La Sportiva men's and women's size chart

As a brand that makes highly technical footwear for demanding activities, La Sportiva is not the easiest one to size.

Being of Italian origin, La Sportiva uses EU as the primary sizing scheme. This allows the brand to have a wider range of half-sizes for a more fine-tuned fit. For instance, it offers 4 EU sizes within 1 US size. 

As the company itself states: ‘More sizes = Better fit.’

That’s why the very first step in figuring out the right La Sportiva size for you is to measure your foot length.

La Sportiva men's and women's size chart

Fit and sizing of La Sportiva hiking boots

Unfortunately, the heel-to-toe foot length is not the only determining factor when sizing a boot. But it's the primary one when you have to purchase online.

Here is what the brand suggests:

  • Find the EU size which corresponds to your foot length in the chart above. Then add another half-size in EU. Example:
Your foot length EU size in La Sportiva Add 1/2 EU size
262 41 41 1/2

Please note: Given that La Sportiva boots are handmade, there can be slight differences in the way each pair feels even in the same size.

When trying on a pair of boots, pay attention to the following:

  • Wear the same socks, insoles, orthotics that you plan to use with your future pair.
  • Try in the afternoon/evening when your feet are at their fullest.
  • With the boot unlaced and toes touching the front, you should be able to slip your index finger behind the heel. Alternatively, your heel is touching the back and there is a thumb-width space inside the shoe, in front of the toes.
  • The lacing should be able to lock your midfoot down securely, leaving no wobbling.
  • The heel should not slip out or feel like it may slip out.
  • Toes have some splay room and are not squished on the sides.
  • Do not walk outside in them or throw out the packaging before you make sure the size and fit are perfect. That way you can still return them.

Do La Sportiva hiking boots come in wide?

Starting in spring 2021, La Sportiva began releasing some of its boots in Wide. The initial ones are Ultra Raptor Mid II GTX and Nucleo High II GTX.

Sizing La Sportiva climbing shoes

The variety of shapes among La Sportiva climbing shoes is so broad that any general advice on sizing them should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, what is true for all climbing shoes is that they must have a tight fit. They also often require going 1-2 sizes down than your regular street shoes.

Another aspect to consider is the stretch:

  • Lined shoes (the ones that have synthetic lines across the upper) do not stretch as easily and may only extend by half a size over time.
  • Unlined shoes (made of one-piece leather or suede) tend to stretch much easier, up to a full size.

You will also find shoes with Performance fit that wraps the foot more tightly as well as the more beginner-friendly Comfort fit shoes with slightly more volume.

For more detailed guidance on the size and fit of each model, see its respective product page on our website. We gather all available feedback from the athletes and experts to help you pick what works for you.

La Sportiva men's size chart
La Sportiva women's size chart