Vans men's and women's size chart

Using the data from over 190 shoe brands, we compared Vans sizing scheme across the board to help you get the right size.

Verdict: Vans trainers run big in men’s sizes and mostly true-to-size in women’s sizes. That’s because they are made unisex.

To make sure you get the accurate size from the start, we recommend measuring your foot length before refering to the chart below.

Vans men's and women's size chart

Vans sizing vs Nike, Converse, and other brands

You can’t tell exactly if Vans run true-to-size or not because it depends on what you are comparing it to. For example:

  • men’s US 10 in Adidas and Nike corresponds to US 9.5 in Vans
  • men’s US 10 in Converse All Stars will be US 10.5 or even 11 in Vans
  • men’s US 10 in DC and Five Ten will translate directly to US 10 in Vans

That’s why knowing your exact foot length measurement will help a great deal in determining the right Vans size.

How should Vans skate shoes fit

Originally created as skateboarding-ready footwear, Vans shoes are meant to fit snug to keep your feet securely locked in for rapid moves. Mind, however, that length-wise they should have enough space and not pinch your toes.

That’s why the brand warns that performance-oriented collections like Vans Old Skool or Sk8-Hi are expected to fit snug and may require going half-a-size larger.

Vans Slip-On could feel slightly tight on the top where the elasticized straps are placed. It is okay because they are meant to stretch out a bit with use. These silhouettes should NOT feel loose from the start.

How to break in Vans shoes

Don’t expect the size of your Vans pair to change over time. But what does change is the stiffness of materials themselves, which makes the fit more agreeable. Here are a few tips on how to make Vans feel “at home” a little quicker:

  • wear thick socks or two pairs of regular ones with your new Vans and walk around the house the first few days for 1-2 hours
  • occasionally grab the pair with your hands and bend each shoe in the forefoot. It will help vulcanised rubber soles to gain a little flex

It’s not recommended to wear brand new Vans outside for a long time to avoid heel scraping. Or be sure to take some band aid along with you.

Vans are not for wide feet

These moccasins with slightly pointed toes are not a top choice for people who need some extra space for the forefoot.

But the good news is that you can check some Wide options by searching for “Vans Custom Wides.” The brand offers these models separately.

Can’t measure your feet right now? Have another kick nearby that fits your perfectly?

Input its size into the tool below and find out the corresponding Vans size.

Vans men's size chart
Vans women's size chart