Notable elements of the Adidas Ultraboost Multicolor

- Fans of neutral running shoes can rejoice because the colorful Adidas Ultraboost Multicolor is in the market. This product features a facade that is reminiscent of the classic Ultra Boost models, with a street-ready look that is heightened by the presence of multicolored yarns and accouterments. Breathable knitted fabrics ensure all-day comfort and freedom from stuffiness.

- The midsole of this product is composed of the ever-popular Boost technology, a full-length piece that is born from the amalgamation of thousands of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) pellets. A midfoot foundation called Torsion System maintains structural integrity and balance while Continental rubber protects against surface abrasion.


Continental rubber is the material that is used for the external pad of the Adidas Ultraboost Multicolor. This layer shields the rest of the platform from the tendency of the surfaces to exhibit wear-and-tear. It is also touted to be extra durable since this brand’s rubber is commonly used for the tires of cars.

Heightened gripping capacity is the responsibility of the set of traction nodes that pockmark the waffle-like structure of the outsole. These circular nodes act like clamps that adhere to the ground with ease.

The grooves that result from the existence of the protruding nodes are designed to make the platform more flexible, thus welcoming the natural process of the foot to move through the gait cycle. The various striking methods like midfoot and heel striking are positively enforced because of this adherence to flexibility.


The underfoot cushioning is the responsibility of the Boost cushioning technology. This feature runs the entire length of the Ultraboost Multicolor, fully supporting the foot and staving off impact shock during the striking phase. It is made from amalgamated thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) pellets, which is tested and proven to result in a foam that is springier than many other industry-standard cushioning systems. Boost is a staple in many of Adidas’ roster, including the ever-popular Ultra Boost and Pure Boost lines.

The Torsion System is a thermoplastic sheet that is placed in the midfoot section of the platform. The purpose of this Adidas staple is to bolster the structural integrity of the midsole, preventing the material from sagging. It also buttresses the muscles of the foot, staving off fatigue or overexertion.

A sockliner is placed right above the main midsole component. This add-on offers a soft surface on which that foot can rest. It doesn’t restrict flexibility because it has a thin profile. It can be removed or replaced with a new one if the wearer wants to do so.


Primeknit is the material that is used for the upper unit of the Adidas Ultraboost Multicolor. This textile is designed to have the soft and flexible properties of woven cloth, thereby giving the impression that the silhouette that hugs the foot is similar to a sock. It has a lightweight construction that doesn’t mar the in-shoe experience. Also, breathing holes permit environmental air into, and through, the shoe, thus bringing a cool and dry ride.

A one-piece opening presents the foot with seamless coverage. The removal of the traditionally separate tongue unit staves off hot spots or material bunching.

Synthetic panels that symbolize the three-stripe logo of the Adidas brand are stitched onto the sides of the shoe. These elements help the rest of the silhouette to keep the foot in place and be clear of in-shoe wobbling.

A traditional lacing system graces this model. Thin shoelaces snake through discreet eyelets that are at the tips of the synthetic panels. This scheme works with the rest of the upper in customizing the snugness or looseness of the foot-wrap.

A thermoplastic counter is placed on the outside of the shoe’s rear. The purpose of this feature is the hold the Achilles region of the foot in place and prevent it from exiting the shoe unintentionally.

The back and front of the one-piece collar have protruding ends that serve as pull-tabs. They’re helpful for when the foot needs some extra room when going in, or out of, the interior chamber.


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