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The Reebok Liquifect is a product that is meant for those who enjoy casual runs and walks through the urban landscape. The silhouette is made of a stretchy, cloth-like mesh that’s reinforced with printed overlays. The uncluttered structure aims to heighten the aesthetics to the realm of sneakers.

When it comes to the underfoot platform, the elements that help the natural progression of the gait are the full-length Liquifect foam with its gel-like reinforcement, as well as the removable insole. A rubber external pad protects against wear-and-tear.

Standard sizing schemes were used when the Reebok Liquifect was made. Consumers are able to get this running shoe using the size choices to which they are most accustomed. However, being able to personally test this product or study user reviews from various sources can improve the perception of comfort.

The quality of the sideways fit is affected by the form-welcoming fabrics of the upper unit, as well as the plush yet foot-shaped platform. The natural curvature of the human foot is the basis of this product’s overall construction.

The external pad of the Reebok Liquifect is made of a rubber compound. This layer is tasked with shielding the base of the midsole foam from the abrasive nature of the ground. It is also responsible for traction over the surface, ensuring movement control throughout the running session.

Flex grooves permit the platform to move with the foot as it goes through the heel-to-toe transitions. The toe-off is the part of the step that can stand to benefit the most from these horizontal channels because it involves the bending of the toe joints and tendons.

Underfoot cushioning is the responsibility of the Liquifect cushioning system. The full-length foam that governs this feature offers constant support for the foot-pad. It has a generous heel height to fully ease the foot-strikes. It even has a raised midfoot portion to buttress the arch at all times.

The special feature of the Liquifect is the gel-like foundation that is found in the heel part. The job of this add-on is to improve the shock-absorbing capacity of the platform. It also serves as a means of bolstering the structural integrity of the foam.

A fabric-topped insole is placed on top of the main cushioning unit. The purpose of this accoutrement is to provide a soft surface for the underfoot to enjoy. It can be removed or replaced with a custom insert if the runner wishes to do so.

The upper unit of this Reebok running shoe is made of a cloth-like mesh. This material is meant to provide an irritation-free wrap. It has a stretchy and seamless construction to give a smoothness that is similar to many modern running shoes. Cloth-like meshes grace many shoe series, including the well-known Brooks Glycerin line.

Printed overlays are added to the sides of this product. The job of these synthetic prints is to help the rest of the upper when it comes to securing the foot and keeping it in place.

The padded tongue and collar are tasked with cushioning the topmost areas of the foot. They also prevent accidental shoe removals.


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