Who should buy the Altra Torin 6

The Torin 6 from Altra is a killer choice for runners looking for a: 

  • max-cushioned running shoe that will mute out the ground feel 
  • daily trainer that will keep you stable and your foot locked in position

Altra Torin 6 altra

Who should NOT buy it

No shoe is perfect and that holds true for the sixth edition of the Torin. For hot summer days, you might want to go for its earlier version—the Altra Torin 5. Not only is it more breathable, it's also going to be more pocket-friendly. Whenever newer versions are released, older models typically go on sale.

If you want room for your wide feet, the Altra Escalante 3 is a much more spacious shoe than the Torin.

Altra Torin 6 vs. 5

"Super happy with this updated version" is what one runner has to say about the Altra Torin 6. And this is because: 

  • The tongue is much softer. 
  • The heel cup has been made more form-fitting to prevent heel slips. 
  • It has a new set of laces that are longer. 
  • It's more durable because of its revamped upper. 

The Torin 6 is a tried-and-true mile eater

And because of this, one road reviewer states this: "Wow, would I pay for another at full price and above." The shoe is very cushioned; you don't have to worry about the harshness underfoot. There's literally none of that. Overall, the shoe gives "a bit more substance for longer runs," adds another critic. 

Altra Torin 6 midsole

It comes to life

With its plush and cushy ride, the Altra Torin 6 is a surefire slow-day miler. But don't worry, it doesn't have a bland ride. Its responsiveness adds a little bit of flavor. It makes you "have a little bit coming out of your stride," commends one video reviewer. 

Altra Torin 6 laces

The rest of the critics who commented on the shoe's performance for long miles also find their test runs very enjoyable because of this. 

Keeps you supported

"These shoes will support me if I decide to push my limits," mentions one long-distance runner. The midsole is not a sink-in kind of soft; it still has a touch of firmness to keep the foot supported, especially for the long haul. 

Altra Torin 6 outsole

The Altra Torin 6 is comfortable all day, every day 

The midsole's softness makes the Torin 6 "extremely comfortable," states one tester. And because of this, another critic even adds that "I think I found my perfect shoe." Another meanwhile says that because of the shoe's comfort, they "didn't think twice about the shoes." 

Altra Torin 6 comfort

Snug and secure fit

And the Altra Torin 6 does it "without overdoing it," commends one running shoe reviewer. It's snug, but it doesn't choke the foot. It just holds it in place, especially when running sharp corners. 

However, this becomes a problem for runners with large feet. Although it's an Altra, it has a standard fit. Meaning, they are as wide as they usually are.

Altra Torin 6 fore foot

One wide-footed runner even complains that "[their] pinky toes now rub the outside and are getting sore." Another one adds, "My foot in the toe box was bulging over the side." 

Lockdown that won't let you down

"Seriously very good." This is a statement from a runner who highly lauds the heel's slip-free lockdown. The heel cup is much more contoured, holding the foot better. 

Upper comfort kills it! 

Because of the new, softer tongue, the shoe's upper is extra comfortable. One of the common complaints from the past among runners was the "very sharp tongue" as one of them would describe it. But with the recent changes, a road runner confirms that the tongue won't bug you.

Altra Torin 6 heel

For summer, look for something else

To make the Torin more durable, it has a tighter weave this time. However, this comes at the price of breathability. As one commenter would put it, it's "a bit of a give and take I suppose."

So if you plan to use it on hot days, you might want to consider something else. 

It's not a bummer in the looks department either

And this is especially true for the white/gray version of the Altra Torin 6. A runner loves it so much; he says it looks "sick and is [his] summer go-to." Another even adds that it's "better-looking in person than in the pictures." 

Altra Torin 6 looks

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Arch support: Neutral
Forefoot height: 28mm
Heel height: 28mm
Collection: Altra Torin
Pronation: Neutral Pronation / Supination / Underpronation
Arch type: High arch

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