UGG men's and women's size chart

They don’t call it “the ugg season” for nothing. Most known for its cozy furry boots and slippers, UGG also offers a variety of sneaker styles.

And to make sure you experience the best of this brand, this UGG sizing guide is here to help you find the right match.

Do you know your foot length? We highly advise starting by measuring your exact foot length to increase the chances of getting the right UGG size.

UGG men's and women's size chart

What’s my UGG boot size?

UGG has consistent sizing across all of its footwear types, including boots. However, as they have a much softer built than sneakers, the interiors of UGG boots have a tendency to flatten out and stretch.

That’s why some people initially go with half-a-size smaller to ensure a snug fit in the future.

UGG sizes compared to other shoe brands

The table below shows how UGG’s sizing scheme compares to the very popular and commonly worn brands like Nike and Adidas.

It is quite consistent in men’s sizes and have slight, half-a-size discrepancies in women’s sizes:

Foot length (mm)




Men’s sizes


US 9 / EU 42

US 9 / EU 42.5

US 8.5 / EU 42


US 10 / EU 43

US 10 / EU 44

US 10 / EU 44


US 11 / EU 44.5

US 11 / EU 45

US 11 / EU 45.5

Women’s sizes


US 6.5 / EU 37.5

US 6.5 / EU 37.5

US 6 / EU 37.5


US 8 / EU 39

US 7.5 / EU 38.5

US 7.5 / EU 39.5


US 9 / EU 40

US 8.5 / EU 40

US 8.5 / EU 41

Please note that the numbers are based on the official size charts and may not apply to all shoe models from the mentioned brands.

If you typically wear shoes from other brands, you can check their equivalent in UGG sizes in the tool below:


UGG men's size chart
UGG women's size chart