Brooks men's and women's size chart

Brooks is a well-established brand of running shoes that is considered a safe choice for many buyers. Predictability is a compliment in the case of Brooks as it’s known for being consistent with its designs and sizing approaches.  

On its official website, Brooks recommends going half-a-size to a full-size larger than your casual dress shoe. However, if you already own a pair of running shoes from ASICS, New Balance, or Saucony, go with the same size.

If you don’t want to take risks, be sure to measure your exact foot length before ordering a pair.

Brooks men's and women's size chart

How Brooks sizing compares to other brands

Brooks’ sizing scheme matches other popular running shoe brands like ASICS and New Balance. However, it is necessary to size up for Nike and Adidas.

Foot length (mm) Brooks ASICS New Balance Nike Adidas
Men's US size
260 8 8 8 9 9
270 9 9 9 10 10
280 10 10 10 11 11
Women's US size
230 6 6 6 6.5 6.5
240 7 7 7 7.5 7.5
250 8 8 8 8.5 8.5

How to convert Brooks unisex shoes

Some competition-ready options like Brooks Hyperion Elite and track models come in unisex sizing based men’s sizes. So, ladies should subtract 1.5 US sizes from their regular to achieve the right fit.

For example, if your regular running shoe size is 7, go for ‘M 5.5/W 7’.

How Brooks running shoes fit

A vast majority of Brooks shoes boast of the brand’s signature step-in feel. Some experienced reviewers can even guess a Brooks shoe with their eyes closed - that’s how plush and comfortable these models feel.

Be it a Brooks Ghost, a Glycerin, or an Adrenalin, you can expect a true-to-size, secure fit with ample space in the toebox.

Just make sure there is a thumb width space between the longest toe and the upper. This extra room will help the toes feel more comfortable on longer runs. 

Brooks shoes come in different widths

Runners with narrower or wider foot shapes may find relief in Brooks shoes as it offers width options:

  • 20% of shoes come in wide
  • 7% in extra wide
  • 7% in narrow

Have a shoe from another brand that fits you well? Check its equivalent in Brooks size using the calculator below:

Brooks men's size chart
Brooks women's size chart