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    Nike ZoomX Invincible Run - White (CT2228101)
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    Nike ZoomX Invincible Run - Black (CT2228103)
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buy nike zoomx running shoes for men and women

Nike ZoomX running shoes

The ZoomX foam from Nike is the brand’s lightest, softest, and bounciest cushioning yet. With Nike’s ZoomX running shoes, boosting your running performance has never been this easy. 

Whether you’re looking for neutral shoes or models for high arches, there’s a suitable ZoomX shoe for you here in RunRepeat. If you want to get a pair now with ease, feel free to browse through. 

Buying ZoomX running shoes for men and women 

There are numerous ZoomX shoes that are perfect for your varying running needs. A fan of road running? Worry not, because there are several ZoomX options built specifically for the roads. They can also serve as your all-day wear alternatives because of their comfort. 

If you’re looking for durable daily trainers, these are some of the top-notch choices in the market. If logging in several miles is what you’re aiming for, go for the ZoomX runners designed for the marathons and other long-distance runs

For those who want generous cushioning and bounce, there are multiple maximalist versions of the ZoomX. 

How much do they cost? 

Geared with Nike’s premium cushioning technology, the ZoomX running shoes belong to the expensive category. This means that their prices usually range from $100 to $200.