Nike men's and women's size chart

We used the data from 190+ shoe brands to see how Nike sizes differ from the rest of the market.

Verdict: Nike shoes run true-to-size in the US sizing scheme.

But knowing your exact foot measurements will help to minimise the chance of error. Find out your true Nike shoe size in the chart below:

Nike men's and women's size chart

Nike shoe sizing compared to other brands

Despite being notorious for running small, Nike shoes actually run true-to-size across the board. Its sizing may differ from specific brands but overall, its scheme is quite close to the average.

You can see the comparisons of the most common men’s and women’s sizes in the table below.

Men’s sizes in Nike vs. other brands

Men’s US size 9:

Average: 10.31 inch (262 mm)

Nike: 10.31 inch (262 mm)

Men’s US size 10:

Average: 10.59 inch (269 mm)

Nike: 10.7 inch (271 mm)

Men’s US size 11:

Average: 11.0 inch (279 mm)

Nike: 11.0 inch (279 mm)


*Intervals between US sizes are approximately 0.33 inch (8.47 mm)

Women’s sizes in Nike vs. other brands

Women’s US size 7:

Average: 9.3 inch (237 mm)

Nike: 9.3 inch (237 mm)

Women’s US size 8:

Average: 9.6 inch (245 mm)

Nike: 9.6 inch (245 mm)

Women’s US size 9:

Average: 10.0 inch (254 mm)

Nike: 10.0 inch (254 mm)


Shoe brands closest in sizing to Nike

As Nike’s subsidiaries, Jordan and Converse share Nike’s approach to sizing. So, you’re most likely to get the same size in three of these brands. However, some models can deviate due to unique design features.

Nike vs. Adidas sizing

Outside of Nikeland, Adidas is the closest among the top footwear brands to match its sizing scheme. However, half-a-size differences can still happen, so it is recommended to measure your foot first and consult with the brand size chart.

Foot length (mm) Nike Adidas
Men's US sizes
260 9 8.5
270 10 10
280 11 11
Women's US sizes
230 6 6.5
240 7.5 7.5
250 8.5 8.5

Not so friendly for wider feet

Less than 5% of Nike shoe models are available in Wide or Extra Wide width options. For comparison, New Balance provides width options for around 30% of its products.

The regular Medium-width Nike shoes also tend to receive many complaints about feeling narrower and tighter than what the wearers are used to in other brands.

However, Nike does offer a few options with extra room. Here is how much width is added in each one:

Wide regular width + 0.3 inch (1 cm)
Extra Wide

regular width + 0.6 inch (2 cm)

What to do if wider options are not available?

  • Try going half-a-size up
  • Women can try a men’s model but US 1 size smaller (i.e. women’s US 8 would be men’s US 7), as men’s Regular width in Nike corresponds to women’s Wide.

Women’s to men’s size conversion in Nike unisex shoes

All unisex shoes from Nike, be it a casual sneaker or a football cleat, are traditionally based on men’s sizes.

Ladies need to get 1.5 US size smaller than their regular women-specific size. For example:

  • women’s US 7 converts to men’s US 5.5 in unisex shoes
  • women’s US 8.5 converts to men’s US 7 in unisex shoes

How various Nike models fit

Although a multitude of factors influences the fit, from insole design to the type of lacing, some common tendencies can still be traced across certain shoe groups.

  • Some footwear categories are made to fit extra snug, if not a bit tight, for optimum athletic performance. These include Nike race running shoes and running spikes. It also refers to minimalist/barefoot running shoes such as Nike Free.
  • Knit uppers like Nike Flyknit also create a sock-like wrap and are more suitable for medium-to-narrow feet.
  • The classic Nike Cortez collection is known to fit narrower, mostly because of its pointed toebox.
  • On the bright side, cross-trainers shoes like Nike Metcons come with a wide toebox. It helps athletes splay the toes naturally when performing intense, multidirectional movements.

Nike Fit: is it working?

In spring 2019, Nike launched a digital shoe fitting feature called Nike Fit. It appears on your smartphone while shopping through Nike App. The brand claims that this AI-based scanner will map your foot through the smartphone camera, collecting 13 data points. The result is your specific size in each Nike shoe of your choice.

Those who tried the feature report that “it’s still a bit raw” and that it requires some improvement.

Have a shoe from another brand that fits you well? Find out which Nike size corresponds to it using the tool below.

Nike men's size chart
Nike women's size chart