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6 reasons to buy

  • Many CrossFitters rave about the shoe’s versatility: it performs excellently across a wide range of activities, from weightlifting to HIIT.
  • Most testers take note of the trainer’s sturdy and well-built construction.
  • The upper of the TriBase Reign 2 is reported to conform well to the foot.
  • The side rubber panels offer reliable protection for rope climbs, as stated in several reviews.
  • A good number of users like that the Micro G midsole is flexible and responsive enough for short runs under 2 miles.
  • More than a few wearers find the shoe comfortable enough for regular casual wear.

1 reason not to buy

  • Those who prefer designs with a separated tongue may not like the shoe’s bootie style.

Bottom line

The CrossFit community has acknowledged the UA TriBase Reign 2 as one of the best trainers from Under Armour. Some even claim it to be a ‘Metcon Killer’ given how well it performs in various exercises.

The second edition takes what people loved about the original version and makes it even better by upgrading the upper and the TriBase outsole. In short, it is a valid competitor in the CrossFit shoe arena.

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Good to know

  • New form-fitting upper. The second iteration introduces a bootie-style upper to give a more precise fit. It replaces the rigid fabric of its predecessor with a pliable and stretchy mesh material. The shoe now features a sock-like collar with extended heel and front edges to secure the fit around the ankle. The collar fabric itself is made of an extremely stretchy material to allow for an easy on-and-off.
  • The insole is now removable. Those who prefer extra space or firmer underfoot support can now ditch the inserts. It also allows the use of custom orthotics if needed.
  • Improved TriBase outsole. The central piece of the outsole was made larger to increase the contact area for stability. The forefoot portion of the rubber was given a more aggressive sawtooth pattern for a better grip.

Flexibility for any exercise. Because the TriBase outsole comprises three zones, the flex grooves between them make the shoe pliable in several areas. Most flexibility is achieved in the forefoot as this is where the foot bends the most for exercises like jumps, lunges, burpees, etc. The diagonal grooves at the midfoot also help the shoe to bend sideways, accommodating lateral cuts and side-to-side movements.

Stability for lifting. The largest portion of the TriBase outsole is taken up by a firm rubber panel. It helps to create a steady foot base for lifting weights.

Protection for rope climbs. To guard the sole against highly-abrasive rope climbs, the rubber extends up on the lateral and medial sides.

Slippage prevention. The grippy rubber bites the gym surface to keep the wearer surefooted. Its traction pattern gets especially aggressive in the forefoot as this area takes up most of the load during fast-paced workouts.

Thin cushioning for better ground contact. The Under Armour TriBase Reign 2 retains the Micro G foam of its predecessor. This firm full-length component has earned a positive reputation for creating a stable yet supportive platform. Far from the plush cushioning of running shoes, it provides impact protection without compromising stability.

2-mm drop. This minimal difference in height between the heel and the toes puts the foot in a flat position. It helps to create a close-to-barefoot experience for an increased sense of control. 

Removable insole. The wearers now have the option to keep or remove the shoe’s insole. When the insert is present, it adds a light touch of padding. But if the wearer prefers a firmer platform or needs extra space inside the foot chamber, they can remove the insole. It also gives the option to wear custom orthotics or a pair of Versalift heel inserts for weightlifting.

Form-fitting design. The TriBase Reign 2 employs mesh for a snug and breathable experience. The rearfoot is supported by a large TPU heel counter while the ankle is wrapped by a stretch-knit collar. This combination gives a locked-down fit and minimizes the chance of heel slippage.

Abrasion resistance. TPU overlays reinforce the mesh fabric in areas prone to abrasion. Such a strategic placement enhances durability without adding extra weight.

The 2nd edition of the TriBase Reign was designed in cooperation with the CrossFit Games veterans James Newbury and Marquan Jones.


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