Viewership to Quadruple [Women’s American football Survey]

Posted on 28 June, 2023 by Vyom Chaudhary

We surveyed more than 5000 American football(football) fans to understand their viewing habits and interest levels when it comes to women’s professional league American football.

Key Findings:

  • If women’s American football is easily accessible on TV, the viewership could increase by 300%-350%. 
  • 34.4% of UK male fans willing to watch if the leagues are on TV; as opposed to 27.1% of UK women fans.
  • UK male American football fans form 61.9% viewership of women’s American football leagues in the country. 
  • In the US, the viewership is equally divided between two genders and in the EU, female fans form the majority of viewers.

The Present Situation 




Interestingly, male American football fans are more interested than female fans in women’s American football in the UK. This doesn’t hold true for the US and the EU. In the US, the viewership is equally divided, and in the EU, female fans are more likely to watch women’s American football than male ones.

Male American football fans contribute 61.9% of total numbers in the UK, but 46.5% in the EU. When we look at both genders separately, 9.6% of UK male fans and 5.9% of female American football fans watch women’s league American football. In the EU, 6.1% of male fans and 7% of female fans said that they watch women’s American football leagues. In the US, this figure is 6.4% for both male and female fans.

Overall, only 7.7% of UK American football fans, 6.56% of EU fans, and 6.4% of US American football fans watch women’s American football leagues. 

The Future Holds Promise



As per the survey, 30.70% of UK American football fans said that they would watch women’s leagues if they are live on TV. 30.07% of EU fans and 29.4% of US American football fans answered the same.

Once again the gender divide is visible in the UK, but not in the US. 34.40% of UK male American football fans are ready to watch women’s leagues but only 27.10% of female fans show interest in watching women’s leagues in future. In the US, 29.60% of male American football fans and 29.10% of female fans are interested in watching women’s American football in the future.

In the EU, 29.60% of male fans and 29.10% female fans are interested in watching women’s leagues if they are on TV.

Expected Increase in Viewership



Considering the survey numbers, women’s league American football should witness a 296.70% increase in the UK if it's on TV. In the EU, the increase could be as high as 358.70%, and in the US, 304.6%.

Looking at gender-specific numbers, the lowest increase is expected among UK male fans at 258%. This is down to the fact that a higher percentage of this demographic is already watch women’s leagues.

The numbers suggest that the highest increase should take place among EU male fans at 398%.

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Vyom Chaudhary
Vyom Chaudhary
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