Updates to Saucony Liberty ISO 2

  • The Saucony Liberty ISO 2 is a product that’s designed for those who prefer stability running shoes. The elements that are present in the façade work together to heighten durability while maintaining a relatively lightweight structure.
  • A knitted fabric graces the upper unit of this second outing instead of the engineered mesh that was used for the 1st Liberty ISO model. Such a change aims to improve the flow of air into the interior chamber of the shoe. A mix of printed overlays and stitched-on fabric strands called ISOFIBER bolster the integrity of the silhouette.

Size and fit

The Saucony Liberty ISO 2 was constructed to be true to size. Consumers are welcome to utilize their common sizing choices when it comes to making a purchase decision. Widthwise, the available options are D – Medium for men and B – Medium for women. Low and medium foot dimensions are the ones that are welcome inside the interior compartment of this running shoe.

It is recommended to initially test the shoe or get a grasp of the quality of the size and fit through user reviews to fully achieve an accommodating in-shoe experience.


The TRI-FLEX outsole is a see-through rubber that protects the midsole foam from the abrasive nature of the surfaces. This layer also has a malleable and flexible quality that welcomes the natural capacity of the foot to transition through the gait cycle. Moreover, traction is a natural feature of rubber.


The primary cushioning unit of the Saucony Liberty ISO 2 is made of EVERUN™, a lightweight and reactive piece that carries the foot throughout the running session. It has a generous stack height to allow itself the opportunity to last long.

An EVERUN™ topsole is layered on top of the thicker cushioned piece. This sheet is meant to put softness on the contact points of the foot as it strikes the ground, ensuring smooth heel-to-toe transitions throughout the activity. Many shoes feature the EVERUN™ topsole, including the Saucony Ride series.

A thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) guidance frame is placed in the medial midfoot side of the platform. This accoutrement is designed to prevent the foot from excessively rolling inwards during the stride, thereby reducing discomfort or injury.

A removable insole is placed right on top of the other midsole technologies. This is the add-on on which the foot relaxes. It has a curved outline to center the foot and support the arch.


A knitted fabric serves as the main element of the Saucony Liberty ISO 2’s upper unit. This material has a stretchy quality, which allows it to adapt to the motion of the foot as it takes each step. Breathing holes welcome environmental air into the foot-chamber.

ISOFIT is made of stretchy mesh and thin overlays which help to hold the foot in place and maintain the upright structure of the silhouette. The stretchiness is for the boosting of foot flexibility.

The ISOFIBER technology involves strands of fabric that have been woven onto the sides of the upper unit, acting as steadying panels. These filaments are also designed to prevent the shoe from looking too bulky.


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