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Emerging from a successful collaborative effort, the 9060 from New Balance is such a captivating running-inspired kick on almost every front. Owning one translates to opening up a trove of possibilities style-wise, all while getting you hooked with its addictive comfort. And have we mentioned how ridiculously well-made this bad boy is yet? Experts seem to agree, with one saying that it's "too good to miss out on."


  • Next-level comfort
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Quite heavy-duty
  • Dope aesthetics
  • True to size
  • Looks better in person
  • Premium-grade materials
  • Stable


  • Limited color options
  • Squeaks
  • A tad warm

Who should buy the New Balance 9060

"Subtle old-school vibes with futuristic touches" describes the New Balance 9060. Purchase it if:

  • You want to own a tamer version of the Adidas Yeezy 500.
  • Sneakers with remarkable finish are what you're after.
  • You've been waiting for a pair that can sustain your balance anywhere on the streets.
  • Your fall collection is lacking something running-inspired from NB.
  • Shoes that work well with baggy pants are what you need.

New Balance 9060 buy

Who should NOT buy it

Skip the New Balance 9060 for the Adidas Ozweego if you want a squeak-free shoe that comes in multiple colorways. And if you'd rather slip into something far more breathable, turn to the React Presto from Nike.

New Balance 9060 no

Intense comfort in the NB 9060

Scores of reviewers are quite floored by the explosive comfort of the New Balance 9060. A vlogger among them says that "you should be cruising along in ultimate comfort with these." Another professional tester says, "these are like clouds."

Regular purchasers also have nice things to say about the shoe's amazing comfort. "The comfort is next level," says one of them. "The most comfortable sneakers on this entire planet," says another.

New Balance 9060 comf

Made with TLC

Vloggers are simply smitten by the fantastic build quality of the New Balance 9060. "They have been made with love," says one of them. "Definitely on point," says another one about the shoe's triple-A workmanship.

Another impressive and on-point thing about the 9060 is the quality of the components used on it. "The materials on this shoe: FIRE!" says a professional YouTuber.

New Balance 9060 craft

The long-lasting New Balance 9060

Complementing the 9060's top-level craftsmanship is its lasting construction. A footgear maven calls the featured shoe a "beautifully equipped, durable sneaker."

New Balance 9060 tough

Simply lovely to look at

When it comes to style, the New Balance 9060 fires on all cylinders, and many sneakerheads agree. Their praises are reflected in these remarks:

  • "Great for fashion!!!"
  • "Super trendy."
  • "Looks even better in person!"
  • "They look really dope."

There's also someone who calls the shoe's Yeezy-esque sole "swag." Apparently, its design channels that Adidas Yeezy 500 vibe.

New Balance 9060 looks

Wanted: More eye-popping hues to choose from

There's no doubt that the New Balance 9060 is a hit among many for its fire aesthetics, with many flocking the Mindful grey with surf colorway. That said, the shoe's adoring fans find the 9060's color selection too limited. They anticipate the day when the featured NB shoe gets equally fun new hues.

New Balance 9060 colora

Sizing made right

Many sneaker aficionados are impressed with the spot-on sizing of the New Balance 9060. "Your true size will be perfect in this shoe," says a professional blogger.

New Balance 9060 sizing

Not the quietest New Balance shoe around

There are those who are a bit annoyed by the squeaking sound the New Balance 9060 makes. One of them was quite embarrassed at one time for sounding like a rubber duckie.

After doing some light investigation, a true-blue NB fan discovered that the noise is produced when the lace rubs against the leather part of the tongue. Tightening the laces further might resolve this issue.

New Balance 9060 squeak

Stability is the New Balance 9060's middle name

Another one of the 9060's strengths is its ability to give wearers remarkable balance. One non-professional reviewer calls the featured kick "super stable."

New Balance 9060 stab

Could be a bit more breathable

One of the few criticisms about the New Balance 9060 is its below-average breathability. It's "kinda warm inside," says a not-so-inspired sneaker fan.

Interesting bits about the New Balance 9060

A collaboration with Joe Freshgoods. The first model of the 9060 launched as a New Balance x Joe Freshgoods collab. It was released in two colorways: Penny Cookie Pink and Baby Shower Blue. It was priced at $180, $30 more expensive than the regular NB model.

Inspired by the 99X series. It might not look it, but the New Balance 9060 took inspiration from the brand's 99X lineup. For one, the sway bars found on the 990 are expanded upon in this sneaker. And then there's its heel brace, which strongly resembles the one on the New Balance 992.

Retro computers as inspiration. The color combination of the 9060's Sea Salt colorway is a throwback to '80s personal computers. The off-white parts represent the computer's monitor and tower, while the teal accent on the tongue resembles the on/off button on the CPU.