Size and fit

The Converse Bosey MC high-tops are unisex shoes that run true to size with a standard fit, according to the brand site. Buyers with slim feet may consider this when purchasing.

Since these kicks have padded Ortholite insole, wearers are assured of added comfort and protection for any terrain. Its lace-up system holds the footwear securely to the feet and allows users, with slender feet, to adjust it accordingly. The high-top construction of the Bosey MC kick strongly supports the ankle.

Converse Bosey MC Style

Although equipped as utility footwear, the Converse Bosey MC sneaker’s style was not sacrificed. It has a functional, artistic appeal. It can also be used as an all-weather shoe for any type of individual. The Bosey MC silhouette has a cotton canvas upper in different hues that is pleasant for random functions. The iconic star chevron detailing on the side of the shoes, which identifies the Converse line of footwear’s quality and comfort, also adds to its stylish appearance.

For a cozy casual look, match the Converse Bosey MC surplus olive colorway with dark-colored pants and a plain shirt. The black colorway, when matched with a white shirt and ripped jeans, can give off a stylish effect. Hoodies and joggers are perfect matches as well for these high-tops on cold weather.

Notable Features

This high-top sneaker is equipped with handy and unmatchable weather-proof features and stands out due to its likeness to the classic Chuck Taylor All-Star line-up. It has a timeless design that appeals to people from all aspects of life.

Its rugged outsole tread and fleece lining make the shoe look more aggressive yet unique from the other classic silhouettes of Converse All Star sneakers. The Ortholite insole as well adds to its cushiony feel and support.

Converse Bosey MC History

For more than a century, Converse has a long history of high-top silhouettes, particularly the Chuck Taylor All Star shoes. This company started by manufacturing rubber and winter boots for men and women. Producing shoes on a daily basis, it has eventually grown and expanded into creating athletic footwear.

Big nine, Surefoot, and Non-skid were the first three silhouettes that set the foundation of Converse high-tops from 1915 to 1917. Years after, Non-skid was called All Star. In 1921, basketball player Chuck Taylor, who has been wearing Non-skid kick since his high school years, became a brand ambassador and salesman of Converse. His extraordinary marketing strategy led to the popularity of Converse All Star kicks since the 1960s.

Converse added Chuck Taylor’s name to the ankle patch detail of the All Star Sneakers in recognition of his hard work and compassion in making these silhouettes, the company’s most popular footwear. Several tweaks have been made to the shoes in the early years based on basketball game wearers’ feedback and in the 1940s, they became the NBA’s unofficial shoes.

In the 1970s, the Chucks sneakers have attracted some popular artists and musicians, shifting the shoes’ arena into leisure and fashion. A wide vast of colorways, various versions, and collaborations with retailers and designers began.

Amazingly, Converse has been rocking the sneaker world with its quality silhouettes up to this day. In November of 2019, the brand again fuses sports and utility legacy in its seasonal collection of high-tops. The Converse Bosey MC debuted globally, together with Chuck Taylor MC18.

With the combination of style and technical construction, the Converse Bosey MC high-top boot sneakers aim to fascinate sneakerheads from any age. These kicks are marked with rugged toe guard and outsole for traction, protection, and support, living up to the Converse name and expectations.

The Bosey MC model is an iteration intended for the cold weather. It is made of materials needed to protect wearers best during the winter months. This shoe will make users feel warm while being stylish at the same time when going out on the city streets.

Nice to know

  • The Converse Bosey MC kick is available in surplus olive with campfire orange shoelaces and all-black colorways.
  • This shoe’s canvas is water repellent.
  • Unique padded Ortholite insole.
  • The Bosey MC model is reasonably priced.


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