If you are in need of wide hiking shoes, brands like Vasque and Merrell offer their shoes in different widths and styles.

What if the wide walking shoe I want is not available in my gender category?

Some pairs of wide walking shoes are made specifically for one gender only, but that doesn’t stop consumers from purchasing a pair if they really like the style, fit, or price. Men’s and women’s sizes have approximately a 1.5-size difference. So, if you are a woman wearing a US size 8.5, then you should get a US size 7 when shopping for a footgear intended for male users.

size conversion chart

Did you know …

… that New Balance’s Trackster was the first ever shoe released in various widths? Back in a day, people had to make do with purchasing standard width footwear because they had no other options. They endured the pain of cramped toes, blisters, and overall discomfort brought about by ill-fitting footwear. But just like their arch supports, New Balance continued to innovate by coming up with a solution to cater to all types of feet - narrow, medium, and wide.

… that there’s a belief that a person’s foot width could determine their personality? It was thought that people with wider feet have a more go-getter attitude while those with narrower feet tend to be delegators.

… when in a pinch, there’s a way to make a tight footwear a bit wider? Fill two resealable bags halfway with water and stuff them in the toe portions of the shoes. Make sure that the water bag is just in the front part for this to work. Put the shoes inside a clean plastic bag and place the trainers inside the freezer. The water will expand when it freezes and will, in turn, expand the forefoot of the footgear. But we highly suggest getting the right fitting shoe, so you don’t have to resort to doing this.