Who should buy the Asics Trail Scout 2

The Asics Trail Scout 2 is a trail shoe that best fits runners who are looking for a: 

  • budget shoe for off-road adventures 
  • supportive trail running shoe for mellow days
  • trail shoe that can double as a light hiking and walking shoe

Asics Trail Scout 2 asics

Trail Scout 2 vs. 1 

The second version of the Trail Scout from Asics only meets one significant update. To improve grip and stability, the outsole has a redesigned pattern that provides anchored steps on uneven terrains. The rest of the shoe's construction takes after its predecessor. 

Asics Trail Scout 2 asics trail shoe

Painless and stable steps 

Those who are on their feet all day and those with high arches commend the Asics Trail Scout 2's underfoot support. According to them, it keeps their strides steady; they don't experience foot fatigue and strain at all. 

Asics Trail Scout 2 cushion

This is also the same reason why heavy/large runners prefer this shoe for their trail runs. 

Built to last

After 2 months of use on both road and trail surfaces, runners say that the shoe is still "holding up well." There are still no damages on the outsole and upper, and the midsole is not packing out. 

Asics Trail Scout 2 upper

The Asics Trail Scout 2 clings like claws

On mountain terrains and rugged trail surfaces, various testers state that the shoe grips well. So much so, there are NO reports of slips or missteps. 

Asics Trail Scout 2 traction

Heel clutch is A-OK! 

Thanks to the shoe's internal heel counter, the Trail Scout 2 has a supportive heel lockdown. This prevents slips to inspire confidence during the run. 

Asics Trail Scout 2 heel clutch

Doesn't tip the scales

The Trail Scout 2 is not bulky, which is the reason why trail runners also use it for their off-road hiking. 

Asics Trail Scout 2 lightweight

Won't cost a fortune

On average, trail shoes retail for $130. The second version of the Trail Scout, meanwhile, only costs $60 a pair, making it one of the most affordable trail shoes on the market. 

Asics Trail Scout 2 forefoot

Warning: Toe box is not wide-feet-friendly

The toe box is "just the right fit" for those with narrow to medium-with feet. However, broad-footed runners find it "constricting." 

Asics Trail Scout 2 toe box

Dull ride

There's not much bounce from the Trail Scout 2. A couple of trail runners even find it too rigid for their liking despite Asics' attempt to make it softer. 

Asics Trail Scout 2 midsole

If you're in for a more forgiving and lively ride, they recommend going for the Asics Gel Scram 6.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Trail
Drop: Men 10mm
Arch support: Neutral
Pronation: Neutral Pronation / Supination / Underpronation
Arch type: High arch
Use: Walking, All-day wear
Material: Mesh upper

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