Who should buy the New Balance TWO WXY V3

This basketball shoe from New Balance is for every foot shape and foot size. Aside from the regulars, this shoe is also available in wide versions. This makes this shoe suitable for practically every player out there.

The following specific groups of people are also expected to be happy wearers of the TWO WXY V3:

  • wearers who look for performance hoop shoes that they can also rock casually
  • hoopers who usually play on indoor hardwood courts
  • players who like firmer midsoles that offer a lot of court feel

Who should NOT buy this shoe from New Balance

Hoopers who like to play on concrete and/or asphalt outdoor courts are not going to be served well by the New Balance TWO WXY V3. They are going to be happier with the Kawhi 2, which is also from New Balance. If they are willing to explore offers from other brands, the Cosmic Unity 2 from Nike is also a good outdoor pick.

Those who do not have time to break in their shoes may find the TWO WXY V3 a bit cumbersome. Unfortunately, this is a problem that this shoe shares with other kicks from NB. The KD 15 from Nike is a better pick for break-in-averse players.

NB TWO WXY V3: Generally better than 1 and 2

"The best TWO WXYs that New Balance has released to date," an expert says about his TWO WXY V3 shoes. Another reviewer also agrees with this general assessment.

Dependable traction

An expert shares that even if the sole features a "weird traction pattern," it still has a "very very good bite on clean courts," especially after breaking it in. He also points out that although the outsole makes "not the craziest squeak," it's still there and pretty much noticeable.

Another player also says that the traction is "overall pretty solid."

Dust is an easy problem to solve

An avid reviewer points out that the outsole does pick up a little bit of dust. Fortunately, he adds that it's "super easy" to wipe off so it does not bug him that much during his games. 

Enjoy smooth heel-to-toe transitions

Because there are relatively smooth curves in both ends of the shoe, an expert says that the heel-to-toe transition is generally "very very nice and smooth." 

Feel the court nicely

A basketball player notices that the midsole of the New Balance TWO WXY V3 is firmer than its predecessor's. This results in a "really really good court feel." 

Impact protection is there

Even if the midsole material is a bit firm, it is still able to deliver what a player describes as "good cushioning." He still feels protected from pain and impact when he does aggressive takeoffs and lands quite harshly on the court.

Energy return: Subtle yet significant

A hooper notices that there is a "nice little rebound" from the TWO WXY V3's midsole tooling. The spring back may not be as pronounced as some basketball shoes, but it's still enough to propel him forward efficiently.

TWO WXY V3 upper: Comfortable and supportive

A basketball player says that the materials that make up the upper are comfortable. According to him, the upper is "really soft but not flimsy," which means that it is "nice and supportive but also very thin." Two avid reviewers agree with this evaluation. One of them even exclaims that the TWO WXY V3 is a "really great feeling sneaker when hooping." 

Don't take this shoe outdoors

An expert thinks that the New Balance TWO WXY V3 is not the best option for outdoor courts. He says that the rubber is "pretty damn soft," and that it might be easy to rip through this on a hard surface. 

Get the NB TWO WXY V3 in various widths and sizes

According to one expert, he goes true to size, and this shoe fits him "extremely well." The fit for him is "pretty much like a glove." Another user says that the fit is "not too tight and pretty comfy." Perhaps one of the most significant pieces of news about this shoe is that it also has wide versions on the shelves. 

Take flight because it's light

At only 11.7 ounces or 331 grams, the New Balance TWO WXY V3 is a lot lighter than the average of all the basketball shoes that we have on record. The average weight is now 13.5 ounces or 383 grams.

The TWO WXY is pretty and nice

An expert says that the looks of the New Balance TWO WXY V3 is "kinda killing the game right now." A good number of other players are also happy with this shoe's looks.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 11.7oz
Top: Mid
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: New Balance TWO WXY
Features: Ankle support

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