Who should buy the Nike Giannis Immortality

The Giannis Immortality is a pretty versatile shoe that works even outdoors. It's also perfect for players who are on a budget.

Nike Giannis Immortality giannis immortality buy

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe

Being made of cheap materials surely has its price. This Nike Giannis Immortality is not going to work for the following:

  • players who got used to more modern techs, the Nike Freak 3 is going to be a worthy alternative
  • wearers who prefer A1 support; the Nike Kyrie 7 will be better for them

Nike Giannis Immortality giannis immortality not buy

Contact with the floor was A-OK with the Giannis Immortality

The Giannis Immortality grips floors practically well.

Nike Giannis Immortality giannis immortality traction

Besides great traction, the outsole also provides flexibility and lateral support. It is able to do this because it is partially partitioned, allowing it to bend and flex more naturally during motion.

Responsiveness, check! Cushioning, check as well!

Even if it's made of just ordinary phylon, the midsole was still able to compress well and deliver both court feel and impact protection.

Nike Giannis Immortality giannis immortality cushion

It feels so light because it TRULY IS LIGHT!

At just 10.37 oz (294 g), this budget shoe is "extremely, extremely light." 

Nike Giannis Immortality giannis immortality light

Style-wise, the Nike Giannis Immortality won't let you down

We predict that both players and casual wearers are going to be happy with what the Nike Giannis Immortality offers aesthetics-wise.

Nike Giannis Immortality giannis immortality style

Playing outdoors? No problemo!

The outsole rubber is sturdy, so this shoe should be able to withstand the pressures of the outdoors. 

Nike Giannis Immortality giannis immortality outdoors

Support... well... Giannis Immortality has issues 

Multiple stability and lockdown issues; hoopers say these are because of minimal heel padding and very thin upper materials.

Nike Giannis Immortality giannis immortality support

Being a budget model, this Nike sneaker comes with materials that do not provide much response.

You really have to break this one in

Like many basketball shoes, the Giannis Immortality needs time to loosen up and perform better.

Style and symbols: A tribute to family

Giannis Antetokounmpo admits that without family, he will never be who he is today. To pay tribute, the Giannis Immortality bears the subtly engraved names of his mom, dad, brothers, and son. This move is very similar to Kyrie Irving's and even LeBron James's frequent featuring of their families in their own signature shoes.

Nike Giannis Immortality giannis immortality name

Facts / Specs

Weight: 294g
Top: Low
Signature: Giannis Antetokounmpo
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Nike Giannis Immortality
Colorways: Black / White / Orange
SKUs: CZ4099009 / CZ4099010 / CZ4099100 / CZ4099800 / DH4470001 / DH4470100 / DH4470500

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