Our verdict


It’s hard to go wrong with the Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4 if you want a cross-trainer for less than 0 that can do it all. Of course, it’s not expected to perform the same way as the premium shoes do, but it does an amazing job as a no-frills kick that you can work out in and then go for a walk without changing.


  • Great support for gym activities
  • Comfortable for casual use
  • Well-fitting
  • Breathable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to put on
  • Attractive design


  • Lacks durability
  • Not for Crossfit

Who should buy the Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4

The Alpha Trainer 4 from Nike would be a nice option to consider if you:

  • want a budget-friendly shoe
  • need one pair of kicks for both gym and all-day wear
  • prefer shoes that flaunt some style without overdoing it

Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4 swoosh

Who should NOT buy the trainer

If you are into a more serious training regimen like Crossfit, we recommend going for the Nike Metcon 7 or, if you don't mind another brand, the Reebok Nano X1.

Enough support for the gym

The Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4 is that basic training shoe that packs all the essentials for a solid workout session. Gym buffs have taken note of its stability and support for HIIT, rowers, short treadmill runs, and moderate weightlifting.

Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4 gym shoe

There is also just enough shock absorption in the sole to lighten the impact on the feet during jumps.

Enjoy all-day comfort with this Nike trainer

Many reviewers are satisfied with wearing this shoe out and about. They enjoy using the shoe for lots of walking, doing daily errands, and standing for long periods in the shoe.

Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4 cushioning

Fits just right

The majority of wearers are happy that the Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4 fits well straight from the box.

Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4 toe box

Many also take note of the sufficient toebox area which allows them to splay their toes freely. There is no cramping or rubbing.

Quick and easy to put on

With a padded lip near the ankle, some reviewers are glad that the shoe is easy to slide into.

Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4 ankle collar

Keeps feet fresh

With its wide pores in the mesh upper, the Alpha Trainer 4 won’t let your feet get toasty. This also makes it a good footwear option for the warmer seasons.

Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4 mesh

Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4 has got some style too

Quite a few reviewers like how the shoe looks stylish but “not too flashy.” Others describe it as “clean” and “sleek.” It has gained its wearers a lot of compliments and is said to go well with many outfits.

Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4 style

It’s a budget-friendly shoe which is also a downside

With Nike training shoes averaging at $100, the Alpha Trainer 4 beats a lot of the competition with its $85 price point.

Nike Air Max Alpha Trainer 4 outsole

However, don’t expect it to last long either. A few people who have used the trainer for a while mention that it starts to fall apart after 1-2 months of intensive use.