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New Balance hiking boots: Sneaker-like comfort, rugged performance

Known for creating iconic and exceptional sneakers, New Balance continues to push the boundaries by entering the performance footwear industry, particularly the hiking niche. Incorporating the comfort and style we loved about their sneakers, New Balance hiking boots have the ruggedness and traction you’d expect from a tough, all-terrain hiker.

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New Balance hiking boots: Great selection for active men and women

When it comes to product reputation, there’s no question about New Balance. They have been making quality footwear products for over 100 years. But what about their hiking boots? Are they worth your time and investment?

The answer is a big yes! Whether you’re going out for a quick leisurely walk into the woods or sought out to trek the Adirondack Mountains, New Balance hiking boots are sure to keep your feet safe and protected.

You’ll find this brand in our list of waterproof hiking boots, leather hikers, and lightweight trail kicks. As a brand known for manufacturing stylish shoes, you can expect great-looking boots from New Balance that are available in different colorways.

Apart from hiking boots, New Balance trail running shoes are also popular. Plus, their footwear products are available in different widths, including wide and extra-wide variants. So if you feel like you’re cursed with big toes, you’ll likely find the boot that will keep your feet comfortable throughout the hike.

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