Nike Business and Financial Statistics

Posted on 01 November, 2021 by Danny McLoughlin

Top Nike stats

  • Nike has a market cap of $259.93 billion
  • Nike’s revenue is $37.4 billion per year
  • Nike placed 85th in the Fortune 500 suggesting it is the 85th largest company in America by revenue
  • Nike is the world’s 13th most valuable brand according to Forbes, well ahead of Adidas who are 51st
  • Nike and the Nike swoosh logo has been registered in 170 jurisdictions around the world

Nike financial statistics

  • Nike revenues have grown 15.5% since 2016
  • From 2019 to 2020, Nike’s revenue declined by 4.4% -- mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Nike does not confirm financial forecasts or projections by outside sources
  • Nike finished the year with $7.37 billion worth of inventory
  • 65% of Nike’s sales are wholesale with the remaining 35% being straight to consumer

USA vs International

  • Nike and Converse sales in the US make up 39% of Nike’s total, global revenue
  • The remaining 61% of revenue was made up from outside the US
  • 3 Nike customers in the USA made up almost a quarter (24%) of Nike revenue
  • Nike’s 3 largest international customers made up 15% of non-US sales
  • No single customer makes up more than 10% of Nike’s revenues

Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on Nike

  • Nike’s revenue dropped by $1.7 billion from 2019 to 2020, largely due to the pandemic
  • In their latest annual report, Nike stated “our financial condition and results of operations have been and are expected to continue to be adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic”
  • The reasons Nike outlined were: 
    • Economic conditions got worse worldwide
    • Rise in unemployment
    • Reduced demand for their products
    • Sports seasons and mass gathering events were cancelled
    • Store and factory closures
    • Increased costs from additional health and safety protocols including purchasing PPE and adapting processes
    • Bankruptcies, closures and reduced orders from wholesale customers
    • More volatile currency fluctuations and in price of raw materials

Nike products

  • Nike’s 6 most important product categories are:
    • Running
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Training
    • Sportswear/ lifestyle
    • Jordan Brand
  • Secondary categories include American American football, baseball, cricket, golf, lacrosse, skateboarding, tennis, volleyball, walking, and wrestling. 
  • 66% of Nike’s sales are footwear
  • 31% of Nike sales are apparel 
  • 3% of Nike sales are equipment

Nike marketing budget

Nike refers to it’s advertising, marketing and athlete endorsements as “Demand creation expenses.”

  • Demand creation expenses include:
    • Advertising
    • Endorsements
    • Complementary products
    • Brand events
    • Retail brand presentation
  • In 2020, Nike’s brand creation expenses were $3.59 billion
  • No company in the world spends as much money on sports sponsorships as Nike
  • Nike's first professional athlete was Romanian tennis player Ilie Nastase
  • The first track runner was Steve Prefontaine
  • Nike has 3 athletes on billion-dollar endorsement contracts:
    • LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Jordan all have lifetime deals
    • Michael Jordan signed up with Nike in 1984
    • Nike expected to sell $4 million of Jordan trainers in the first 4 years of the deal
    • In the first month, Nike sold $70 million worth
    • And within a year had sold $126 million
    • Jordan is paid 5% royalties for each sale and is thought to have made $1.3 billion from the partnership
    • Nike and Jordan brand currently enjoy 86% and 96% market share in performance basketball and lifestyle basketball categories respectively
  • Nike has $9.34 billion dollars earmarked for endorsement contracts, including:
    • $1.33 billion in 2021
    • $1.47 billion in 2022
    • $1.18 billion in 2023
    • $1.06 billion in 2024
    • $1.14 billion in 2025
    • $3.16 billion due after 2026 onwards

Nike stores, factories, distribution centres, and real-estate

  • Nike owns buildings worth over $2.44 billion
  • And machinery and equipment worth over $2.75 billion
  • Nike has a total of 1,096 stores around the world
  • In the USA, there are 338 stores:
    • 212 Nike factory stores
    • 28 in-line and employee stores
    • 98 Converse stores
  • Nike has 758 stores outside of the US:
    • 212 Nike factory stores
    • 28 in-line and employee stores
    • 98 Converse stores

Distribution centres

  • Nike has a total of 81 distribution centres worldwide
  • In the USA, Nike has 7 “significant” distribution centres:
    • 4 in Memphis, Tennessee
    • 1 in Indianapolis, Indiana
    • 1 in Dayton, Tennessee
    • 1 in Ontario, California (Converse)
  • Outside of the US, they have 74 distribution centres

Nike manufacturing and outsourcing

  • Nike is supplied by a total of 451 factories
    • Footwear - 122 factories in 12 countries
    • Apparel - 329 factories in 38 countries
  • More than 15 outsourced contractors produce almost 100% of Nike footwear
  • Almost all Nike footwear is manufactured outside the USA
  • The largest footwear factory makes almost 10% of all Nike footwear
  • 4 manufacturers each make more than 10% of all Nike footwear and combined make 61% of all Nike footwear
  • 50% of Nike footwear is made in Vietnam
  • 24% of Nike footwear is made in Indonesia
  • 22% of Nike footwear is made in China
  • The largest apparel contractor makes 11% of Nike apparel
  • 28% of Nike apparel is made in Vietnam
  • 23% of Nike apparel is made in China
  • 12% of Nike apparel is made in Cambodia
  • The five largest contractors make 48% of Nike apparel

Nike employee statistics

  • The median Nike employee - a retail store employee in the United States - is paid $28,142
  • Nike has 75,400 employees worldwide 
  • No Nike employees are represented by a trade union outside of regions where it is required by law
  • Nike has never experienced a material interruption of operations due to labour disagreements

Nike executives

How much does Nike management get paid?

  • Nike CEO’s, John Donahoe, total compensation is $53.5 million
  • Name Nike executives are paid between $3.3 million and $53.5 million per year
  • Nike’s CEO is paid 1935 times what the median employee is paid ($28,142)
  • Apple’s Tim Cook is a non-employee director and receives $345,049 per year in compensation
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin
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