FIBA WC 2019 Quarterfinals - Visualised

Posted on 06 August, 2021 by Dimitrije Curcic

We decided to dive into statistics and create visual head-to-head comparisons of the World Cup quarterfinalists. Radar charts are created for easier H2H comparison of the opposing teams through offensive and defensive metrics.

1 Argentina - Serbia

Argentina is still undefeated in the WC, while Serbia suffered its first loss (Spain). However, looking at the numbers, Serbia is a clear favourite in this game. Let's look at the charts: 

***All Units on the Charts are presented as Percentile

Offensively, Serbia is the best team in the World Cup so far. They've scored more points, with higher efficiency than Argentina. However, Serbia commits more turnovers, and Argentina averages more steal. Taking care of the basketball will be important for Serbia in this game. With the zone offence, Spain managed to disrupt Serbia's ball movement, and maybe Argentina will try the same.

Defensively, both teams don't allow a lot of 3P shots to their opponents. Serbia's size will be a problem to Argentina, and doubling on the post will probably create some open 3P shots for Serbia. On the other side, Argentina's guards are quick and can cause trouble to Serbia's tall lineups. 

2 Spain - Poland

Poland is one of the biggest surprises in the WC so far. But it will be hard against Spain, who had a statement game against gold-medal favourites (Serbia).

Spain dominates every offensive aspect over Poland. They shoot the most 3P shots in the tournament (compared to total FG attempts), but with one of the worst percentages. However, Poland is even worse in that aspect. Spain shares the ball more, and it will be a challenge for Polish players to keep up with that.

Defensively, Spain is one of the best teams in the WC. They suffocate their opponents, and teams have the worst 2P% against Spain defence. It's the opposite for Poland, whose players allow a lot of 3P shots. Since Spain has a poor 3P shooting efficiency, we can look this aspect as one of the keys to the game - if Spain can convert 3P shots with high efficiency, it'll be impossible for Poland to prevail. 

3 USA - France

This will be a clash of 2 tough defensive teams, and looking at the H2H charts, it seems that shooting efficiency will be a decisive factor

Americans shoot more 3P shots, but the French have far better shooting percentage beyond the arc. America is the best rebounding team left in the tournament, and this is where the French have to be very careful - do not let the USA control the boards. It's a very tough task, but France has some great paint protectors who can get the job done.

The USA has the best defence on the tournament so far, but France is not that far behind. France's opponents have the highest 3-point shooting percentage against them, and since the USA likes to fire a lot of threes, their conversion from beyond the arc will be very important.

4 Australia - Czech Republic

Who would thought that 2 of the 8 quarterfinal teams will come from middle Europe? Along with Poland, Checz republic is the biggest surprise of the World Cup. Australia is a favourite in the duel, but don't expect from Checz to give up so easily.

Australia plays the most NBA-like game in the tournament. A lot of 3 point shots, fast ball-movement and pace. They are expected to keep up the high pace in this game and try to shake Checz's short rotation. 

Australia allows the highest amount of points from all quarterfinalists, which is natural considering how fast they play. The bad thing for the Checz Republic is that they allow a lot of 3-point shots, which Australia will be glad to take. The team who manages to force their pace will have better control of this game. 


Points - Points scored

2P% - Team's 2-point shooting percentage

3P% - Team's 3-point shooting percentage

3PA/FGA - Share of 3-point shots in total team's shots

FT% - Free-throw percentage

Assists - Team assists

TOs - Team turnovers

Off Reb - Team offensive rebounds

Def Reb - Team defensive rebounds

Steals - Team steals

Blocks - Team blocks

Fouls - Team Fouls

Opp Pts - Opponents points scored

Opp 2P% - Opponents 2-point shooting percentage

Opp 3P% - Opponents 3-point shooting percentage

Opp 3PA/FGA - Share of 3-point shots in total team's shots

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Dimitrije Curcic
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