Notable elements of the Puma Hybrid Fuego

- The Hybrid Fuego is a Puma running shoe that’s meant for those who desire a mix of functionality and stylishness. The facade of this product emphasizes stylishness through the use of contrasting colors and some neon highlights for some of its colorways. A sporty outline finishes the overall look.

- Underfoot cushioning is the responsibility of the HYBRID midsole construction, a joining of two proprietary technologies that are meant to support the foot and keep it energized. The forefoot and heel sections of the outsole are made of abrasion-resistant rubber.

Size and fit

When it comes to size, the standard measurements are used to deliver an accommodating in-shoe experience. Runners are welcome to get a pair using their typical choice of size. On the other hand, it is important to note that a customized wrap can only be appreciated if the shoe is initially tested.

Fit-wise, or the sideways extent of the wearing experience, this product features a cloth-like upper and a curved platform shape to accommodate the natural shape and motion of the foot. Overlays also affect the snugness of the upper unit.


The outsole unit of the Puma Hybrid Fuego is mostly made of ground-contact foam. The surface of this compound has traction patterns that heighten adhesion on the ground.

Rubber covers the heel and forefoot sections of the external pad. The material protects t the contact points from the abrasive nature of the topography while also providing extra traction through its naturally grippy nature.

Grooves are found in the front and rear, giving the sole unit to bend in conjunction with the foot as it transitions through the gait cycle. The toe-off phase, in particular, benefits the most from these sources of flexibility because it is the act that mostly features joint and muscle movement.


Hybrid is the name of the technology born from the fusion of two Puma midsole elements, one of which is the full-length Ignite foam. This main portion of the cushioning system carries the foot and maintains a level of comfort throughout the gait cycle. It is touted to be light and reactive to the push-off phase.

The second feature of the Hybrid is the NRGY, a core unit that is composed of amalgamated foam cushioning beads. The aim of this accouterment is to better the perception of responsiveness and comfort. Its encased nature prevents it from losing structure.


The upper unit is made of a knitted fabric. This cloth-like facade is tasked with hugging the foot and giving it a ventilated and non-irritating experience. Knitted uppers are used in many running shoe series such as the Adidas Pure Boost line.

Printed overlays grace the rear, the sides, the instep, and the front. These thin add-ons bolster the structure of the upper while also helping to give a secure fit.

Stitched overlays on the left and right sides connect directly to the lacing system. Adjusting the tightness or looseness of the fit would cause the sewn-in layers, as well as the area that it covers, to follow suit, thus giving a customized in-shoe hug.


The current trend of Puma Hybrid Fuego.
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