Converse men's and women's size chart

Converse trainers can cause some confusion with its sizing scheme, so it is best to know your exact foot length measurements before trying to figure out the right size.

We compared Converse sizing scheme to 190+ other shoe brands to help you understand how it fits.

Verdict: Converse trainers are unisex, running true-to-size for men and half-a-size small for women. However, Converse Chuck Taylor models run big for both.

PLEASE NOTE! If you are planning to purchase the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star and Chuck 70 trainers, go down -1 full US size (for men) or -2 full US sizes (for women) from your normal shoe size.


  Regular US size Regular Converse size Converse Chuck Taylor size
Men 9 9 8
Women 7 7 5

The table below shows your regular Converse size (as in column 2 above):

Converse men's and women's size chart

Converse sizing vs. Nike and Vans

This table compares Chuck Taylor All Stars's sizing with the brands that people most often look for together with Converse: Vans and Nike.

  Converse Chuck Taylor Vans Nike
Men men's US 9 + 0.5 size + 1 size
men's US 9.5 men's US 10
Women women's US 5 + 2 sizes + 2 sizes
women's US 7 women's US 7

How should Converse shoes fit

Made of stiff and robust materials like canvas and rubber, Converse trainers are meant to feel a bit tight at first. However, there should still be about a thumbnail’s width space in front of your toes and no pinching on the sides.

Converse shoes don’t exactly stretch out with time, but their components do lose the original stiffness and conform better to the foot.

Long-time fans claim that it takes 2 weeks for Converse shoes to feel broken in.

It is NOT recommended to wear a newly bought pair for a long period of time as it tends to cause chafing and blisters. Wear thick socks with a pair of new Converse shoes around the house for about an hour a day until you feel that it got more pliable.

Have trouble measuring your feet right now? Grab a sneaker from another brand that fits you well and find out which size you should get in Converse using the tool below (if you’re getting Chuck Taylor/All Star, remember to additionally subtract 1 size in men’s and 2 sizes in women’s):

Converse men's size chart
Converse women's size chart