Who should buy the New Balance 990 v4

As one of New Balance’s classic silhouettes, version four of the 990 would be a great match if you:

  • are into the “dad shoe” vibe
  • want a more practical sneaker for daily use
  • prefer a more stable platform (especially if you tend to overpronate or have flat feet)
  • have wider feet (the shoe comes in wide and extra wide options)

New Balance 990 v4 logo

Who should NOT buy the sneaker

If you want a classic silhouette from NB that doesn’t break the bank, consider the 574, with a retail price of $80.

It’s all about practical comfort with the 990 v4

Fans found the ideal blend of cushioning and stability in this new 990 v4. People enjoy the amount of cushioning in this sneaker which allows them to spend an entire day on their feet.

New Balance 990 v4 model

Some reviewers also like the fact that the collar foam is dual-density making the shoe just a little bit more comfortable than its previous versions.

Lots of underfoot support

The shoe features some solid midfoot support handled by the ENCAP technology, which the sneakerheads adore for helping in stabilizing their feet, especially those with flat feet and moderate overpronation.

New Balance 990 v4 support

No-nonsense design

The sneaker comes in a more conservative color range, putting functionality first. Its uncomplicated design makes the New Balance 990 v4 easy to style, a plus for most reviewers. It is also considered a staple everyday shoe for some.

The brand wanted this model to resemble the OG version of the 990 series. The “N” logo has even been stripped down from the current reflective and colorful design to a more streamlined one to evoke the simplicity that dates back to the brand’s origins.

It’s a bulky one, yes

Most of the complaints about the New Balance 990 v4 are directed at its chunky look and heavyweight. But this is not necessarily the shoe’s con if you are into feeling some substance under your feet.

New Balance 990 v4 bulky

Be prepared that it is also quite stiff. Some people who expected to get more flexibility were disappointed.

The 990 v4 is going to last

Many testers laud the reliable durability of the 990 v4 and praise that it continues with this new version.

New Balance 990 v4 outsole

In addition, as one of NB's top models, this shoe is manufactured in the USA at New Balance’s New England factories. Consequently, sneakerheads verify it is an NB kick that boasts top-notch quality craftsmanship.

New Balance 990 v4 reflective

Tongue stays in place

Many of those who tried the New Balance 990 v4 appreciate the lace keeper, which is meant to secure the laces and keep the tongue in place.

New Balance 990 v4 tongue

New Balance 990 v4 welcomes wide feet

Having a rather generous toebox in the standard width already, the shoe is also available in Wide and Extra Wide variations.

New Balance 990 v4 toebox

Visible at night

Those who stroll around at night appreciate the 3M Reflectivity safety feature of the New Balance 990 v4.

New Balance 990 v4 visibility

This also helps put the wearer at ease about their security when it comes to being seen by motorists at night.

Can get slippery

A few users mention that the outsole lacks traction and tends to feel slippery, especially on concrete floors.

New Balance 990 v4 rubber