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Puma Hybrid NX Ozone is one of the most underrated shoes of 2020. It deserves a lot as it is one of the best running shoes. It offers great comfort and traction and also looks attractive on the feet.




It is manufactured with one of Puma's latest technologies. It is exceptionally breathable. Ozone is also a good choice for those who want to look unique.

The best part of the Puma Hybrid NX ozone is its pricing as it can compete with some of the other shoes, which are way more expensive than it is. So, for those who want the best shoe in most of the aspects, this is for you.


I have worn so many Puma shoes with Hybrid midsole, so I have good experience with this midsole. I think this is one of the most unique and attractive shoes in the market. Some people don't like that Hybrid midsole design. But, this shoe turns heads whether they like it or not.

At the rear, there is a pull tab, which is of neon red color with the Puma logo printed on it, adding appeal to the shoe.




These shoes are stylish and offer great performance at the same time. These shoes come in six color options, and it also has some neons on it. The color I have is Castlerock-LavaBlast. It has Puma branding on the tongue and lateral side. 




It has a perfect fit as it holds my legs, thanks to the dynamic lacing system design with adjustability provide a secure fit for locked-down consistency. The shoe is lightweight and breathable that great help in running or workout.

They are wide enough and would not be a problem for runners with wide feet s they can go true to size. Naturally, it would not be a problem for those with narrow feet as these will hug your feet.

I wear the size 8 that has a length of 27 cm, a width of 11 cm, and heel height of 3.5 cm. These measurements may be different for other sizes. This shoe is available from size 6 to 12.


It offers great comfort as it uses Hybrid foam, which is a combination of Puma NRGY beads and IGNITE foam. These beads provide an added cushion while running. Meanwhile, the IGNITE foam may feel hard and inflexible, but it delivers an immediate energy return.

The combination results in superior comfort with great energy return, and we even felt an extra bounce while running. Compared with the other shoes, the Hybrid runner gives a feeling that you can run faster with the energy return and bounce.




It comes with Puma Profoam technology, which is lightweight, and high-rebound EVA midsole, which provides a responsive ride. You can also use this shoe for daily work, casual running, marathon, workout, or going out to hang out. This can solve all the purpose for you if you love to wear sports shoes.

The upper offers one of the best breathability as it is made of textile upper. When you wear it, as Puma says, it is like walking on air. But, believe me, it is one of the most comfortable shoe made by Puma.


The outsole is made of rubber that offers good traction. However, the outsole wears fast, so it won't last long. It also loses traction on wet surfaces and becomes difficult to manoeuvre.




It has great heel support as it stabilises by locking the heel on to the platform. 

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Notable elements of the Puma Hybrid NX

- The Puma Hybrid NX is carefully crafted for those who seek a road running shoe that performs well on different paved surfaces.  This features a fully knitted upper that offers breathability. Along with the knitted upper are the heel clip and the sock-like structure of the shoe. The primary focus of this feature is to provide a snug fit and support to the foot.

- The utilization of the Puma Hybrid Foam enables the runner to propel throughout the activities.

- The two most innovative midsole foams from Puma are used in crafting the Hybrid NX. These are the IGNITE and the NRGY. These materials aim to deliver lightweight ground contact and excellent cushioning. As a result, the improved energy return is encouraged.

- With the utilization of the perfect combination of Puma's features and technologies, users will be able to experience the latest street style and design for a true game-changer in the world of running.

Size and fit

The Puma Hybrid NX makes use of the standard measurements when it comes to size. It is strategically designed to ensure that the general sizing preferences of users will be accommodated. When it comes to the width of the footwear, the available profiles are the regular B – Medium and D – Medium for women and men, respectively. The curved design of the platform ensures an efficient running experience. The form-fitting and breathable upper material accommodate the natural shape of the human foot for a snugger and more comfortable fit.


The full rubber outsole is integrated into the Puma Hybrid NX. This component of the shoe aims to deliver maximum grip on different paved surfaces. It also provides additional durability to the platform.


The running shoe utilizes the HYBRID midsole technology. This midsole compound is a full-length feature of the footwear that comprises the NRGY beads and the IGNITE foam. Puma's HYBRID foam technology is focused on providing improved cushioning as well as responsiveness and better energy return.

Running the entire length of the midsole section is the IGNITE foam. This material is the primary factor that aims to attenuate impact shock during the running session. As a result, a smoother heel-to-toe transition is encouraged.

Tiny NGRY beads are embedded into the primary cushioning system of the shoe. The purpose of these small globules is to deliver underfoot support. They also provide propelling power and enhance the structural integrity of the midsole section. With the utilization of the NRGY beads, quickly sagging of the shoe's cushioning is prevented.

The ProFoam is used in crafting the Hybrid NX. This material is described to be Puma’s version of a lightweight EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate midsole. The primary goal of which is to mitigate impact forces during the gait cycle's landing phase. This high-rebound EVA midsole delivers a more comfortable and lightweight underfoot feel.

Torsional rigidity is encouraged by the midfoot shank. This feature of the shoe provides support in every foot movement. A shank is described as a supportive structure of the shoe that can be found between the midsole and the outsole. This component of the Hybrid NX gives structure and shape to the platform to provide a more stable fit.


The Hybrid NX utilizes the Semi-knitted upper. This component of the shoe aims to deliver added breathability. This is essential in keeping the human foot healthy, fresh, and dry throughout the running session.

Along with the semi-knitted upper is the flexible, sock-like structure of the shoe. This feature provides a more comfortable and secure fit.

Integrated into the shoe is the customizable lacing system with a short tongue. The primary focus of the system is to deliver a snug and individualized fit.

Added support is encouraged by the molded heel piece. Runners can confidently start and finish their activity with the help of this feature.

Used in crafting the Hybrid NX are the heel and tongue pull tabs. These materials are significant for easy on and off.

The wordmark branding of Puma running shoes is located across the front upper and tongue tab of the shoe.

Lying across the back lateral part of the heel section is the PUMA Cat Logo. This adds to the style and design of the shoe that makes it more appealing.

Additional Info

The all new HYBRID NX is considered to be a real game-changer in the world of running. Its performance is taken to the next level with the utilization of its unique design and structure. The features that are integrated into the shoe provide lightweight responsiveness and enhance cushioning to propel the runner further and faster.

The original version has two other variations. These are the Daylight and Caution versions. The Hybrid NX Daylight got its inspiration from longer days and Daylight Savings. The shoe features the color hues of bright sunset. Along with the colorful sunset is the signature HYBRID tech from Puma that is purposely designed to push the runner further.

Inspired by the urban exploration, the HYBRID NX Caution version is updated with bold color accents. This model of the shoe is best for the daredevil who considers caution tape as an invitation and not as a barrier. The user sees the bold color accents as very attractive and visually appealing.

The three versions of the Puma Hybrid utilize the same features and technologies. Runners will enjoy the same experience and performance when seeking a partner in their activities.


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