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    Lowa hiking boots

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    buy lowa hiking boots for men and women

    Your hiking trip can be a lot safer and more fun if you’re wearing competent gear, such as a pair of Lowa hiking boots. Otherwise, your outdoor experience will take a turn towards the worse if your gear isn’t up to the challenge. It’s always better to spend money on items that will enhance your performance and improve your safety. At the same time, the wisest course of action is to research carefully on the things you’ll need for hiking trips. One such piece of kit that you shouldn’t miss is decent footwear. There are a lot of choices in the market but some, like a pair of Lowa hiking boots, stand out from the rest.

    Qualities of the best Lowa hiking boots for men and women

    Best Lowa hiking boots

    Best Lowa hiking boots - November 2019

    Your feet are going to take a lot of punishment whenever you hit the trail. Lowa hiking boots are engineered to provide reliable protection and performance while you’re out and about. Here are some key advantages that make Lowa’s hikers superior to hiking shoes and hiking sandals.


    The fit and sizing of a footgear is its most important aspect. Lowa hiking boots are designed with an emphasis on fit. The brand’s best footwear is equipped with a lacing system  to provide a more customized fit. The gusseted tongue and cuff are padded to relieve pressure from your foot. The footbed is designed to lock your foot in place while you’re on the move. Premium Lowa hiking boots feature moving lace hooks  for a snug fit all throughout your hike. These components work as one to prevent your foot from excessively sliding inside your hikers.

    What are the things I should remember when ordering a Lowa pair online?

    Buying your target pair from an online store is more convenient nowadays. Nevertheless, this practice still has some quirks you need to be aware of. Here are some useful tips when purchasing your Lowa hiking boots online.

    • You need to determine the exact measurements of your foot before purchasing a pair online. Get a measuring tool and obtain the width and length in millimeters.
    • Once you have measured your foot, you can refer to the brand’s sizing guide to help you out. You can match your measurements in UK, EU, and US sizes.
    • Lowa hiking boots are available for men and women.
    • Men’s footwear sizes are around 7 to 16 while women’s hikers range from 5  to 11.
    • Aside from standard-width offerings, there are wide hiking boots and narrow ones.
    • It’s important to compensate in size when ordering online. Keep in mind that hiking socks add a little bulk to your feet. Likewise, a foot swells during the afternoon. Both of these factors should be considered when you’re planning to get Lowa hiking boots.
    • Before you use your new pair on an actual hike, it’s crucial to break them in first. Use them in a controlled environment for a few minutes every day. Continue walking in these boots until your foot adapts to them and their materials have softened up.


    Reaching the end of your hike can be excruciating with a footgear that isn’t comfortable to use. Hiking boots manufactured by Lowa contain various features to address this concern. As mentioned earlier, the tongue and cuff are padded to keep the topmost part of your foot comfortable. The best Lowa hiking boots use a tongue with asymmetric padding  that adapts to your foot’s contours. There are tongue studs  present as well for enhanced pressure distribution. The removable footbed cushions your every step and negates excessive impact.

    The weight of your footgear plays an essential role regarding comfort. The heaviest pair of Lowa hiking boots weighs in at around 1.1  kilograms. Meanwhile, the lightest models range from 916  to 966  grams per pair. The lightweight design of these boots helps reduce foot fatigue as you’re tackling the trail. Furthermore, some of the brand’s footwear models possess perforations in strategic areas for enhanced ventilation in warm conditions. Overall, these boot parts help you have a comfortable experience during your hike.


    Keeping your feet planted securely on the ground is a must during a hike. Lowa hiking boots render the traction you require to make this possible. Flip one of the brand’s hikers over, and you’ll see an aggressive lug pattern dominating the outsole’s surface. These multi-directional lugs keep your footing secure on wet and dry surfaces. There are braking lugs  at each end of the boot’s outsole to help you slow when you’re on a descent and add more grip when you’re ascending. Moreover, the design  of these lugs also disperses dirt and debris as you move. This benefit will provide more traction to your every stride.


    Staying stable can be a challenge, especially if you’re carrying a pack while hurdling countless obstacles. Lowa hiking boots are packed with design details and features to support the extra weight on your back. The height of the cuff helps prevent your ankles from twisting or bending the wrong way. On the inside, there’s a polyurethane (PU) midsole  that provides ample cushioning, rebound, and shock absorption. Select boot models contain a midsole with thermoplastic urethane inserts  to prevent overpronation and supination . A shank  and a heel stabilizer  are also present to hinder the boot from contorting and keep you steady at the same time. Some of the brand’s hikers are endowed with a lightweight frame  which grants additional rigidity and structure. All in all, boots manufactured by Lowa provide sufficient support while you’re on your adventure.


    Lowa hiking boots are built to endure almost any challenge the outdoors has to offer. The brand’s best hikers use uppers made from a wide variety of sturdy materials, such as nubuck  and split-grain  leather. Some of these boots come with a support frame to make them tougher. Most Lowa hiking boots use a PU midsole. This material is more resilient than traditional ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles. Apart from delivering traction, the Vibram outsoles can also withstand constant bending and contact with the ground. All of these components work as one to make your Lowa hiking boots last long.

    What’s the best way to take care of my Lowa hiking boots?

    You can expect a lot of dirt and grime on your boots after each hike. Cleaning your footgear is a must if you want them to last for a long time. Shown below are some handy tips  on how to clean your Lowa hiking boots.

    • Take out your hikers’ footbed and laces before you start with the cleaning process. This will allow you to wash your boots thoroughly.
    • Run your Lowa hiking boots under warm water and clean them using a brush. Remove all traces of dirt and debris stuck on your footgear. It is recommended to use a specialized cleaning product to remove dirt from your hikers safely.
    • Apply a waterproof impregnation solution to your Lowa hiking boots while they are still damp. Since the leather pores are open during this period, the treatment can penetrate deeper into the material. This process will preserve the waterproofness of your leather hikers without losing breathability. Keep in mind that this treatment requires 24 hours to take effect on your footgear.
    • Applying certain types of oil or grease isn’t recommended by the brand. These products will make the leather portions of your boots softer and reduce their
    • Your Lowa hiking boots should be kept in a shoe bag or box when they aren’t being used. If your footgear is still wet, you need to place them in a ventilated spot to dry. Don’t leave your boots along the path of direct heat as it may reduce their quality.


    You’re bound to encounter several challenges while hiking. Lowa hiking boots come with various features to make your outdoor experience safer. There’s a gusseted tongue in each of the brand’s hikers to keep dirt and debris far from your foot. The upper is made from sturdy leather materials to protect your foot from abrasions. It is also applied with a water-repellent coating  to enhance its resistance to the elements. Select hikers come with a rubber rand  wrapped around the upper’s base for increased protection against scuff.

    The best Lowa hiking boots are fitted with a Gore-Tex liner to keep your feet dry. The fabric’s surface prevents water from coming into contact with your foot while allowing perspiration to pass through it. This dual benefit of waterproofness and breathability protects your feet from blisters and unpleasant odor.

    Advantages of the best men's and women's Lowa hiking boots


    If you spend time checking outdoor gear stores or online hiking footwear shops, you’ll encounter several of the brand’s hikers. Lowa hiking boots are being carried in almost every corner of the globe. You can find stores  that sell the brand’s products in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Australia. Moreover, various outdoor publications and experts have bestowed positive reviews  on the company’s best hiking footwear. The combination of a global market presence and favorable recommendations are a testament to Lowa’s expertise in creating competent footgear for hikers.

    How did Lowa begin?

    Lowa traces its humble beginnings back in 1923  when Lorenz Wagner started manufacturing brogue oxfords near Munich, Germany. Wagner would guide the footwear company through various global conflicts, scarcity of materials, and decreasing sales until his death in 1953. Wagner’s daughter Berti and son-in-law, Josef Lederer took the reins of Lowa and expanded its operations. This period saw the brand incorporate new technologies into their products.

    By 1993, Lowa was purchased by the Italian Tecnica Group. During this time, the brand opened additional offices and warehouses in Europe. The company’s efforts were rewarded in 2010 when Lowa sold more than 2 million pairs of shoes and boots in a single year. As of the present, the footgear company is planning to increase its market presence in Asia, North America, and Eastern Europe.


    Lowa hiking boots are recognized as one of the best in the hiking footwear industry. As such, the brand prices their mid-cut and high-cut hikers accordingly. Entry-level boots manufactured by Lowa start at $170  while premium boots range from $230  to $300 .

    Shoe technologies

    The brand’s hiking boots are loaded with different features to improve your performance and keep you safe at the same time. Shown below are the various technologies you can find in a pair of Lowa hiking boots.

    • Lowa’s hikers use Vibram outsoles to render ample traction on wet and dry surfaces. These outsoles are made of a high-performance rubber compound to endure constant bending and contact with the ground.
    • Gore-Tex. A number of Lowa hiking boots come with a Gore-Tex liner to keep your feet dry. These fabrics contain more than a billion pores on its surface. These microscopic pores repel water while allowing perspiration to evaporate through.You’ll be more confident in tackling wet trail conditions and unpredictable weather in your waterproof hikers.
    • C4 Tongue. Some of the brand’s boots use a C4 tongue for enhanced comfort. The technology’s anatomical design adapts to the shape of your foot. The tongue is padded to relieve pressure from your foot.
    • A DuraPU midsole delivers excellent support and shock absorption to your every stride. It is also durable and eco-friendly.
    • This technology stands for Supination/Pronation Support. This feature is characterized by the addition of TPU inserts to the PU midsole. Lowa hiking boots with SPS technology prevent overpronation and supination during a long hike.
    • This is Lowa’s proprietary frame technology. The frame itself unifies the upper and the sole unit. Monowrap-equipped boots are lighter and offer more support.
    • Climate Control System. Select Lowa hiking boots are equipped with a Climate Control System. This technology features several perforations all around the boot’s cuff lining. These holes allow air to enter the boot, ventilate your foot, and help evaporate excess moisture as you walk.
    • X Lacing System. This patented lacing technology locks the tongue in place, both horizontally and diagonally. Thanks to this feature, your foot won’t slip or suffer from blisters.
    • Flex. The finest Lowa hiking boots use Flex technology  for a more customized fit. The upper is constructed with moving lace hooks to better adapt to your foot. Thanks to this feature, the boot’s shaft moves in sync with your lower leg, making your every step more comfortable

    Frequently asked questions about Lowa hiking boots

    The soles of my Lowa hiking boots have already sustained a lot of wear and tear. Is there an alternative to throwing my hikers away?

    The footwear company offers a resoling service  for your worn-out boots. This service depends on how your hikers are constructed. Those with cemented soles are eligible without any complications. After determining the boot’s construction, you can send them to Lowa directly or ask a specialty retailer for assistance on this matter. The brand will then resole your footgear at a cost using authentic materials. If they are not available, Lowa will inform you and give you an option to choose other quality materials.

    How long is Lowa’s warranty on their products?

    A one-year warranty covers your Lowa hiking boots. If you discover one or several defects, you can bring them to the store where they were purchased. Bring along your sales receipt and your retailer will help you determine if the boots are eligible for repair. Lowa’s warranty policy will not honor any damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper usage, or accidents.

    Is it possible to buy a pair of Lowa hiking boots directly from the factory?

    Lowa doesn’t sell its footwear products directly to consumers from their factory. The company wants you to spend as much time as you need when trying on a pair. You also need competent advice from footwear retailers so you can choose the best Lowa hiking boots. All of these benefits aren’t available when you purchase footgear directly from the factory.